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  • I thought I would share my rabbit story with everyone, but it took too much space for the wall character limit. Look here instead: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/64517/rabbit-nest-and-baby-rabbits
    April 23
  • Necroscope86
    • CrevsDaak
      My recommendation is:
      1) get NI (there's a thread stickied in the General Modding subforum), you might also need Java, no clue on that
      2) drop NI on the directory with the game in question's override folder and chitin.key (the one you install mods to)
      3) open NI, open ITM folder on left sidebar
      4) if you're looking to edit an item in particular, go to the CRE/SPL/ITM/??? option from the Search menu
      5) if you want to make Carsomyr a halberd, right click and select make a copy of (don't choose names over 8 characters for the filename, extension not included)
      6) things you should edit are item type, proficiency used and animation
      7) additionaly, open the weapon's main ability, try changing the damage to piercing/slashing (I think halberds use that one), maybe you want to make it a +4 as well, dunno.
      8) if you want to nerf it more, you can remove effects from it. Just read them closely, and you'll get what they're doing
      9) I don't recommend changing the description/name of the item with NearInfinity... For this you should use WeiDU but it's far more difficult to use and I doubt it's even worth it
  • I just saw the very first episode of the new Mystery Science Theater 3000...

    I absolutely loved it!
    April 10
    • ThacoBell
      Thats out!? I forget where it was supposed to air. Is it Netflix?
    • Tresset
      Yes, Netflix and it apparently is supposed to air next week. My brother was a kickstart backer, though, so he got the first episode early.
  • It is extremely windy outside right now! I don't think I have ever seen wind quite like this in my life! No storm or anything; just freakishly strong wind. It is a very good thing that the trees haven't grown their leaves yet, because there would be branches down everywhere if they had. Even so, they are still taking quite a beating from the wind.
    March 8
    • ThacoBell
      Wow, small world. It was also extremely windy where I live just yesterday, even had a 12 foot long branch land on our roof. Hope you stay safe.