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  • Baldur's Gate Chibis!


    Hey y'all,

    My brother @zphal has a project where he draws chibis and turns them into stickers and such that you can purchase online via RedBubble. Perfect for sticking on the back of your laptop or what-have-you.

    He's started to do Baldur's Gate chibis, with more to come. I will update this thread as he makes more. Comments and questions and discussion are obviously warmly welcomed! If you like what you see, please consider purchasing to support @zphal 's artistic endeavors.

    Link to zphal's Baldur's Gate Redbubble

    [Side note: He does much the same with many other franchises, such as Mass Effect, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Legend of Dragoon, Back to the Future, BioShock, and even Xena. Check those out too if you're interested.]
  • Re: Tell your forum story!

    Why did you join the forum?
    When I heard Baldur's Gate was being revamped I was very excited, and being an active member of other forums in the past, I knew I should join the forum when I saw it existed.

    What did you do when you first joined?
    Made bad puns, made it obvious I think TuTu is garbage, gave blunt opinions and made enemies.

    What, if any, were the turning points of your forum story?
    The seemingly overnight occurrence where I went from being the forum turd to being a forum celebrity. Still not entirely sure how that happened.

    What is your favorite thing about being a member of the forum?
    That I'm genuinely appreciated here. It really means a lot. I also like the reactions, it's admittedly fun to rack up meaningless points. It is interesting to see how different posters get different ratios of reactions; I only get a few insightfuls because I don't give too many tips because everyone else beats me to the punch. I get likes because I'm funny from time to time. I get loads of agrees because I state strong opinions. Everyone's ratio is different and it's interesting to investigate, it certainly says a lot about a person's typical posting style.

    What other members were important to your forum story?
    @sandmanCCL was the first guy to deem me as more than a turd, I think.
    @Brude and I had a lot of fun palling around early on, I wish he spent more time on here.
    @jackjack likes to stalk me in a flattering way, and occasionally says something really helpful and informative to me. I appreciate him.
    @BelgarathMTH and I had a rough start and a lot of disagreements but I feel like we both respect each other now and that's a great thing.
    @bengoshi reveres me for some reason, as do I him, so that's always good.
    As I'm sure people have noticed, @Kitteh_On_A_Cloud, @mlnevese, @LadyRhian, and @Jalily have always had an uncanny way of bringing out my worst traits. This is not to say that my actions aren't my own fault, however; quite the contrary.
    @CrevsDaak and I have had a lot of fun together and we're making a mod together. Enough said.
    I greatly enjoy having @Ravenslight, @Nonnahswriter, and @Mortianna around. It's hard to pinpoint exactly why (I'm an abstract thinker, specifics aren't my strong trait) but I don't think it truly matters!
    @booinyoureyes is bae. (Yes, I said "bae") We actually have each other added on Facebook.

    What was your best experience on the forums?
    Hard to say just one. If I had to pick, I'd say my friendships with Crevs and boo.

    What do you think now, looking back on your forum history?
    That I really should be more active and involved in the community today. :\

    Nice thread, @Tresset!
  • Re: Quartz' Dumb Love Life (Or Lack Thereof)

    heyyyyy my love life isn't dumb anymore yayyyy

  • Can I make something abundantly clear

    OK, so I hear a lot of people fearing that Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition will be bug-ridden upon release. This fear is understandable, as many folks struggled with the bugs in Enhanced Baldur's Gate I and II when they were initially released.

    Now, I can't truly speak for Overhaul Games. And I know, a lot of people don't like to hear, "It'll be different this time!" once a track record has been established. Everyone would rather see action than words. Unfortunately, for the time being, all we truly have is words.

    These words, however, have made it quite clear that IWD:EE will not suffer from massive amounts of bugs upon releasing. Overhaul Games has much more freedom over this project; there is no time table. There is no publisher insisting they release on time. They have a time estimate, so that they can work towards a goal and thus work faster (thus not falling into the Valve Time trap), but they can easily decide to wait until the game is more stable before releasing it.

    I have been very realistic and blunt in my opinions of Overhaul Games' work on our beloved Infinity Engine games in the past. So you know that I am not biased, and I am saying this out of fact, not opinion. I see no reason to fear that Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition will launch with game-breaking bugs.

    Thank you for reading.
  • Quartz' Custom Sound Sets



    Since a pretty young age I have been recording custom sound sets for Infinity Engine games. They were pretty bad. One that I made around the age of 14 amused me even years later however, so I redid it with a non-prepubescent voice. Here it is. This is my first time actually publicizing one of my many goofy soundsets. I want to see what people think, and hopefully provide some enjoyment and amusement for people to add to their games.

    Words don't express how nervous I am, but nonetheless constructive criticism is welcome, especially as this is a first for me. Specifics are particularly helpful so that I may improve my skills (or lack thereof?).

    This first sound set is indeed a goofy one. It is good for a low mental stat, mostly good-aligned?, obnoxious character. A self-obsessed, self-proclaimed "hero," heroguy would love to join your party so that you may bask in his awesome glory. Never turning down danger however, he would also very much enjoy crawling through the nearest dungeon in the hopes of finding and slaying a dragon; for the sport, and maybe for the loot as well. Additionally, placing Lilarcor in heroguy's hands may be found to be very fitting.

    Formatted for Baldur's Gate 1, Baldur's Gate II, and Icewind Dale. ((I haven't been able to get a voice set to work for IWD in years, and I have no idea what I started doing differently. The sounds are all there and you are welcome to try to get them to work should you wish.)) I have no clue how to format for Enhanced Editions as of yet, because isn't it glitchy and crap and requires going a whole extra mile? Bleh.