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  • Re: Heroes of Might and Magic 3 - Horn of the Abyss

    I just played again after finally being able to update (was unable to for a while). I was unable to try the spell research thing because it appears disabled by default (unfortunately). I did, however, try out one of the new artifacts for the first time: THE Horn of the Abyss. It is a very powerful item... possibly the most powerful item in the game now. Perhaps Armageddon's Blade, the Cloak of the Undead King, the Power of the Dragon Father, or the Angelic Alliance are comparable in power, but perhaps not. I am not really sure what competitive players would think, being only a casual player myself. Like Armageddon's Blade, the Horn of the Abyss is not enabled by default.

    Spoiler on what the Horn of the Abyss does...
    It summons Fangarms, a new monster, whenever a stack of living monsters (excluding other Fangarm stacks of course) on either player's army is killed. These Fangarms are permanent and will stay with the owner of the horn even after combat. They tend to add up after a while, much like Power Liches do with the Cloak of the Undead King. I noticed that this even takes precedence over the Rebirth ability of a Phoenix stack. The Fangarms themselves are a level 5 flying melee unit that can hypnotize those it attacks and is immune to mind effects. They are somewhat slow, however.
  • Re: Unpopular opinions

    All paladins should be pretty blonde girls with blue eyes, riding an armored Yamaha bike with a magic sword in hand. And the D&D rules can object all their want.

    @Ardanis those eyes look green to me...
  • Re: Heroes of Might and Magic 3 - Horn of the Abyss

    I found out about this update when my mom asked me what her computer was doing. Turns out it was telling her about the update. Took about an hour for her to download though.

    I haven't played Heroes in quite a while actually... but that spell research change made me rather interested. I just have to transfer it to this computer.