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I am stepping down from my position as a moderator. While this may be sudden news for some in the community, I've been thinking about this for a while. I've enjoyed my time here as a moderator and I've taken great pride in my role shaping the forum culture. This community is very precious to me, and I'm grateful I had a chance to serve. Moderating this forum has been a fascinating exercise intellectually and I've always found it very rewarding emotionally. However, a good moderator should be enmeshed in the local community, and I have been less active than I used to be. I feel that my increasing unfamiliarity with forum events will make me less qualified to handle disputes and resolve conflicts. I may return to my old position sometime in the future, but I currently have no plans on doing so.


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  • Spungi
    I would be honored to participate in the IWD2EE beta, it's a game I have played on and off for years! I literally yelped like a excited kid when I learned this was being worked on!
    May 8
  • rewddd
    Hi, I'd like to apply to IWD2: EE Beta :smile:
    May 7
  • skyesilver
    Hello, finishing up my first temple of elemental evil playthrough at the moment (infinity adjacent I know!) but IWD2 is the last infinity engine game I’ve yet to play. Would love to have access to the beta and help with some QA. Let me know if you need anything else from email or anything of the sort, thanks.
    May 4
  • Minaro
    Hello! I want to join the IWD2 EE beta test. I look forward to your permission!
    May 3
  • Cagnor
    Hello I would love to join the beta test for this, as a long time fan I have been waiting for a working version of this game to come out to enjoy again with friends.
    April 27
  • Iscaracht
    Hello! Huge IWDII fan here and I’ve done some betas before. Would love to help you out if there’s still room. Sweet water and light laughter until then!
    April 26
  • BSpecific
    Hi! If there's room in the BETA, I would love to join as well. I miss IWD2, and I'm going blind playing NWN looking for my 3E fix. I'm already excited to build a full party.
    April 22
  • Davedooo
    Hello, I created this account in hopes of becoming a beta tester for IWD 2:EE, if you're still looking for new testers! I'm one of those people who's been waiting YEARS for this to come, and iwd series were a big part of my childhood. Hope to hear from you soon! Cheers
    April 13
  • Silence
    Do you still need beta testers? I'm a huge IWD fan and have been begging for an IWD2 update for years. I would love to participate in the effort. Thanks for reading this and for your work on this really cool project!
    April 10
  • Gregorypic123
    Hello Chris,

    I would be interested in testing the Icewind Dale 2 mod/remake your working with. Thanks :)
    April 9
  • MrAlbion
    I have question about game
    And the port of the game is worth waiting for on Android?
    March 31
  • shattyme
    You still need beta testers? Would love to give the game a shot as someone who has never played. Software engineer who knows how to report bugs
    March 24
  • Lirk
    Hello Friend!
    Is the beta still rolling?
    And are there a slot left for me?

    Lots of love mate!
    March 20
  • Valuxiea
    Hello! I'd like to apply to be in the IWD2: EE Beta, or at least I'd like to be a part of the Discord so I can keep my thumb on the pulse of the project. You guys are doing great!
    March 15
  • Jacop_
    Hi i woould like to aplly to IWW2EE Beta if there is space!

    March 14
  • Pelti
    I would love to be able to Beta IWD2EE if there is still spots available!
    I am interested in helping out with playtesting.

    March 13
  • doujingwen19840816

    I would love to be able to Beta IWD2EE if there is still spots available!

    I have participated in iwd EE, as well as played BG/PST etc games.

    I would love to submit feedback to help improve the game!

    March 11