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So...did everyone enjoy the frantic rush to the local stores to cutthroat the local shoppers in the mad frenzy to obtain that 30% off?? I know I did. We went to a Kmart closing sale on Black Friday and got a $500 gold watch for $40 and a set of gold earrings, necklace, and ring priced at $450 for $30. Giving them to some very dear people who are close to us. Thank goodness for out bloated culture of savings, savings, savings, buy, buy, buy. How else would I be able to say "I love you" other than with an overly priced set of body decor obtained at undercut prices at the expense of a failing corporate venture? I'll tell you how. It's impossible. At least according to all the adds I see.


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  • Skatan
    [ ..and it's time. Slowly the old vampire begins to come back to unlife, his foul, unholy blood starts to move around in his veins again and his limbs begin to twitch after many months of hibernation. Slowly, he pushes of the lid of his coffin and climbs out. His crypt, damp and dark, is needed shelter no longer as he has regenerated fully are once again ready to continue his crusade; to rid the world of all those who challenge the supreme rule of 'taters and the number one choice of sub-terranian vegetable. He's ready to smite his enemies in mashed goo! He puts on his cloak, formerly Dragomir's, which shields him from he deadly sun rays and exits the tomb.. ]
    September 20