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  • Re: Great, stuck in Durlag's Tower 2 :(

    What happened here is that whoever wrote that walkthrough on GameBanshee didn't know what they were talking about. The walkthrough is flawed in many ways. Let me set it straight now.

    Lets start at the point at which you have taken all the wardstones from the bedroom. Once you take all three wardstones two things should happen. First the wooden door to the target practice room should open (triggered by taking the orange wardstone). Second the doppelganger will start its dialog and teleport sequence (triggered by taking the red wardstone). The doppelganger's sequence itself triggers the closing of the wooden door to the bedroom and opens the secret door from the bedrom to the statue room. IT DOES NOT OPEN THE SECRET DOOR FROM THE SPARRING ROOM TO THE STATUE ROOM!!! The two statues in the statue room will ONLY OPEN THE MAIN WOODEN DOORS TO THEIR RESPECTIVE ROOMS!!! THE ONLY WAY TO OPEN ANY FURTHER DOORS FROM THIS POINT IS TO ATTACK TARGET DUMMIES!!! The target dummies will only open doors if you have the same color wardstone obtained from the bedroom in your possession! Attacking the red target dummy opens the wooden door to the bedrom if it is not already open. Attacking the green target dummy will open the door to the throne room if it is not already open. ATTACKING THE ORANGE TARGET DUMMY WILL TRIGGER THE ENCOUNTER WITH THE SECOND DOPPELGANGER AND OPEN THE DOOR FROM THE SPARRING ROOM TO THE STATUE ROOM.

    Thus everything is working as intended and this is not an issue. The walkthrough is, however, very stupid.
  • Re: Pokemon thread

    @typo_tilly If you can swing it, I'd go for HeartGold or SoulSilver. The first few gens really don't work under the hood very well. Being basically held together by hopes and dreams.
    That is true, but I also hear that Gold and Silver have been released on virtual console making them more stable in that version.
  • Re: Baldur's Gate Who Am I?

    Bassilus, I think.
  • Re: Whispers of Silence - Cloak of Non Detection

    A thief is one of the few people it is useful for, actually. A thief's stealth ability is one of the few things the cloak will protect from True Seeing.
  • Re: Totemic Druid's Spirit Animal Stats

    @bob_veng No, there are actually two separate poison effects that the snake inflicts (which is why the snake's attack states the target is poisoned twice). There is only one save for both effects though, so it is either succeed at both or fail at both. The second poison effect (which does 2 damage every 6 seconds) actually rarely does anything. See, the level 10 snake's poison lasts for 6 seconds and, since the second poison only damages at the end of every 6 second period the effect often wears off before the poison damage is actually done. Thus the level 10 snake most often does 12 poison damage with its attack. In rare occasions, however, it will do a total of 14 poison damage with its attack. Also keep in mind that haste speeds up the effect of poison and slow retards it. So if someone is hasted they are far more likely to take extra poison damage from the second effect.

    Honestly, IMHO the second poison effect should probably just be removed from the snake's attack as it seems to do very little.