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  • Re: Best (non-exploitative) way to make early/easy money in BG2?

    - Sell spell scrolls, ammo and potions
    - De'Arnise Hold (14k gp, plus loot)
    - Trademeet (32k in gold and gems, plus loot)
    - Mae'Var's Guildhall, 2nd level: de-trap and unlock the last door and the 3rd to last door for valuable loot (Rogue Stone and Sword Sword +2)
    - Enter the Slaver Compound via the long staircase in the Slums (5k gp in gold and loot for only fighting 9 easy enemies)
    - Sea Bounty: grab the gold (1100 gp) and loot in the pond in the hidden room; run to avoid fighting or use Invisibility
    - Loot Graveyard east building and central building (Staff of Curing and Battle Axe +2)
    - Five Flagons, upstairs: first chest can have a Laeral's Tear necklace or a high level spell
    - Loot the Temple of Talos (Wand of the Heavens)
    - Copper Coronet back rooms quest (1300 gp + Tuigan Bow)
    - Take Neb's Head to Brega in the Council of Six (2500 gp)
    No stealing required!

  • Re: Has BG:EE lost something?

    Hi BelgarathMTH, I've reverted to BG1 after 3-4 years of EE editions of 1 & 2, and actually do not miss EE on the whole because recently I've wanted to play BG closer to what was intended by the original developers. EE is beautiful and the new areas enjoyable, but in general it seems "over the top".

    The original can be set-up quite nicely: I use the widescreen mod at 800x600 (on a glorious 25" monitor that can switch to 4:3 from 16:9) as I like the detail and immersion. I use the GUI mod from
    which makes the widescreen mod work better. I use BG1FixPack11.exe from Baldurdash. Lastly I increase the ammo stacks (only) to 40 with bg1tweaks-v5 (the other original stack sizes are fine) and make a few other cosmetic changes and vioila! The game looks great (not as good as EE for inventory items, though), is pretty-much debugged for my PC and basic party, is challenging, and runs smoothly too (Windows 8.1)!

    I can't wait to get to BG2 (with 1PP - One Pixel Productions - of course).

    Corrected: if you are multi-class then Imoen doesn't start with a Wand of Magic Missiles in BG original (single class PC = Imoen does start with a Wand of Magic Missiles, which is too easy if you know what it's useful for).

    Downsides without EE or Tutu are several. You have to know where the "easter egg" containers are located (ctrl-L). Looting can be tedious but it is more immersive. Pathfinding takes some effort in narrow hallways, just take a couple of steps at a time and it's fine, or have some NPC's use ranged for the time being. For faster walking speed: set Maximum Frame Rate=33 or something higher. The game is un-paused in the inventory screen but that makes it more challenging during combat.

    I agree that HOMM2 was great, it's faster-paced than HOMM3, but I still find myself booting-up HOMM3 (RoE and AB) on occasion. I still end up playing some Might and Magic VI and VII, as well, on occasion - absolute classic RPG's.

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  • Re: Does anyone still play the vanilla versions?

    Sticking with the EE versions - they look so much better! To keep the balance similar to the originals, I do not sell any of the added content items/dropped items for gold, do not pick-up items or gold in the added NPC quests, or use any of the over-powered added items, or import a weapon into BG2EE. You can play "BG2" in BG2EE if you try, and it's worth it.
  • Re: How soon is it viable to go for Imoen, and what should I bring?

    I go to Spellhold fairly early and I get the 400k xp version of Imoen and she is not noticeably behind for long! And she soon surpasses the multi-classes!

    When I start Chapter 4 the party has 4 million xp in total, fighters are Level 10 and multi-classes are Level 9/Level 10 or so. If you bring a lot of spell scrolls to learn with Imoen (and Aerie whom is also a party member), and temporarily "park" other party members as Imoen scribes the spells (do not park Jaheira, though), Imoen can catch-up her xp level. So, at the end of Chapter 5 my party is fairly even has these levels and xp:

    Cleric 14/Ranger 12 with 2.9 million xp
    Jaheira F13/Druid 13, 2.7m
    Keldorn L15, 2.3m
    Minsc L15, 2.4m
    Imoen Mage 15/Thief 7, 2.2m
    Aerie Cleric 13/Mage 13, 2.4m

    Party has 15m xp total.
  • Re: Jaheira romance glitch (Love Talk 52) (SPOILERS)

    Jaheira Romance patch is still good to install with EE. I have never had any problems with it:
    -> JaheiraRomanceAndHarpersPlotPatchV21 from

    The OP is talking about not getting Dermin encounter #2. From my notes (walkthrough) - the LD numbers are my own sequence numbers:

    LD29: Jaheira says "How… did that battle make you feel? Did you enjoy it?..."" talk 2, 1, 1

    Dermin will appear for the 2nd time a few seconds later (or up to one minute): "Jaheira! I would have words with you!..."
    He asks Jaheira to come with him…talk 2

    Keep REP under 16 for a while longer.

