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So I signed up for 4 classes and ended up dropping out. It was too much with my work schedule and other personal things going on in my family life. I had to chose my family over my career.


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  • So I signed up for 4 classes and ended up dropping out. It was too much with my work schedule and other personal things going on in my family life.
    I had to chose my family over my career.
    September 9
    • Zaghoul
      Sorry to hear that, but I can understand it. The only way I was able to make it through when I went back was two classes tops. Even that seemed too much sometimes.
    • Tresset
      Yeah, that is one of my many problems with colleges and universities. They tend to treat their students like they have no life beyond the campus. If you do have a life you are either worked to the bone or you fail. If you don't have a life off campus than you are probably worked to the bone anyway.

      Gotta question a business that seems to think their customer should thank their lucky stars they are worthy to shell out thousands of dollars per semester to have the privilege of losing 90% of their personal life to homework and studying and then being deep in debt once they graduate. I truly wish these institutions would get a reckoning of some sort that would knock them off their high horse and make them behave more sensibly.
    • Rik_Kirtaniya
      Sometimes a sacrifice is necessary. About twenty years ago, my father could not pursue his M.D. after completing his B.H.M.S. because he had a family to look after. Now, he is having a successful practice and has made a good name as a doctor, and we all are happy.

      We are all chained by the constraints of reality, and it's something that we all must accept. Sometimes, circumstances are just not conducive for the pursuit of one's dreams. And then, in chasing those dreams, we often miss the many small but significant things in life that make us happy. You did absolutely right to prioritize your family's needs and well-being over anything else. And to me, family is the most precious thing a person can have.

      Happiness is what we all strive for and is the reason why we work hard. But if the stress and pressure is unbearable and detracts from your happiness, it is better to be content with just the amount that makes you happy.

      "What is this life if, full of care,
      We have no time to stand and stare?"
    • mashedtaters
      I think I could have done it with fewer classes had it not been for my 12 hour alternating night shifts. I thought I could do online, but once I read the syllabuses (which, of course, are only released the first day of school) I realized there was no way. The regular expectations and required weekly deadlines were just not compatible with my schedule and my family life.
    • mashedtaters
      I had that exact same experience! Weird, I thought it was just the area I live in! And it was a community college! After meeting with the campus staff, fin aid, and several of the teachers, I was like, “Damn, these guys sure think a lot of themselves... aren’t I supposed to be THEIR customer?”
      Then in economic class, in the syllabus the teacher specifically and expressly forbid arguments against the particular theory of economics he was teaching. But then he called for a “healthy debate” on his lesson in the first class. I don’t understand how you can debate something when you’re not allowed to debate something. It seemed strange, almost like a setup: “Did you read the syllabus?” It was strange, and I wasn’t the only one confused by it.
    • mashedtaters
      Thanks for the encouragement. I was pretty disappointed, but now I’m a little bit relieved, too, to be honest. It was going to be a lot of work, which I thought would have been worth it, but after checking out the classes... I dunno, reviewing the Western Civ lessons just didn’t seem to make any sense. I have studied sort of as a hobby history, and the class was extremely negative and seemed to talk about only the bad stuff the Roman Empire did... it was an overview lesson, from 200BC to 1500AD. Rome was only in the first one or two lessons. I get that Rome was pretty screwy, but you would think they’d also talk about, at least a little, how some of the world’s greatest philosophers, and the foundation for modern civilization, was birthed in Rome. Instead it talked about how they tried to kill off the Gauths, which was such a totally minor part of the latter end of Rome. It was just strange.
    • ThacoBell
      There are a lot of very right opinions in this comment chain ;)
      @mashedtaters I think you made the right choice.
  • Posting this here on my wall because it’s getting too hard to dig through the pages of the role playing thread to find what I need and I’m too darn lazy to find a paper and pen:

    Current Guston stats
    Level 3 fallen priest of Chauntea/Thief

    Str 11
    Dex 16
    Con 9
    Int 15
    Wis 14
    Cha 5 (11-6)

    Prepared spells: 1st cure light wounds x2, Sanctuary, Bless. 2nd Chant, Aid.

    Inventory: dagger +1, short bow +1, amulet of protection +1, and unidentified cloak.
    July 18
    • Skatan
      Nice... maybe I should do that as well. I don't even remember my stats, but items are easier since my guy is naked all the time :P at least except his sexy bracers and dirty loincloth.
    • mashedtaters
      Naked, but clothed... or something.
    • lolien
      I did the same, but edited one of my post on the first page of the role-playing thread.
    • Nimran
      Just go to the first page of the thread if you want to see your stats. Ignatius can find his on page 7.
    • Rik_Kirtaniya
      Or you can just create a new text document on your desktop (or a new note in case of mobiles) and copy everything in there! ;)
    • mashedtaters
      I know my stats are on the first page, but it doesn’t have my inventory or my list of spells.
      Also the real reason I didn’t put this on a pen and paper is so that I kept the information visible to the other forumites playing.
    • Anduin
      I don't actually know my own stats... I'm just an old gnome in the gnow.
    • Nimran
      I know your stats, Anduin...
    • Skatan
      Know.. or gnow?

    • mashedtaters
      Updated these stats on the first page of the role playing thread because I can’t figure out how to edit this wall thing... blast!