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  • Re: On the Dark Side of the Moon: Solo-Monk-Guide [HoF]

    can monks duel wield weapons?(low lvl)

    or does the game stop you putting anything in the offhand?

    You CAN place weapons in your off-hand. AND, if you place one of the Speed weapons/weapons of Action that give +1 APR, that APR goes to your main hand giving you an extra hit per round.

    Also, Vampiric Touch can be targeted (like anything in the game) to a container/item on the ground, makin it super useful if no enemies are around :)
  • Re: Solo No-Reload Archer/Thief SCS2 Run

    The stuff I left there before is gone, pilfered by Rovala's own employees. Blackraven, apparently the de'Arnise Hold isn't a safe place for Rovala's things, at least with my install. She also involuntarily got the ranger stronghold, which might interfere with it somehow, but otherwise I'm not sure what went wrong.
    When you get the Keep as a stronghold, it switches the area (for one that's basically the same except for the graphics), and you must have left your stuff in the other area (it was either turned back or you haven't completed the quest).
  • Re: Did you know?

    kudos to no-reload players out there.

    As somebody who throws a hissy fit over every single critical miss and hit in the game, I can't remotely imagine playing that way.
    "Oh man, five critical misses in two rounds. Gee, well, at least I'm still alive."

    "Damn! I died in such a dumb way... Wait, I had this nice idea for a character yesterday... Let's see how this Wizard Slayer/Enchanter/Bounty Hunter plays out!"
  • Re: How to make monks work offensively in BG1:EE with just one item. Really!

    I would like to say that this Cloak is also of great benefit for Clerics.
  • Re: SCS enemy builds and behaviour - just what is SCS supposed to change?

    Now, in my BG2 game I discovered something I really didn't like. In the Planar Prison, when I made it to the third and fourth chambers to the east, the entire level attacked me at once. The Yuan-ti, the wyvern, the Master of Thralls, the Warden and the pack of thralls in the north made their way down and had at me. While it was a thrilling battle to say the least, it bothered me that SCS had changed the level so much. In the original game it's written so that you're supposed to experience each chamber as a series of individual encounters, not a big pile-on. Has anyone else experienced this in the Planar Prison, and does this phenomenon occur in other quests? I uninstalled SCS after this happened, but months later I'm getting curious about trying it again.
    From my experience in my latest play-throughs (a no solo reload that ended in the Planar Prison, although I fought everyone individually and still died there, a save-abuse party run that in which I played the fight like twenty times until I won using no important consumables or getting anyone killed and another save abuse run, but solo), whether enemies approach you or stay at their places is a bit random, but it has something to do with how close each enemy ends of each other, and how close you are to the next group of enemies. Also, I believe some enemies do not make calls for help at all, but again, not sure about this, since it's kinda random.

    In my BG1 game, I discovered that SCS had changed Greywolf into a dual-wielder. The broad reading I'd done until then on SCS (including the readme and forums) seemed to indicate that the mod only makes enemies smarter, and that it doesn't change the enemies per se. Can anyone enlighten me on the real story on what and/or how SCS changes enemies? In my BG2 game I discovered the statues on level 1 of Watcher's Keep (I went there early) were much tougher. I didn't necessarily mind these changes, but I was wondering what the mechanics are behind it so I can anticipate other surprises that might get thrown at me later.
    SCS does a couple of changes like that to enemies, mostly so that they get the most out of their items or possible builds. Greywolf, a Fighter with a terrible armour and a great one-handed sword, does not benefit at all from getting more AC from Single-Weapon style, since his AC is already bad and players usually confront him early on (which means they won't normally hit him anyway, and, if his AC had gone lower, it'll make the battle frustrating since you might need to make a critical hit to hit the guy), the only other ideal build is to either have him take more (illegal) points on Long Sword, SCS drops them on Two-weapon style and gives him another sword to make him look awesome.

    Edit: Missed the point of the thread due to my lack of sleep. What I mean is, that the Planar Prison thing doesn't always happen (also I'm not even sure if it's actually intended to happen or just a bug), and that the change behind Greywolf's dual-wielding has an actual logical explanation, that is based on SCS's "AI plays fair and like the player" dogma, which also gives some underpowered enemies a buff they actually do deserve (also, Greywolf has the best Long Sword in the game generally speaking).

    Btw, I think you can completely disable the Planar Prison bug by not installing the Improved Calls for Help, although I'm not sure since I've never played SCS without them.