    Next Rest on this play through was the last love talk with Aerie:
    Aerie says "We're - we're stopping? I just feel like collapsing here and dying; I just don't think I can go on..."
    Jaheira gets mad and says "If you continue to cry in such a fashion…for the last time: pull yourself together girl!"
    Aerie tells Jaheira to shut-up!
    Talk 3 (talk 4 = Aerie leaves)

    LD30: No pause: with Jan (to PP) REST in Graveyard (or wild/De'Arnise) to get the first Terminsel encounter! "Good morning my lad…"
    He gives a letter and Jaheira is gone! Pick pocket him four times in EE (or 2x in BG2 if that wasn't enough!)

    LD31: No pause: Docks: fight at the Harpers 8k xp
    Upstairs: get Jaheira! Talk 1, 1, 2, 1
    Tough fight downstairs: full buff vs Fire, use Summons, Chaotic Commands, Resist Fear and True Seeing, 15k xp. Loot includes a Dagger +2, Flail +1

    Prepare for a very tough fight: useful potions include Fire Giant or Frost Giant Strength, Oils of Speed, Potions of Defense, and Potion of Agility for Keldorn

    LD31B: In time or by using Pause (pause = press space bar and pause the game for 30 minutes to get the next love dialog, or 60 minutes is the Jaheira patch is not installed): Jaheira says "Is this an inconvenient time for us to speak?…" talk 1, 1, 2

    LD32: no pause: REST in the WILD (e.g. Graveyard), Jaheira says "Ahh! The dawning of our day. Though it is very rarely…" talk 2, 2, 1 -> immediate fight:

    LD33: change maps and Dermin and four others attack!
    Jaheira says "Stop! Do you see him? Ready yourself."
    Dermin: "As sharp-eyed as ever, though your choice in companions has not improved…""
    Fight 14500 xp
    After the fight Jaheira says "I did not wish this. I did not..." talk 1, 1

    Loot includes Full Plate, Medium Shield +1, Bracers AC5, Cloak of Protection +1, Light X-bow +1, Flail +1, Small Shield +1, Ring of Protection +1, Amulet of Protection +1 and two arrows of slaying (worth 1500 gp); drops can be a Level 7-8 scroll!

    LD34: no pause: REST (e.g. in a Tavern or the Graveyard), Jaheira
    says: "Ugh, it is about time we rested…" talk 2, 1, 2, 2, 1, 1

    Use "pause" for LD35-36:
    LD35: Jaheira says "What? What is it you want?" talk 1, 1, 2

    LD36: "You needn't keep a distance between us. I am in less of a mood now…" talk 1, 1, 2

    LD37 (no pause): REST in the WILD (e.g. Graveyard)
    Jaheira says "I have…had a realization. I have been walking with my eyes down cast…" talk 5x 1

    Use ""pause"" for LD38:
    LD38: Jaheira: "We have to be nearing our goal. It has been so long a journey, and we've been through so much!…" talk 2, 2, 1

    Must have REP higher than 12 for the next Love Dialog (if following this walkthrough REP is 19 at this time)

    Get Jan for LD39 (final rest before PP Terminsel for 2nd time)

    LD39 (no pause): with Jan REST in the WILD (e.g. Graveyard or De'Arnise)

    REST -> Jaheira says "Can I...I would…*ahem* Hear my words while I have the nerve. As we learn of our situation, I wanted to say…that there is so much to come, and I find I need your company more and more. You are a great comfort in this time."
    Talk 1, 2, 1, 2 ("When we are through with Irenicus")

    Upon waking-up Jaheira says "We are ready to move on?…" talk 1
    Note for BG2 Enhanced Edition: must REST again (e.g. Inn or Graveyard) for Jaheira to ask "Are we ready to move on"

    Use "pause" for approximately 60-70 minutes to get LD40 with Terminsel appearing for the 2nd time, but not for EE (see next note about bug)

    Possible Terminsel bug (Terminsel not appearing for second time spawn bug):
    If he does not appear after 60-70 minutes there likely a bug
    (Terminsel would not appear for me even after 5 hours with EE 1.3)

    Save the game and quit. Move the file Jaheira.bcs from the Override folder, then reload the save game; perhaps reload once more and change maps a few times, and Terminsel will appear!

    LD40: Terminsel appears for second time ""Hello young lady. Might I have a word or two?...This is my question Jaheira: Did you do the right thing?"" She answers ""Undoubtedly!""
    Protagonist gets 100k xp! Jaheira gets the Harper Pin!
    Jan pick pocket Terminsel four times in EE!

    Save and then place Jaheira.bcs back into Override folder"

    Jaheira romance done! Cannot dismiss Jaheira throughout entire game otherwise the romance will be over for good.

    Have fun!