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  • Re: Should I complete all side quests before chapter 4?

    There's a few quests you need to complete in Ch2 or 3, otherwise they will not be offered after you return with Imoen. By and Large these are all quests that involve the Graveyard.

    Korgan, Edwin and Hexxat will either disappear or have quests unable to complete if you wait that long. Nalia may have issues if you haven't had her dad's funeral beforehand too.

    None of them are game changers, especially for a good party, but it's worth bearing in mind.
  • Re: Starting levels for ToB question...think I'm way too high lvl?

    Hello folks, new user on these forums but not new to the game. I just did my first complete series run through into ToB (usually stop at the end of SoA) and I'm starting ToB right main is level 30 and the rest of my 6 person group is 23ish I believe. I did all the quests in SoA including Watchers Keep at around level 16 but now I feel wayyyy over powered.

    I guess my question level 30 PC and 23ish group way too high for the beginning of ToB? I mean I spawned dragons just to see HOW powerful my main was, and he solo'd them easily. Without Bhaalspawn power, within a few seconds...I just don't want to play ToB for the first time ever and it be too easy. So...let me know and thank you!
    ToB is pretty Linear with most of the areas having 1 or more "Boss" type battles where tactics are way more important than levels by and large. You'll blast through the trash battles for sure, but you would probably do that at half the level, Boss battles however will be somewhat challenging even with your relatively high levels.
  • Re: Leaving the Underdark With 29 Hit Points.......

    hmm, maybe your mod changes the potions from working, that is frustrating. Do some of the Demons gate in additional enemies or not? I could see that being a problem if so, otherwise you're going to need to analyze which abilities are causing you the most problems and adjust your strategy accordingly.

    Some things to test are whether the previous room is blocking item charges from working, do the demons use dispel magic and if so more than once, which spells can be placed in sequencers and what order you need to use them.

    Couple of tips off the top of my head, Spell Immunity does NOT adhere to the usual 1 spell per round rule and acts as if you have IA cast, so you can cast that immediately you enter then start on something else, maybe an actual IA or a time stop. If items work then use Staff of the Magi for it's Spell Trap, that will absorb many of the spell like abilities of the demons and convert them back into Spell slots for you, obviously it won't last that long but should give an early edge.

    At least a few of the demons have fear and/or charm type spells, so use your minor sequencer to buff with resist fear and probably a Luck, you can use a Contingency to buff on enemy spotted with up to 6th level, since Prot Magic weapons probably just makes them chunk your Ranger then i'd say a couple of options would be Globe of Invulnerability, Fireshield Blue (cold will affect them more than Fire which they are all immune to), with your Edwin having so many HP's Stoneskin maybe not worth it.

    Speaking of Chunking the Ranger, find out which Demons are seeing through Invisibility and maybe see if you can burst them down early so you can then use illusion spells like Simulacrum to double your firepower, also worth testing to see if Spell immunity:Divination works for Edwin to block them from revealing him, and Cloak of non-Detection for the Ranger, although you will need to see if you can maintain enough summons to turn the tide. If you have Gate then it's a long cast but a Pit Fiend will last well since at least some of the lesser demons will be unable to damage it, if not then Summon fiend may be a decent distraction, you can cast Protection from Evil to prevent them targeting you or the ranger.

    You said before that even 3 ADHW's from a chain contingency were not dropping anything, so maybe try 1xLR, 1xPierce Shield, 1x ADHW cast on enemy spotted, that SHOULD drop the target demons MR by around 58% plus strip a defensive buff if they have 1 and land the ADHW, which should kill or severely damage at least 1.

    Spell Sequencer lets you put in 3 up to 4th level spells and Spell trigger up to 3 6th level, you could use them to buff but may be better to use at least the Spell Trigger to quickly cast 3x Lower resistance to make your most threatening enemy fully vulnerable to spells early on. As for 4th level spells in the spell sequencer then i'm a fan of 3x Skull Trap, but depends what strategy you are using as it can kill summons and will be resisted by the Major demons a lot.

    Another option is reliant on you having Imprisonment learnt, it's 1 of the few spells that has no save and completely ignores magic resistance, so you can use it to remove 1 or more of the most troubling demons from the fight.

    Since your Edwin has so many HP's then wasting slots on buffs that prevent damage is probably unwise, concentrate on spells that prevent status effects taking him out the fight and/or turning damage back on enemies, like the various spell turning versions, Blue Fireshield, Globe of invulnerability, Spell immunity. All those demons are immune or highly resistant to fire so you want to use non-elemental damaging spells and summons that are not going to be instantly killed.

