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  • Re: [Spoiler] About Jaheira

    1: Considering her previous mate selection was a spineless yes man who worshipped the ground she walked on, I'm inclined to say that any insecurity she has predates losing Khalid.

    2: Do tell. Which other romance companion features the NPC voluntarily abandoning the party, and when?

    1: Khalid and Jahiera were married for many years and never had children. This was an age before modern birth control. Perhaps she thought Khalid might be the one who's infertile. Speaking of this Viconia (as well as Phaere in the underdark) have had tons of male lovers and no pregnancy so probably infertile too.

    2: Jan abandons the party to stay with Lisse, the woman who scorned him for some 50 Shades of Gray type psycho. Lisse immediately runs to Jan, then Jan helps save a child from another man, and then Lisse abandons him again to stay with the same psychopath. Jan should've found someone else. The next time I play it, I will see what happens if I ignore the quest and it fails. Jan probably will just not rejoin.

    Well to be fair ancient civilizations used various means for contraception and they didn't have access to magic. In fact not long back i saw a Documentary that stated the Romans gathered so much of a particularly effective plant from North Africa that it went extinct and some modern Pharma companies were trying to find it as it was mentioned in ancient texts as being pretty much 100% effective.

    Also yeah i always felt a follow up to jan's quest would be nice, the lil midget deserves his chance at payback on his love rival!
  • Re: [Spoiler] About Jaheira

    Yes there are quests to find bodies, but your party is completely unknown at the time in Athkatla, lol, you literally appear at what is essentially a "terrorist attack".

    Plus as i have said, there are COUNTLESS cases of people dying in the literature, many of them important and wealthy, that do NOT get resurrected. I mean take the Druids, of which Jaheira is obviously a member, the order will only have 1 Arch-Druid per area (14th level +), temples will rarely have high level clerics in attendance and even if they do then it's going to depend on their faith whether or not they will cast a spell that requires bed-rest afterwards and much petitioning of their Deity.

    Now if you were to take Khalids body to say the Great Druid, well, not happening since the local one is a Shadow Druid that you have to kill, lol, she's definitely not going to do Jaheira a favour, even if a "normal" neutral druid replaces her, do you think the party could convince them that reversing the natural process of life and death is a valid use of the Druids power?

    Now if you find a cleric powerful enough to cast it, they are going to want something more than gold peices and to be honest some random party of no-bodies (from the clerics perspective) wouldn't even get a meeting in all probability.

    Her best hope would be tapping the Harpers network for a HUGE personal favour, but we all know how that storyline pans out, also remember at the time you are in a Dungeon trying to escape, no idea where you even are, you have no equipment, no gold and at the time you don't even know why Irenicus even kidnapped you.

    Also remember that Skie Silvershield was killed in SoD and wasn't able to be resurrected, she was killed by the same person that killed Khalid. You can dress it up anyway you like, but at the time his death occurs you have no influence, no money, no equipment and no clue where you are, you're chasing a sadistic monster that has the power to permanently kill anyone he wants.

    Of course the most compelling argument is that it's written into the game, at some point you need to have negative consequences for plot purposes, if every 2nd cleric out there was curing and resurrecting anyone who got the sniffles then the power and majesty of the magic would be diminished to merely standard behavior.
  • Re: [Spoiler] About Jaheira

    At the time Khalid is killed the game is level capped to the point where no one is going to be casting Raise dead or definitely Resurrection, on top of that he was defiled by an Evil Archmage of such power that Gods are forced to intervene to prevent his ascension to Divinity.

    There's many cases in all sorts of books and game literature that places limits or prevents reality altering events such as Resurrection/Wish. Also need to remember that the amount of entities capable of throwing around that much power are very low and they are also heavily tied to organizations/areas with opposing powers to keep them in check.

    Now it's true Jaheira could have said OK, lets scrape what's left of Khalid off the table, ceiling, walls and floor, chuck it into a backpack and hope to hell she levels up as a druid fast enough to get to Resurrection learnt before the spells limits expire. Then she has to keep the mutilated body of her Husband with her whilst attempting to track down the ultra-powerful foe who did it. Now i dunno, but that seems like it's pretty damn unlikely as a scenario, i'm pretty sure she would have realised he was defiled past the point where Raise Dead would work, which leaves a spell so powerful that traditional game lore usually accepts is reserved for use by a VERY small amount of the most devout Priests.

    The fact the game lets you stroll into any temple and get someone resurrected for 1000 gold isn't supported in normal game literature. That does cloud the views regarding her apparent willingness to give up on him, but the alternative is expecting a small group of badly equipped, recently tortured characters to haul around a dead body that has been mutilated, whilst hot on the heels of the super-villain responsible. Just imagine trying to explain that to the Cowlies when they arrest Imoen and Irenicus, lmao.

    What, this mutilated corpse Officer? Oh, that's my beloved husband, no, honestly we are the good guys, despite the fact we're emerging from the sewers with a dead body stuffed into a
  • Re: Balanced difficulty setting for importing from SoD?

    So is the SCS AI mod the way to go for BG2EE if I want the AI to be a challenge?
    Yeah, just be warned you should read the readme that comes with it for the changes before applying, some of them are way more than just an AI improvement.
  • Re: what are some obscure tips you know of in this game?

    Luck spell cast after Improved Alacrity and just before damaging spells can add significant damage.
    Luck doesn't increase magical damage done, it decreases magical damage taken. Although it does increase physical damage done while not decreasing physical damage taken (oposite to magic).

    You need to apply -LUCK modifier on enemies for better damage. For instance chant or wish intoxication.

    Luck also adds +1 to minimum damage, so any 1's rolled become 2's, it adds up when you are throwing around multiple damage spells.
    It doesn't. It only adds +1 to physical damage rolls not magic.

    Tested it moments ago with bard casting luck on sorc just to be sure. Still rolled 2 damage few times with magic missile which is minimum. You need -LUCK modifier on enemy to increase magic damage stated before.

    There was huge thread about it while ago where @semiticgod and other people explained luck in detail.


    hmm, then it doesn't work as the spell description indicates, i just loaded up my latest character and it quite clearly states spell damage is supposed to be improved.

    Note i am not saying you are wrong about how it works in game, i'm just saying that what you are saying does not match the spell description.