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  • Re: 3D Baldur's Gate 2013

    Imoen as Pinkie Pie works well due to their personalities as well. What with both Imoen and Pinkie Pie being happy go lucky and all that in the beginning, and then dark/crazy Imoen after what happened to her in BG2, compared to dark/crazy Pinkamina during party of one (both associated with death, though Pinkamina's dark stuff was in the fandom xD) Finally since Imoen is a bhaalspawn it is similar to Pinkie's Pinkie senses (and fourth wall breaking X3) both have supernatural powers in a way. Just my opinion anyway :3
  • Re: 3D Baldur's Gate 2013

    Leeeet's see...

    Twilight Sparkle - Dynaheir
    Fluttershy - Aerie
    Applejack - Branwen
    Rarity - Nalia or Safana or Skie
    Pinkie Pie - Imoen
    Rainbow Dash - Uhh...Mordaine!

    Derpy Hooves - Neera :3
    (I have always seen Applejack as a ranger personally and Rainbow Dash as a swashbuckler (since they favor quick, light attacks and fancy moves)
    Snips and Snails make a fitting Xzar and Monty combo
    Big Mac and Smarty Pants (Miniature Giant Stuffed Animal?) will be butt kicking for goodness!
    Zecora always replaced Dynaheir for me due to both having unique accent/speaking patterns :)
    Trixie has to be Tiax for obvious reasons
    As for Edwin... Sunset Shimmer (Both are evil and use magic and like Red)
    To replace Xan … maybe (Discorded) Doctor Whooves (since he gets mopy a lot, plus he has his sonic screw driver like Xan has his Moonblade)
    Viconia- Maybe a Changeling since Changelings are considered evil, probably have a cast system and most likely keep slaves for labor and or food? And probably live in a hive underground
    Alora- (never played with her in my party) so um Scootaloo?
    Khalid and Jaheria could be... (running out of commonly paired ponies xD) Lyra and Bon Bon?
    Dorn- Evil Horsepower/Snowflake
    Eldoth... Cranky Doodle Donkey!
    Also if Twilight was the protagonist,(fitting due to how she became an Alicorn/Princess) Shining Armor (provided he was turned evil) could be Sarevok ;)
  • Re: [GUI Mod] Archaic GUI for BG:EE

    The Silver buttons look awesome, can't wait for beta 6!
  • Re: [GUI Mod] Archaic GUI for BG:EE

    @Magevil Poor design? POOR DESIGN? Please your UI is an improvement in every way, you don't give yourself enough credit ;)
  • Re: [GUI Mod] Archaic GUI for BG:EE

    Great, I will be sure to check it out first thing tomorrow :-)