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  • Re: About This Forum (Troubleshooting FAQ)


    I updated or reinstalled my game, and now my in-app purchases are all gone! What do I do?

    The important thing to remember here is that once you've purchased a game through iTunes, or purchased a piece of in-app premium content such as the Neera NPC, it's activated on your iTunes account, so you won't ever be charged on that same iTunes account twice for the same piece of content.

    That being said, when you first install the game, none of these items are detected within the game itself; before you can use them, you have to restore the purchases by pressing "Buy" for each one. You won't be charged twice as long as you're logged into the same iTunes account you used to buy them initially. iTunes may ask you for your login information, and then it will display a message saying that you've already purchased the selected content and ask if you want to reactivate it.

    How do I transfer my saved games, custom sound sets, or portraits from a PC or Mac to my iPad?

    Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition and Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition offer a new way to share your saved games between PC and tablet. To migrate your saves, sound sets, or custom portraits, you’ll need a program that can create a zip archive and a way to change the file extension.

    You’ll be using the following extensions:
    • .bg1save (used to transfer saved games)
    • .bg1portrait (used to transfer portraits)
    • .bg1sound (used to transfer sound sets)

    Place the appropriate files in a zip archive, then change the file extension to the appropriate one from the list above. Then, you can email the renamed archive to yourself and open it on your iPad. When prompted, select to open with Baldur’s Gate; the game will launch, and you’ll see your files reflected in-game.

    For saved games, make sure that you include the entire folder for the saved game (the one labeled “00000001-Auto-Save”, for example). You can transfer multiple saves within a single file.

    Do not include the entire “save”, “sounds”, or “portraits” folder in your archive, and do not mix sounds, portraits, and saved games together in the same archive.

    Portraits must still follow the file format and naming convention described in the game’s included manuals: 24-bit BMP, 8 characters or less, with a standard aspect ratio of 210x330 for the large portrait.

    How do I transfer my saved games from my iPad to my PC or Mac?

    This is currently only possible with BG:EE. We're planning to support this for our other games as they are updated.

    For BG:EE, simply press and hold the save button. This will pop up an iOS dialog which will allow you to e-mail or save to a cloud drive a compressed save game in the format described by the previous question. Rename the file to .zip, and unzip it to your save game folder.

    EDIT: October, 16, 2017. Information that the export is only active on BG:EE is currently out of date.

    Also, for 2.X versions, to export a save: from the main game screen try the quicksave button on the left sidebar.

    Note: using the basic compression option should be used for this purpose, not custom compression options aimed at minimising file sizes.

    How do I change the language on my iPad?

    If you wish to play the game in a language other than the default, simply launch the game, open the Options menu, and select “Language”. From there, you can select from any of our wonderfully localized translations. Tap your desired language and then “Done”. Before the language is used, you’ll need to restart the application. To do this:
    1. Double-press the Home button on your iPad to bring up a slide-show of all your currently open applications
    2. Swipe Baldur’s Gate off the top of the screen to close it
    3. Launch Baldur’s Gate again as normal

    And that’s it; your game will use the language you selected. Note that not every language includes vocal translations; most of the available languages are text-only with English voice-overs.
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  • Re: NPC starting XP adjustments

    Just a quiet note (the discussion is a good one) - Each of the games in the series used to handle NPC scaling differently:

    Baldur's Gate:
    - Each NPC has a series of cre files that are used based on the player's level
    - Each cre file has its own level, stats, and equipment

    Shadows of Amn:
    - Each NPC has a series of cre files that are used based on the player's level
    - Each cre file has the same stats and equipment, but a different level

    Throne of Bhaal:
    - Each NPC has a single cre file that is then granted additional XP based on the player's level

    In other words, the way it worked in Baldur's Gate was unique to Baldur's Gate. Starting in Baldur's Gate II, NPC equipment was static. Starting in Throne of Bhaal, all NPCs use a single cre file that is just scaled to the player's XP.

    This change adapts the Throne of Bhaal method to Shadows of Amn and Baldur's Gate.
  • Re: Getting sick of the Beamdog bashing in the wake of PST:EE

    I'm just going to say this: the folks who lost their jobs last summer were great people and talented developers. If no one else is going to stick up for them, I will: the "shuffle" had nothing to do with people's performance, and everything to do with budget.

    I say that on behalf of the other people who suddenly and painfully found themselves without work after pouring their hearts into these beloved franchises. Stop making these people into scapegoats for whatever frustrations you may be feeling. It's not their fault.
  • Re: New Blog: Farthing Road

    Here's the link to today's blog post: Manual Writers: Heroes of the Video Game Industry?

    (I may be biased. But give it a read.)
  • Re: Orc Paper dolls "Again"

    I can offer a bit of insight here.

    The sprites were created (in the late 90s) from 3D models. Those models were then lost.

    The reason this is significant is that Beamdog lacks not only the models but also the rigging for those models and their animation sequences. Which means creating new models, creating new rigging, creating new animations, and making sure those animations line up with the weapons and helmets that are in the game (weapons and helmets animate separately from their owners). If you don't get those things exactly perfect, the animation ends up looking like an ugly mess. And all of that to create a new animation for an existing character race with four different class types, each with four different levels of armor.

    2 genders
    x4 class types
    x4 armor levels
    32 separate creatures, all needing animations for the various weapon attacks and orientations, with appropriate consideration for helmet placement as well. Just for the half-orc.

    And once that's done, you can be sure that people will start requesting animations for half-elves. And female dwarves and gnomes. And at that point it's reasonable to assume that people will want new animations for humans and elves as well, since the new animations are likely smoother and more closely resemble their respective paper dolls. And once the player races are can see where this is going.

    There's a reason the neothelid is the only new animation in SoD. It's expensive, and time-consuming.