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  • Re: Politics. The feel in your country.

    Well hopefully tomorrow will be a great day for South Africa. Tomorrow nationwide protests will be taking place against our corrupt president. It's happening in every major city, unfortunately since the protests are going against the ruling party, they are obviously not recognized by the state as protests. So a lot of us myself included can't make it because of work. On a plus note many businesses are shutting down in support of the protests and social media is aflame with protest plans and news.

    Hopefully the will of the people will be heard and the corrupt bit of pond scum we call a president will finally bugger off.

    Zuma must fall!!!
  • Re: How important is realism in fantasy settings?

    This is a interesting question because it encompasses all fantasy media.

    If this was just about games my answer would of been very different, as I am a very strong believer in the idea that realism should never get in the way of fun. Having obtrusive mechanics for the sake of because realism is always a bad idea in my book. Things like money having a weight, a excessively small inventory and any number of other unfun bits of busy work fall into this category.

    If it was just books or movies then I would be far more strict "within reason" as things need to make sense, even if the sense they make is answered by because magic.

    So I'll just take the middle path on this one.
  • Re: Anyone have characters they gravitate toward?

    I think I've only ever done one playthrough without Viconia and I had to tell myself on multiple occasions during that playthrough not to pick her up.

    BG without Vicky isn't really BG for me.
  • Re: edition)

    Anoman - Gods I hate that annoying, self righteous, tosser.

    I still maintain the only reason to ever have the fool in your party, is for the joy of watching Jan to rip him off. Well that and guiding events so that he gets thrown out the order. Directly after his life is ruined leaving him naked, broken and without a coin to his name on the cold streets of the docks, is really the only thing to do.
  • Re: End Game Decision - What's your choice? (Massive spoilers)

    Being the Lord of Murder ain't so bad, I mean there is no reason you have to stay just the Lord of Murder. Murder two or three gods with better/more fun portfolios and absorb their realms and powers. Cyric did it to Talona, Eilistraee did it to Vhaeraun, and I'm sure it's happened to other gods too. Aoe can't even get too angry with you because murder is your aspect.

    So you could end up being the Lord of Murder, Parties, Booze, Knowledge and Dragons if you felt like it.

    Nine hells you could just keep on going and off all the other gods but I'd just do one or two to avoid a war. Take over a nice realm, something with little floating islands and endless reverie because there is no way am I living in a creepy demon plane filled with slayers.

    If you're okay with living in a demon realm there is zero reason not to expand your influence further into the pits. Murder or subjugate your lesser neighbors, this won't even get any gods upset with you, demons kill demons all the time. I mean it would be a simple thing to wage a war against most of the major demonic gods, Take Lloth for instants. Start a war with Lloth and you instantly have the backing of the entire Elven patheon, plus probably half the drow patheon.