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  • Grond0
    Hi. Before responding to a recent thread on how to hit rolls work I looked at the Adventurer's Guide to see if I could copy and paste something helpful from that. Unfortunately it is a bit confusing - the information is all correct, but it gives a clear impression that enemy AC is part of the displayed modifier to an attack roll, rather than that being done as a hidden calculation.

    As this topic comes up regularly I was thinking perhaps I should post an explanation of the mechanics. If I were to do that would you be happy for me to make use of the post you did a while ago on treatment of modifiers?

    April 12
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    April 8
  • Parys
    I noticed your helpful response regarding to Shadowstep bugs.
    So I dare ask for your assistance.
    Would you like to help me with something similar?
    Could you tell me if it is possible to restore old behaviour of the Staff of the Magii item from BG2.
    Clicking the Staff of the Magi should make the character invisible.
    For example: When Nalia equips the staff she turns invisible immediately. If she cast a spell or talk to someone then invisible dissappear. That's correct. But when you click on her staf again she doesn't turn invisible again. The original game (and BG2EE v1.3, 2.1, 2.2 as well) allows that behaviour. So, you could clicking on the staff 6 times in a row and 6 invisble effect was granted. Currently it is not possible anymore.
    Is it hardcode related bug and we must wait for developers to fixing this issue. Or maybe it's a trivial one. What do you think about it?

    March 26
    • CrevsDaak
      Just click on a different weapon before clicking the staff again.
    • kjeron
      As CrevsDaak said, its an extra button click now. I have a vague memory of some items whose effects were not functioning correctly when "re-equipped" this way, which is why I think it was changed. I don't think there is any way to recreate that behavior from a modding perspective though - the mechanic is just gone.
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    March 25
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    March 9