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  • Re: Making it Work: Inventory

    I have to say, I really like how the designs in this subforum have evolved since I last visited. Y'all are doing some great thinking over here. :)
  • Re: If women are easily the counterparts etc., then where are they?

    An addendum:

    You can tell stories about gender issues if that’s what you want to do. But you don’t have to make your story about gender issues if you want to promote representation. in fact, if writing about gender issues isn’t something you’re comfortable with, if you don’t know enough about it to do your best work, you probably shouldn’t. Write what you know, write what you want to write. Just make sure you’re including a diverse cast of supporting and primary characters.
  • Re: If women are easily the counterparts etc., then where are they?

    Just going to say this:

    Not every NPC has to fight.
    Not every joinable NPC has to be romanceable.
    Not every NPC has to be a badass.

    If you want to promote better gender diversity, but don’t have a clear idea for female or trans characters in the center of your story, do one of two things:
    - find characters in the periphery that you can make female or trans or non-binary or intersex without a ton of effort, and see where it goes.
    - Try finding a central character you already have, and change their gender. It doesn’t have to shift their whole worldview, just swap pronouns and see how it plays.

    You don’t have to make your story ABOUT a marginalized demographic to give it representation. All you have to do is put them in the scene. It’s not the greatest form of representation, but it’s better than nothing–and it’s much less likely to come off as forced.

    Don’t write gay characters. Write characters who happen to be gay. Tell stories with heroes who happen to be trans. Create worlds that happen to be diverse.

    Don’t comment on it. Don’t shine a spotlight on it. Just do it.
  • Re: Outstanding issues with Enhanced Editions

    This confuses me. I thought H/MS was always an average score of both, whether hiding or moving.
    I know I have seen this confirmed by the devs at some point, but I cannot remember where. HiS and MS are functionally identical and the game just takes your averaged score for all purposes.
    Confirmed, yes. We looked at the code and it's just an average of the two scores. (That was a couple years ago when I was still working on them)
  • Re: In defense of only one (more or less) fixed origin story for the main character.

    I actually like the various origins in Dragon Age, because they give the rest of the game unique context and I appreciate that as an actor.

    I agree that it's disappointing how little effect it has on the rest of the game, though. It seems like they shot themselves in the foot by including four races with two genders, all of which had small to significant differences to be accounted for. Three satisfying, fully fleshed out origins with consequences would have maybe yielded better results for the rest of the game.

    POE bothered me for the reasons you described, though; I liked having a background, but I didn't like that it had no story relevance.