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I am stepping down from my position as a moderator. While this may be sudden news for some in the community, I've been thinking about this for a while. I've enjoyed my time here as a moderator and I've taken great pride in my role shaping the forum culture. This community is very precious to me, and I'm grateful I had a chance to serve. Moderating this forum has been a fascinating exercise intellectually and I've always found it very rewarding emotionally. However, a good moderator should be enmeshed in the local community, and I have been less active than I used to be. I feel that my increasing unfamiliarity with forum events will make me less qualified to handle disputes and resolve conflicts. I may return to my old position sometime in the future, but I currently have no plans on doing so.


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  • Acientwaroak
    Guys, anybody got an invite to the EE version? I left a comment here, and sent a message as well, but so far, no answer. Anyone can send me an invite please?

    June 26
  • nomadmerc
    Hello Semiticgoddess, I'd love an invite to the beta test.
    June 25
  • Llamabeop
    Hello I would love to join the Beta test I really want to experience IWD2 again
    June 24
  • SolidBear
    I'm looking to join the beta for IWD2 EE.
    June 24
  • InfinityLover
    Hello there, I would love to join the beta program for IWD2... :) Thanks!
    June 21
  • Booknowsall

    Id really like to join the IWD2EE beta if its still possible
    June 21
  • Acientwaroak

    I'd really like to join the IWD2 EE beta.

    Can you please help me how to do it?

    Thank you!
    June 18
  • Willowisp
    Please let me join the IWD2 EE beta. Thanks in advance
    June 18
  • dainwin
    Hello, I'd really like to join the IWD2 EE beta.
    June 18
  • ConnuiAnnatar
    Hey, I'd like to join the IWD2 EE beta.
    June 15
  • jean_claude
    Hello, is the beta testing for IWD2 EE still going?
    June 13
  • alkanphe1
    hi i would like to test the game
    June 12
  • badboll87
    Hey! i would love to test your IWD2EE beta :D
    June 9
  • Scyliorhinus
    Could I please become a beta tester for Icewind Dale II Enhanced Edition?
    June 7
  • Suzako1993
    Hey man. Could I beta test the IWD2EE as well?
    Thanks in advance
    June 7
  • Cowabunga
    Hello, I’m interested in your beta. I played the original a long time ago, 20 years. I didn’t think a team was still working on this game. It’s incredible! I hope that one day we will have upscale ai as for ff7. Thank you for your work !
    May 31
  • chessmaster2000
    Hi! I would love to become a beta tester for Icewind Dale II Enhanced Edition. Thanks for helping to make this happen!
    May 27
  • Parthas
    Could I please become a beta tester for Icewind Dale II Enhanced Edition? Thank you.
    May 22
  • Dalohn
    Sign me in)
    May 19
  • loupgarou74
    Hello I would also like to be beta test for iwd ii ee beta, thank you in advance.
    May 11
  • Herabec
    Hello! Are invitations to the Icewind Dale 2: Enhanced Edition beta test still going out? I'd love to give it a try!
    May 8
  • Rozar
    I would like to Beta test Icewind Dale 2 EE
    It sounds exciting
    Thank you for your consideration
    May 8
  • Staszee
    is the iwd 2 ee beta testing still ongoing? If so, would it be possible to get in on that? Would really appreciate the chance. Ty in advance.
    May 7
  • Bar_Bar
    Hi there,
    I would also like to test the IWD2 beta version if it is still possible to participate.

    Best wishes!
    April 28