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  • Re: Speculations and wishlists for new IWD:EE content.

    i don't really get the discussion about joinable npc's.. if you want to play the game like it was originally intended, make your own party. if you want to see what the new npc's are like, don't..
    Yeah, but see... this has happened before.

    If some optional feature is added... whoever wants to use it can use it, and whoever doesn't want to use it, can avoid using it. Everybody's happ, right? Right.

    However, there will always be those people who DON'T WANT THE OTHERS TO BE HAPPY.
    They just b**** and moan until EVERYONE ELSE BUT THEMSELVES IS UNHAPPY.
  • Re: Inquisitor vs. Wizard Slayer

    Kensai > Wizard slayer
    Berserker > Wizard slayer
    Inquisitor > Wizard slayer
    Wizard > Wizard slayer

    Oh, for the...

    ANYTHING > Wizard slayer
  • Re: Rewriting Throne of Bhaal?

    ToB was great, it really brought EPICNESS into the BG series.
    I always found Irenicus to be such a weak choice for a final boss... he's so uncharismatic and boring (not to mention he looks ridiculous and not elf-like... how the hell did that happen, btw? He was cursed and ZAP, he got a leatherface mask, and became bulkier and 2 feet taller?).
    All the Bhaalspawn are cool and interesting (except for the first lady), and what's most important, the final boss, the battle and the endings are much more interesting than the BG2 ones.
    I really loved the fact that ToB lets you have a home base where you can summon all your allies, I loved the fact that they expanded on the BG2 romances (Aerie's baby!), I love the (again) EPICNESS of the endings of every single character (Keldorn in primis), and I loved to have enemies and a plot that are ACTUALLY CONNECTED to the main character and the fact that he's a Bhaalspawn... just like Sarevok in the first game), and unlike Irenicus who's just... some wizard guy who happened to notice you and decided you could give him the power he was looking for, in his totally unrelated war.
    Basically, whereas the BG and ToB bosses are your NATURAL ENEMIES... Irenicus, well, he's Iron Man, and you're the curds who give him the tools to make his suit at the beginning of the movie, so he can go on and fight his REAL enemy (Ellesime, the Elves and the Elven Gods).
  • Re: [REQUEST] Clarify how stat changes and tomes will work with BG EE game transfered to BG2 EE.


    Use the variables to indicate the improvements by tome.
    Adjust the BG2 initial stats (which are usually different from the BG1 initial stats) as necessary, depending on how many and which tomes they consumed.
    This only needs to be done for the 5 (8 now) NPCs that you carry over to BG2 (and not for CHARNAME).

    Keep the classes the NPCs had during the BG1 playthrough.
    Imoen NEEDS to use a spell for the plot?
    Cool. Give her a Special Ability (like 99.9% of the other characters) which makes her shoot one Magic Missile a day, REGARDLESS OF HER CLASS.
    This solves the problem of the OH SO SMOTHERING plot limitations, while fitting with the character background nonetheless (she was a scoundrel who grew up in Candlekeep with Gorion... even if she never dualled, it's almost obvious she picked up something).
    It's not overpowered, and it's not like any other character doesn't have one of these quirks.
    If it's considered too much, maybe remove a lvl 1 spell slot from her (IF she duals to mage), or give her a similar, small penalty (which I still insist would be superflous).
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  • Re: Which Dungeons and Dragons rule set do you prefer?

    Most balanced, most fair, most linear, most organized.

    Nostalgia effect be damned.