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  • If you no longer want notifications for specific discussions that you have created...

    When you create discussions on this forum you have the option to receive a notification every time someone comments on that discussion. This option, however, does not give you the choice to specify which of your created discussions you want to receive notifications for- it just notifies you any time someone comments on any of your discussions or, if the option is turned off, it doesn't notify you at all. During my time as a moderator on this forum I have seen several instances of people asking if it were possible to not receive notifications from specific discussions they created and no longer have interest in, but still receive notifications from other discussions they created. In the past our only answer has been that this is not possible, but I have just recently found a way for moderators to manually remove your ownership of a discussion and thus prevent you from receiving notifications for comments made on it.

    If you have created a discussion that you no longer wish to receive notifications for just post here and one of the moderators will be happy to help you out. Make sure to include a link to the discussion you no longer want to receive notifications for. Be warned however! This will PERMANENTLY remove your ownership of a thread! There is no easy way to reverse the process! Be absolutely certain that you do not want to receive notifications for this thread before you request this!

    You may also post here if you have any questions about this process.
  • Re: Totemic Druid's Spirit Animal Stats

    Caster Level 1


    Stats: Str 16, Dex 12, Con 14, HP 16
    Defenses: Final AC 6, vs. Death 15, vs. Wands 16, vs. Polymorph 16, vs. Breath 16, vs. Spell 17
    Resists: Cold 25%
    Immunities: Fear, Polymorph, Sphere of Chaos
    Attacks: APR 2, Base THAC0 17, Base Damage 1d4 slashing, Fear for 8 seconds with save vs. death at +4 to avoid


    Stats: Str 16, Dex 14, Con 14, HP 12
    Defenses: Final AC 5, vs. Death 15, vs. Wands 16, vs. Polymorph 16, vs. Breath 16, vs. Spell 17
    Resists: Electricity 25%
    Immunities: Charm, Polymorph, Sphere of Chaos
    Attacks: APR 2, Base THAC0 16, Base Damage 1d4+1 piercing


    Stats: Str 14, Dex 16, Con 14, HP 8
    Defenses: Final AC 1, vs. Death 14, vs. Wands 16, vs. Polymorph 16, vs. Breath 16, vs. Spell 17
    Resists: Poison 100%
    Immunities: Has Free Action, Polymorph, Sphere of Chaos, Poison
    Attacks: APR 1, Base THAC0 16, Base Damage 1d4 piercing, Poison 2 damage/sec for 3 seconds with save vs. death at +3 to avoid, Poison 2 damage/6 secs for 3 seconds with save vs death at +3 to avoid


    Stats: Str 13, Dex 15, Con 14, HP 9
    Defenses: Final AC 3, vs. Death 14, vs. Wands 16, vs. Polymorph 15, vs. Breath 16, vs. Spell 17
    Resists: Cold 100%, Electricity 25%, Poison 25%
    Immunities: Sleep/Unconsciousness, Polymorph, Sphere of Chaos, Fatigue
    Attacks: APR 1, Base THAC0 17, Base Damage 1 piercing + 1d3 cold
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  • Re: Tresset's Choice Tweaks

    Hexxat Regeneration Script Fix.

    This is a weidu fix for Hexxat. Hexxat is supposed to die in a very special way: When her HP gets down to 1 the game scripts are supposed to kick in and "kill" her before automatically bringing her back in a few hours. The devs did a pretty good job of working on her complicated scripts, but I found out that they failed to take into consideration something that can occur somewhat frequently in BG2: Instant death effects. If Hexxat is killed by an instant death effect she will die normally and need to be resurrected as if she were a living party member. As a vampire, Hexxat is supposed to be immune to resurrection spells. To fix this issue I added scripting into the game that would make it automatically cast Raise Dead on Hexxat if she got killed by an instant death effect. Since this brings her back to life with 1 HP, she will immediately die again; only this time she will regenerate and come back on her own like she should. Perhaps not the neatest fix to this issue, but it works quite well regardless.
  • Re: Did you know?

    Confronting Tranzig or joining a bandit group is not the only way to learn the location of the bandit camp. During chapter 3 a group of bandits will appear next to the ruined caravan in the area between Beregost and the Friendly Arm Inn. If you kill all of the bandits except for their leader, Deke, he will surrender. You can then persuade him to reveal the location of the camp if your reaction or strength is high enough. Deke will also reveal the location if you charm him and talk to him.

  • Re: Jaheira won't come back

    Hey there everyone! I found a console code that will allow you to solve this issue for yourselves if it comes up in your game. Just copy the following code and paste it into your console and Jaheira will appear right next to you! I hope my friend @Gate70 appreciates my help with this. Enjoy your game everyone!