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  • Re: Favorite Spell Sequences

    I quite like the following:

    Luck + Magic Missile
    Luck + Acid Arrow

    For sequencer then i am pretty much 100% 3 x Skull Trap

    At higher levels i will use:

    Greater Malison Lower Resistance Lower Resistance as my spell trigger, even though it's only useful for big boss fights like dragons, demons etc.

    Luck is definitely under-rated as a spell IMO, the short duration sucks, but if you can pop it into a minor sequencer or use during improved Alacrity it can make a pretty decent improvement to minimum damage.
  • Re: Dwarf Kensai Thrower...

    i will add that as a Kensai you probably don't need to waste points on more than 1 pip in 2 weapon fighting, the Kensai bonuses rapidly add up and once you have used the Str book in BG to get 19 (or 20 for half orc) it'll be very easy to hit anything even with the offhand -'ves from only 1 pip.

    Regarding AC then my best tip would be to buy/steal/loot all the Potions of Defense, stoneform and Invulnerability and attempt to use them when you have clusters of fights so each use has more than 1 fight. Most of the early SoA encounters will struggle to hit a Kensai with 15-20 dex and a Potion charge, they will need to crit to hit.

    Use the Stoneform potions 1st as they are the worst due to the -3 dex penalty. You should be looking at:

    AC 0 -potion
    -2 Kensai bonus
    -2 lets say 16 dex (19 - 3 from potion)
    -1 Ring of protection
    So AC -5 with just a stoneform potion and the ring of prot +1 you find in Irenicus' dungeon. Stoneform and Invulnerability potions last 1 hour, but they also give a bonus to saving throws, Potion of defense lasts 2 hrs but has no save bonus. AC will drop to -7 using the better potions.

    You should be able to get the Ioun Stone from under the graveyard pretty easily which will protect you from crits (+1 thac0 and 10% more HP's), later on you can upgrade to a ring +2 from when you hand over your 15k and using a scroll of Prot.Undead should enable you to get the Ring of Gaxx, add in the Cloak of the Sewers and you're down to AC -9 with a Stoneform and -11 with Defense/Invulnerability.

    In my experience there's a metric ton of particularly Potions of Invulnerability available, many of the encounters which involve mercenaries such as Neera's quest to rescue the Wild Mages will result in a large number of Invulnerability, Oil of Speed and Medium healing potions. However you may need to be cute with strategy so that you can kill the majority before they swig the potions and deny you getting them yourself.

    Even if you don't rely on looted potions there's a potion vendor in Bridge District, the fence in the sewers and several other merchants who will sell at least some potions along with other useful equipment. Another useful potion that offsets the offhand penalties is the potion of Heroism, of which there are also many available throughout the game. This gives you 10% extra HP's and 10% better thac0 and lasts 2 hrs.

    A Kensai cannot wear Helm, Chest or gloves, but Ioun Stones are OK for the head slot, the gloves are not usually a problem as the best gloves for fighters are from so deep in Watchers Keep that you are unlikely to be able to grab them early enough to matter anyway, by the time you get that far your Kensai bonuses will be so immense they will overshadow the gloves anyway. AC potions obviously make up for the lack of chest armour, but you are susceptible to dispel magic BIG TIME haha.

    Regarding the mentioned Boomerang Dagger then @bleusteel this is attained from the Limited Wish quest, so you'd need a Mage in the party to, at least, cast it from a scroll, although if you are not against "save-scumming" for positive outcomes you can scribe it to Neera and abuse her Nahal's level 1 spell until you get a successful casting.

    Regarding the Axe's i would add Azure Edge if you are a good aligned bhaalspawn, it's beyond epic for blapping undead and easily attainable early on.
  • Re: Questions about magic resistance

    Hope this is not off-topic, but I am curious if it's possible that a character can get to have negative MR, like with a Lower Resistance cast on a character with no magic resistance, and if so what might be the consequences? I once had Firkraag cast some Lower Fire Resistance spells on some of my characters, and his fireballs did multiple times the original damage on them, while others got only the base damage. Wonder if anything like that happens with negative MR.
    Magic Resistance is just a check whether a spell works or not, so going into negatives doesn't have any additional effect.
  • Re: Paladin with Purifier

    Damn forgot Armor Of Faith all together. So DR is actually way to go. I think I'll be taking Flails, and trying axes.

    One more guestion about Saving Throws, if AC becomes less useful, would it be better to change AC to Saving Throws? Do Saving Throws have a min cap, or point that you will be always saved?

    There really should be a FAQ or table that compares, THAC0, AC, DR, MR and Saving Throws, their usefulness and caps.
    Saving throws tend to take care of themselves, you'll be using Ring of Gaxx and a +2 item of protection i would imagine, with a level 17+ Paladin you will have extremely low saves and unless enemy mages are casting Greater Malison and then using a spell with a -4 modifier like Symbol of Stun/Fear you'll be pretty safe. I mean they do sometimes like to flop out a GM and hit you with some nasty combos but you have stated your goal is 100% magic Resistance from items, so they will need to Lower resistance on you to even bring the saving throws into the mix and even then you will still have Magic resistance even if it's lowered.

    With the class you picked and the stated goal of achieving 100% MR i would say saving throws are not a concern, Fighter 17+ is 3/5/4/4/6 +2 for being a Paladin, +2 from evil enemies casting on you if you have Prot evil, +4 Ring of Gaxx and +2 protection item means your worst Save is a zero without protection from evil, -2 with it.

    Just remember that certain enemies cast Imprisonment which will Ignore MR and has no save, so you must target them as a priority when encountered and have some method of disabling them because you do not have access to Mage spells as a solo Paladin. Options to do this could be Staff of the Ram upgraded for the Knockback (ToB only), Klogawhatever thrown axe for the knockdown, Celestial Fury stun, various Vorpal hit weapons possibly, insta-kill effects for demi or specific normal Liches that cast it from Mace of disruption, runehammer, azure edge. You can also use HLA's such as Smite or Power attack for the attempted stun/knockback but i think the safest option in cases where the Spell is usually only cast once per encounter, which is most of them except the Demi-Liches (use Protection from Undead scrolls for those), would be to summon a Deva to draw the imprisonment whilst you chew gum and kick ass.
  • Re: Paladin with Purifier

    Yeah would like to keep 100 MR, so using Purifier with something else. I've 176 hitpoints, AC -16, THAC0 -13 with Carsomyr, Free Action effect from Ring Of Free Action +2 and Doubled Movement Rate from Paws of Cheetah.

    How does physical resistance work? First AC decides hit and then PR reduces it accordingly? Can AC be so low that PR doesn't matter, and is 20% and -1 AC noticeable with DoEH? I think I can still reduce AC -1 with better armor, but that's probably it.

    THAC0, does it have a low cap, or point that you always hit (except critical miss)?

    I will have 24STR after Hell Trials, so Crom Faeyr might not be as useful either?
    As a rule once you get to ToB, and even late into SoA then AC becomes progressively less useful, enemies have such enormous chance to hit that you'll still get clocked often and hard, so Physical Resistance becomes more and more useful, especially as a solo Paladin. Load up Hardiness + DoEH and cast your level 1 Armour of Faith for a total of 95% Physical resistance (98% and +1 con if you use Helm of Dumathoin). But yes, you do need to be hit for DR to come into effect, so you can switch out DoEH for something else depending on the encounter, after all if you are not being hit then may as well add in a weapon that's better damage or has a more useful effect.

    Crom isn't that great when you're rocking 24 Str naturally, definitely some better alternatives, Axes maybe for Azure edge/Klogawhatever for a ranged option Vs undead or a +4 ranged with a knockdown.