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  • Re: How do you normally beat Firkraag?

    Wow guys thanks for the tips. I've used some of those tips for fighting thaxll'ssillyia with 2 archers, 1 tank, cleric, mage and bard doing the additional damage.

    The most helpful opinion is to use proper defenses spells + positioning when fighting dragons. I feel that dragons focusing on my tank while he's getting healed by clerics or by extra healing potions help a ton while the rest does a ton of damage.

    And it took me the first try to beat thaxll'ssillyia. Not sure if the outcome would have been the same for frikraag but it does help a ton.
  • How do you normally beat Firkraag?

    Well I finally defeated Firkraag after 3 hours I think... (Thank god, he was tough.)

    I kinda semi-cheesed it to beat him. Used wand of cloudkill (only the wand with 6 shots) so I softed him up and he was still in 3/5 bars of health. And still even then he destroyed me most the time. So here is what I did...

    My Party (Who was hasted 100% of the time)

    CHARNAME (Paladin) - Melee & Tank & Healer (It was most effective when Firkraag was targetting CHARNAME most of the time so I just attack while I'm constantly healing myself and the others can just lay on the hits.

    Keldorn - Melee & Dispelled Firkraag

    Anomen - Melee

    Viconia - Dispelled Firkraag & provided buffs and heals and attacking once in a while

    Hear Dalis - Magic Missle/On and off Melee as well with default swords and buffed his CON up

    Jan Jansen - Magic Missle and ranged attack with piecing arrows.

    Once Firkraag was 1 bar left. Everyone rushed in with haste and he didn't stand a chance. Keldorn was the only one that died which broke my rule. But Firkraag was really hard and just killing him was good enough. I restored Keldorn, Got the Carsomyr sword for myself and I was glad.

    How do you guys normally beat him? I know some people have done it so easily with level 12 character/solo and I'm just in shock because Firkraag was hard.
  • Questions about Paladins

    I've posted this on the steam forums but I recently found that beamdog generally has a bigger audience so I wanted to post my question here... so here goes...

    This has bugged me for a bit so bear with me if I make this wayyyy to complicated then I should.

    But I'm on my first playthrough of BG2 I'm currently playing as a paladin. So I recruited Keldorn and I had him in my party for quite some time so I know what kind of character he is. And from the looks of him so far, he seems the lawful good type like he is... but I find that he is really ruthless toward those that committed a crime and evil characters as a whole. For example

    1. That mission where Edwin wants you to kill the Cowled Wizard that's on his case.... Keldorn states that the cowled wizard isn't to be considered as innocent and I should do the deed and kill him. (Keep in mind that I only kill in self-defense really.)

    2. Hatred toward Viconia because she is a Drow and attacking her even when she has done no crime. (It really must suck being a drow)

    3. One piece of dialogue with Jaheria and Keldorn states that Keldorn shows no sympathy or sees that his enemies could be redeemed.

    Now what bugs me is that I play as a Paladin and I do not act like this lol. I usually show mercy to people and I don't really break laws except for breaking in homes, (gotta explore everything yo.) and stop those who do break them (I confront them verbally but never fight unless I have no choice.) But seeing Keldorn actually puts a surprise because I feel like I'm not playing a paladin correctly. And seeing how Ajantis and Anomen act the same way... I'm surprised how ruthless they can be at times like sometimes I view Keldorn just as bad as Viconia because of their extreme prejudices toward a race/group of people.

    So my question about paladins are...

    Is Keldorn a good example of a paladin?

    Why are most paladins such as Keldorn/Ajantis (Specifically) ruthless?

    Am I playing a Paladin correctly? (Enforcing the law, seeking justice but showing mercy to those, even to those that deserve it. and using violence as a last resort if he doesn't wish to listen and etc....)

    EDIT: Now I stated I go in a more negotiable route than going in headstrong and killing all evil... which brings me up to Jaheria/Keldorn's Banter... I feel like that purging evil is possible by non-violence (as shown with Viconia's alignment change and many NPCs that redeemed or found the good in their ways in some missions that I've done in BG1/BG2.)

    I feel like that I'm doing a good job with being a Paladin so far... and I guess Keldorn's devotion to Torm and being a inquistor is the answer way Keldorn is ruthless.

    Just my thoughts... what are yours on paladin rules and whatnot?
  • Re: Romance: Viconia or Jaheria?

    lol expected the poll to help me decide....

    Poll is a tie rip
    Truly, it all comes down to personal preference and play style. Both can be good possibilities, depending on your own preferences. A role-play argument could be made for either.

    As you mentioned that you are liking both of them, up to this point, perhaps you could let your protagonist choose. Yes, I see all those eyes rolling. :) I just mean ask yourself who you think he would choose. Try not to overthink it. Just go with the first name that comes to you in answer to this question.

    The good news is that the other one will be waiting for you in your next play-through. :)
    This pretty much helped me out

    I choose viccy because simply because viccy is redeemable and I see good in her unlike others. Sure she's kinda mean but she does apologize for her harsh comments. And I've posted before (in my "questions about paladins" post) that I try to purge all evil not by violence but by redeeming them into not being evil again. And she's not bad compared to some evil NPCs.

    But thanks everyone for helping me out... I'll go for jaheria on my next playthrough.
  • Romance: Viconia or Jaheria?

    Well I'm on chapter 3 and I have kept both Viconia and Jaheria (dumb I know, but both romances are too good so I kept them both.)

    But I hit the dialogue where Viccy wants to talk about the underdark and now I'm legit forced to choose between 2 romances. Thing is... I have zero clue who to choose, simply because I really like both characters and both romances interested me greatly, And since I'm a lawful paladin I was edging toward Jaheria but Viccy is showing her soft side which made me in awe with her development. so which romance is in your opinion better?