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As of about 1pm this afternoon, our son is finally home! Hopefully to stay this time.


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  • Re: Wow, bad story progression cues

    @ThacoBell Placing the barrel eventually makes all crusaders in undergroundriver area hostile, any related voiced dialogues and quests gone, but you can still gain access to DS basement by a special pair of gloves. :)
    Thats not how it works for me. I always place the barrel first before going further in. The place doesn't go hostile until the Hephernaan fight. Even then you have some time to clear out before the underground goes hostile. You can even tell the door guard to seal the doors and not let anyone through on your way out. If you do, the crusaders in the underground river never go hostile. You can just waltz out.
  • Re: Life... is strength.

    Heres my little guy. He turned one just this past month.
  • Re: The thread for happiness/spreading your joy

    This is kind of a long one, so please bear with. My son was born with a genetic disorder called DiGeorge syndrome. It can cause all kinds of nasty things from psychological problems to physical deformities. He was born with deformed and very weak heart that put him at risk sudden death at pretty much any moment without warning. Heart surgery could correct it, but he needed to make it to 6 months to be strong enough to survive it. He was given a 15% chance to make it that far.
    "But Thacobell", you say, "This is a happiness thread" Don't worry, this where it gets good. My son is now 8 months old, his surgery was 2 months ago and was a complete success! He isn't expected to need any further major surgery. Not only that, but he has advanced leagues ahead of what was expected developmentally. According to his Physical and Occupational therapists, his strength and fine motor skills are leagues past what is expected for him this soon after surgery. His talking skills and problem solving are also far better than any other DiGeorge baby out therapists has worked with. I am one very relieved and very proud papa :smile: