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  • Candlekeep Imoen is actually a level 1 mage?!

    So I just randomly decided to add Candlekeep Imoen with ctrl+Q just because I've never tried it before see if she has anything different only to discover she's actually a level 1 mage with completely different stats...

    *confused* O.o
  • Re: The Flying Scotsman Portrait Pack


    Yea I lean far more towards roleplay than power gaming. Generally I try to make the stats match the character as much as possible. That being said they always have at least one strong trait that's relatively high in this case its her dexterity

    I usually know what sort of stat ratio the character has before I get there then I roll for somewhere in the mid 80s and just tweek and shuffle each stat to suit the character and his/her persona. Her charisma is a little higher than I had initially intended but I rolled 87 and so I put the last 2 into charisma because it fit well enough with her profile (if charisma was more strength of will rather than personal magnetism it would be a better fit...if there was a willpower stat that would be 16 and charisma would be 14 and that's largely because shes attractive and unusual with a friendly disposition rather than manipulative, witty or particularly charismatic.) So yea I'll have a general idea of the character and base the stats on that.

    Brief description of Raven:
    Raven is a quiet and troubled half elf who likes to lose herself in her art (which she often enhances using magic) but is also friendly and respectful when in company of others. She's close with Imoen but not quite as smart but perhaps more composed. She has an unusual grey tint in her eyes that she has had since birth which should by all rights cause severe sight impairment but due to some innate enchantment she is able to see perfectly well and in actual fact better than most others...(a trait that Imoen likes to take full advantage of...if there was a perception stat that too would be high than avg.) She was most likely named "Raven" due to her exceptional and somewhat miraculous sight. Being a dark haired baby with silver eyes found wrapped in a black blanket may have also have contributed. :)
  • Re: Gorions ward is dead!!! Where did he die?

    Gorion: This is very unnerving I know But you must trust me. It is very important that you pack your possessions so that we may leave Candlekeep immediately. Hurry for there is no time to tarry! The keep is well protected but not invulnerable.

    Gorions Ward: Just wait a little longer there are a few more things that I should do.

    Gorions Ward: Casts Armour: Gorions Ward
    Gorions Ward: Wild Surge: Burst
    Gorion: Takes 34 fire damage from Gorions Ward (17 damage bonus)
    Gorion: Takes 36 fire damage from Gorions Ward (18 damage bonus)
    Imoen: Takes 26 fire damage from Gorions Ward
    Imoen: Death
    Party has gained experience: 20
    Gorion: Lighning Bolt: Gorions Ward
    Gorions Ward: Death
  • Re: 5 keys for the new Portrait Pack: Faces of Good and Evil (Forum Contest till August, 20)

    Every passing day that I don't have that illustrious portrait pack a dryad dies. Let your conscience be your guide...
  • Re: The shortest battle ever with a dragon?

    Limited Wish is level 7 and you can get Time Stop and Shapechange as a one shot deal with that ;) ...might need a potion of insight though.