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  • Re: Least Powerful 4 Man Group

    Not to mention that because of a Bard's crazy levelling, level scaling spells will always be stronger cast by a Bard than by a Mage.
    this is true of BG2 but no so much for bg1 since bards are at most 1 level ahead of a wizard
    By cap, yes. But early and midgame, its not uncommon for my Bard to be 2-3 levels ahead of my mage at any given time.
  • Re: The Superiority of Bards

    It depends on exactly what you want out of Bards. Bards don't have to be micro'd, but they will won't be as VISIBLY helpful. Bards greatest strength is their versatility. Some key points.
    1.The Bard song. This one is possibly the most obvious. While not really visibly engaging, the cheap semi permanent party wide buff is huge. Trade out for the Epic Bard song HLA and the passive bonuses are massive.
    2.Magic. While Bards don't get a large amount of spells per level, their fast levelling makes scaling spells ridiculous. Dispel magic, skull trap, and the like will always be more powerful in a Bard's hand than a mage's. If you running a full mage, the Bard is a fantastic utility character, filling in the gaps in your mages spellbook. (Personally, I tend to use a Bard in lieu of a mageor sorc).
    3. Dex bonuses make them competent, if not fantastic archers.
    4. My personal favorite vanilla kit, the Blade. Think fighter/mage that levels as the fastest levelling single class. Not as many spells, but more than enough for buffs to make you nigh invincible, but thats not the best part. Offensive and defensive spin. These are quite possibly the two most broken special abilities in the series.
    Offensive spin gives +2 to hit and to damage, +1 attacks per round, movement speed as though under the effects of Haste and guarantees maximum damage on every hit for 24 seconds. (taken from the play-it-hardcore wiki). Give him two weapons (one an apr) and you have burst damage above what a regular fighter or a fighter mage can do.
    Defensive Spin roots the Blade in place for 24 second but gives -1 to AC per Blade level (up to a maximum of -10 AC) and grants the Blade "Improved Invisibility" in that they cannot be directly targeted by spells.(again, fromt he wiki above). And more amazing burst potential, this ability makes it trivial to get the SC cap, plus they can't be targeted by magic, and stacking it with stoneskin. Holy crap, you can now out tank anything short of a Dwarven Defender for 24 seconds at a time.

    There are certainly specilists than outdo any of these bullet points (minus the song). Kensai and Archer can outdamage the blade. Dwarven Defendor can outtank it. And any pure mage or multiclass will get more spells per day and higher level spells. But NO SINGLE OR MULTICLASS CAN DO ALL OF THESE. You also get great utility with Lore that will cover all identifying needs, and a auto improving pickpocket score. Bards are a fast leveling FIghter/Mage/Thief, I love em.

    Offsetting this is that Bards might be the second hardest class to play to its full potential (behind pureclass thieves). What will need the BArd to do will vary depending on your party. A melee heavy party will want more songs with some caster backup (dispels, etc.) A caster heavy party will want a Bard for utility spells, etc. THe different kits also fill different niches. Bard require work, but pay off in a large way.
  • Re: Skie: Who's your daddy?

    It is an illusion
    If you don't attack it, it eventually dies in its own. In a cutscene with the Hooded Man later, you see the event for what really happened. The Hooded Man whips out SoulTaker and simply stabs a helpless Skie.
  • Re: First level spells apart from Magic Missile?

    @Elendar Sleep is almost better in SoD, because of the sheer number of enemies, there will always be several who fail their save. Haste+Slow+Sleep will win you every encounter that is not in the final area. Heck, I get a lot of use out of sleep even in SoA. Its not until ToB that sleep stops being useful, and then Death takes its place.
  • Re: Daggers and Shortswords are awful

    I don't understand the hate for daggers. My new full saga playthrough is Half Orc F/T with 2 pips daggers and 2 pips dual wield. Use throwing daggers. If anyone survives the first few seconds of ranged daggers at massive STR mod to damage (normally 2-3 hit chances at 10-13 damage) then close for dual wield with dagger of venom and other +2 daggers (e.g. from tomb area after the Nashkel Mines). You can also steal the guy's +1 Dagger in candlekeep, killing him and taking his plate armour when he catches you, to get a magic weapon from the get go.
    Probably because people seem to value dps to a tunnel vision extent. Daggers are amazing because of how many of them have secondary debilitating effects, combined with a great speed factor and dual wielding would mean that your enemies are always too crippled to attack effectively. Its the same reason that so many players hate Xan as npc (and Enchanters in general).