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I am stepping down from my position as a moderator. While this may be sudden news for some in the community, I've been thinking about this for a while. I've enjoyed my time here as a moderator and I've taken great pride in my role shaping the forum culture. This community is very precious to me, and I'm grateful I had a chance to serve. Moderating this forum has been a fascinating exercise intellectually and I've always found it very rewarding emotionally. However, a good moderator should be enmeshed in the local community, and I have been less active than I used to be. I feel that my increasing unfamiliarity with forum events will make me less qualified to handle disputes and resolve conflicts. I may return to my old position sometime in the future, but I currently have no plans on doing so.


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  • SAREV0K13
    grats !so exciting ! I'd like to test IWD2EE. Could you tell me how to download ?
    April 17
  • Dallas
    Greetings! I found information that you can be contacted to get access to Icewind Dale 2 E.E. testing. I have a lot of experience playing the second part of the game and I have a complete edition of GOG which I still play. No kidding, I grew up with this game and dream of relaunching it as an enhancement edition. I would be very grateful for permission to test. Cheers!
    April 17
  • Athera
    I have been desperately trying to get my original IWD2 CD's to work on my computer without success. That's how I came across your website and figured it's probably just no longer compatible. I'm wondering if IWD2EE is available through your website? I purchased it from another game provider but it didn't work and I don't want to purchase again and then find it doesn't work.
    Thank you
    April 7