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  • Re: [Spoiler] About Jaheira

    At the time Khalid is killed the game is level capped to the point where no one is going to be casting Raise dead or definitely Resurrection, on top of that he was defiled by an Evil Archmage of such power that Gods are forced to intervene to prevent his ascension to Divinity.

    There's many cases in all sorts of books and game literature that places limits or prevents reality altering events such as Resurrection/Wish. Also need to remember that the amount of entities capable of throwing around that much power are very low and they are also heavily tied to organizations/areas with opposing powers to keep them in check.

    Now it's true Jaheira could have said OK, lets scrape what's left of Khalid off the table, ceiling, walls and floor, chuck it into a backpack and hope to hell she levels up as a druid fast enough to get to Resurrection learnt before the spells limits expire. Then she has to keep the mutilated body of her Husband with her whilst attempting to track down the ultra-powerful foe who did it. Now i dunno, but that seems like it's pretty damn unlikely as a scenario, i'm pretty sure she would have realised he was defiled past the point where Raise Dead would work, which leaves a spell so powerful that traditional game lore usually accepts is reserved for use by a VERY small amount of the most devout Priests.

    The fact the game lets you stroll into any temple and get someone resurrected for 1000 gold isn't supported in normal game literature. That does cloud the views regarding her apparent willingness to give up on him, but the alternative is expecting a small group of badly equipped, recently tortured characters to haul around a dead body that has been mutilated, whilst hot on the heels of the super-villain responsible. Just imagine trying to explain that to the Cowlies when they arrest Imoen and Irenicus, lmao.

    What, this mutilated corpse Officer? Oh, that's my beloved husband, no, honestly we are the good guys, despite the fact we're emerging from the sewers with a dead body stuffed into a
  • Re: Cats

    I believe the console command for the cats are:


    Note they have a 5% chance to escape so take the advice from @Pantalion and try and do it in the corner of the map so you can block them in and pick them back up easily enough if 1 or 2 escapes before you can zone back to the Camp.
  • Re: what are some obscure tips you know of in this game?

    On the subject of mage killing always pays to carry at least 1 non-magical weapon so you can wear out stoneskins when non-liches cast PFMW.

    Hint: use darts. they have an insanely high base attacks per round of 3.
    yeah darts are decent, but i will usually have the same or more APR with melee and darts are not really worth the proficiency points to get more. Also very large drawback is darts will not get past protection from normal missiles, which most mages will cast along with PFMW, meaning non-magical melee is all that can damage their stoneskins w/o breach cast. Dart's definitely have their moments, but in my experience there's better options 99% of the time.
  • Re: Best crazy EEkeeper multiclass options

    I found a guide that told me to set hp to 1 and level/experience to 0 then when I open the game they level up to 1 and it gives them their kitted abilities. I'm not sure if your doing it a different way? It does seem like HP is sometimes lower than it should be so I've had to edit that after leveling them up.
    If it's just 1 kit per toon that will work, but the majority of kits will be fine if you just select the kit in EE Keeper then manually add in the abilities to match your level. Just note that multi-class toons that get assigned a kit will use default HLA tables for their multi-class and NOT for the kit, so you may miss out on things like the Clones HLA from Shadowdancer kit.

    The 1 HP, level 0 trick is useful to save you having to go to the 2 other tabs in EE Keeper and adding in the kit abilities, it also gets around the fact that you cannot actually add in level 1 abilities for kits in EE Keeper, you actually need to add in a minimum of level 2 due to the way it's designed.
  • Re: Party for BGIIEE (insane, but not LoB)

    My advice is to 5 man with your selection and leave slot 6 available for rotating NPC's in so you can do their quests and/or romance.

    Without difficulty mods like SCS/Ascension you really don't need a full party for insane difficulty, especially running 5 custom characters.