    Obviously 1 Planetar isn't going to be enough and if you flop it out early it'll just get wrecked w/o having much impact, so you're going to want to make a strategy that drops a few of the toughest enemies early on, then gets you some distraction summons out so you can work on dropping the next few before you unleash the Planetar and it has a decent chance to stand it's ground.

    *editted in*
    Just to add if the Glabrezu's are stunning you should be able to protect yourself with Spell Immunity:Conjuration.

    Spells per level i consider worthwhile to memorize for this room:

    Magic Missile, Protection from Evil
    Blur, Glitterdust, Acid Arrow, Luck, Resist Fear
    Haste (if you use animate dead), Skull Trap
    Fireshield:Blue, Minor Sequencer used in advance (Resist fear+Luck be my choice), Teleport Field, Greater Malison
    Spell Immunity, Lower Resistance, Animate Dead
    Contingency preloaded, Pierce Magic
    Mordy Sword, Spell turning, Project Image (depending if SI:Divination+SI:Abjuration works with your mods), Spell Sequencer preloaded
    Summon Fiend, Spell trigger preloaded, ADHW
    Spell Trap, optional Imprisonment, Gate, Black Blade of Disaster maybe if you want to go melee route with Tensors+ Improved Haste and use triggers/sequencers to buff with.
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  • Re: Leaving the Underdark With 29 Hit Points.......


    The room before is "dead magic" .

    Timestop then LR.
    Can do that but there are 5/6 Galawhatsits plus the Tanarii. Even if I had enough couldn't get them off in time because they attack on sight, on mass.

    I've used 3 in a row ADHW, no damage, comet, no damage, dragon breath, no damage (did get the succubus with one of them,)

    So far about the only success I have had is getting up a planateer and a genii (bottle) just to give some room. Getting away and summoning Mordy swords.
    But once the planeteer succombs, nobody is getting any damage. So have to have my charname (with only 31 hp) whirlwind attack with Foebane to help the planateer. But time it wrong and it's game over.

    Then there's some other things as well as memphits, don't even know what they are.
    I'm assuming you have mods installed, no idea what Galawhatsits actually are, as such it's impossible to give any advice to fight. In my game the maximum i have in that room is around 20 various demons, some of which are invisible imps, the Nasty ones are Glabrezu (stuns) and the Succubus depending on items.

    Without mods then ADHW will still affect the Demons because none of them have immunity to magic damage and they have varying amount of magic resistance but i don't think more than 60% even for the toughest ones.

    Potions should work for pre-buffing since they do not count as spells and you can chuck them up in the Dead Magic zone. You can also pre-load your various sequencers/contingencies with Buffing spells.

    I don't know what mods you are using nor which creatures are actually giving you the problems, so very difficult to give advice.

    I usually play on max (not LoB) difficulty solo, but it's rare i'll have a straight Mage unless it's dual-classed from something. That room is nasty for sure using just spells, but by that point you have access to a huge variety of items. I tend to play Evil so i have a large advantage in that i can talk to the demon and fully pre-buff before attacking, but with smart use of the various sequencers and potions it should be relatively easy.

    I'm assuming Edwin has Amulet of power and Robe of Vecna for the cast speed reduction, they are absolutely required for encounters like this, if you can get off an Imp.Alacrity then a lot of the spells you will be casting will be instant, definitely need to use the pause on spell cast to maximise the casts.
  • Re: Leaving the Underdark With 29 Hit Points.......

    That room is a huge pain for a mage yeah, lots of highly magic resistant demons with some elemental immunities and plenty of spell like abilities of their own. Rangers must be Good aligned so you're screwed on that front, lol.

    Unsure if you can pre-buff before it, can't remember if the room before is magic dead or not, if you can then i'd strongly advise adding a Spelltrap on top of a spell immunity Abjuration on top of the usual defensive plethora, then whack up a Prot.Magic Weapons just before you port in, start with a Time Stop, then Imp.Alacrity and Lower Resistance 2x on each of the most threatening Demons then ADHW to kill them and hopefully at least damage a few of the others, when the TS ends summon a Fallen Planetar and chuck up a Blue Fireshield, a minor globe and use Skull traps to hopefully thin the herd until the Planetar is able to win the melee battle.

    If you have Chain contingency you can pre-load 3x ADHW's to trigger on enemy sighted, i mean sure many resists will be seen, but 3 going off is likely to kill at least some and it's essentially a free hit right at the start.