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  • Re: Icewind Dale II EE

    There are parts of IWD2 that even fans such as myself would love to see changed.
    Just from my point of view, I would not like things to be changed. The game had it's lengths at certain points, that's true. It still was more fun to me than the main campaign of Neverwinter Nights. I'd love to see it slightly improved so it would still feel the same as it was. Maybe adding an option of playing it with AD&D rules could be fun to check out, if it was possible by any chance.

    I liked also going back to some of the locations from Icewind Dale. You rarely see how things have changed, through the years. That was kind of special for IWD II. Back then I would have liked walking through Easthaven once more just to see how thing had changed since your old party saved the village.
  • Re: What will the next big project be? Thoughts and wishes.

    3rd Edition at least gave you more space to develop your character into certain directions beyond the creation process. My first playthrough of IWD II didn't have any multiclassing at all. All my characters (druid, cleric, illusionist, fighter and ranger) were doing their jobs in perfect purity till the end of the game. In my second trial I thought I could go into excess with multiclassing just one character and being experimental. Sadly, it's been that long that I forgot about what I mixed together back then. I think it was a druid/cleric/mage combo to develop the ultimate caster. Whatever it was, it seems to have worked out since I don't have bad memories about it.

    Charater development felt totally different between 2nd and 3rd Edition, but gameplay just felt the good old same way, stumping through the frozen north, tracking down and slaying hordes of enemies. Forget about an excessive storyline, just give me something straight forward and hordes to kill. That's IWD. Great stuff!
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  • Re: Latest update on patch status, IWD II, and Beamdog Client

    First of all, I just want to leave a comment on account management here:
    it seems really odd to me having three (!) different accounts (one for the games/client, one for suppport and one for the forums). Can those be linked somehow?

    Second, I might have an alternative path on finding the source code. I guess chances are small, for I even do not know procedures within the gaming industry too well, but could it be possible foreign publishers have got the source code or might have had it back in the days? Interplay was not active as a publisher here in Europe. As far as I have in mind Virgin Interactive did the publishing of all the originals. Or whoever made the German (Italian, French etc.) translations.

    As I said, I guess chances are small, but it might be a path nobody is thinking about. I personally think it'd be a shame, if IWD II was left outside alone the family of games regarding an enhanced edition. I didn't get too familiar with it back then, at least by far not as much as with part one, but it nonetheless is a very special member of the family not just only because of the D&D 3.0 rule set.