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  • Re: XP resetting to 2,950,000 on import?

    Oh so this is not a bug? I don't remember it being that way before? Was this a new change with the EEs?
    Well i don't think you can classify it as a bug since you need to use a mod to remove the XP cap in the 1st place, also the standard unmodded game has a 2,950,000 XP cap for SoA and 8m for ToB, so you're basically past the SoA cap at the start. There's likely a .2da file you can change to stop this from happening, i'm just saying that even with Tweaks Anthology applied to my SoA/ToB game i was still getting downgraded to 2,950,000 when i imported from SoD, so it's not just you finding this.
  • Re: I don't understand monk AC....

    Well as an update I was pretty bummed. So I started rolling in BG1, and just got a human Berserker with...

    Str (18/22) Dex (18) Con (18) Int (17) Wis (7) Cha (14)

    You can guess what she'll be. Never rolled high enough for that before. Got it in five rolls. I think it is karma for abandoning the monk run.
    Nice, playing a Rage-Mage myself atm, although Barbarian instead of Berserker since it now counts as a fighter kit and can therefore be dual-classed. Gotta love that 93% physical resistance with Helmet of Dumathoin, Defender of Easthaven and Hardiness popped, although i'm 17th mage now so lost access to the equipment until level 40 is reached (solo with xp cap removed so make super-fast XP)
    That's a big investment, thought it'll make a monster of a character.

    I'm looking forward to hitting BG2 and for when I reach Berserker (9) Mage (10). I've never done a mage dual before, so I plan to just save/buy as many scrolls as I can and buff his Int to 25 with potions. Should be interesting to see him get a full spell book and several levels in seconds.
    If you use a thief to steal all the scrolls available in Athkatla with a few potions of Master thievery you can get to around level 16 if solo just (remove the thief before you scribe them), that will pretty much get you a copy of every 1-6th level spell, if you do Copper Coronet you'll also get a few 7th and 8th scrolls and there's also a few 8th level ones from the Adventurers mart Scroll merchant. Also there's 2 Protection from Undead scrolls, 1 of which should let you get the Ring of Gaxx if you time it right and use a Haste potion for the running between Liches/Kangaxx. Will need to use a thief to pick the locks and remove the traps on Bridge Lich door and Kangaxx's door tho, or use 2 Knocks.
  • Re: Recommended barbarian proficiency??

    My current playthrough is a CG Barb that i dualled to Mage at level 39 after doing maybe 60% of chapter 2 (played it from bg1+SoD so started in the torture cell with around 3.6m XP lol due to xp cap removed). Before i dualled i was mostly using Flail of Ages and Defender of Easthaven, but i'd switch to Azure Edge for undead blapping although you can't use that as non-good, so perhaps consider Hammer or mace. Because Barbarian is limited to Specialization only i ended up with a humongous list of proficiencies.

    Tuigan bow with Acid Arrows is supreme Vs spell casters, it's worth specializing so you get more attacks with it, many fights i could keep 3 casters interrupted, useful when you have the 3 Yuanti Mage spawns and many other encounters.

    Longsword obvious choice for Daystar early on and many other great weapons throughout the game.

    Axe is nice early on for Stone Axe which lets you complete the Stronghold relatively easily due to the Fire damage, and it's a +3 so can hit most things in the game, also a +2 throwing Axe in the Temple sewers that can be useful, but i'd say being Evil you can take it or leave it due to no Azure Edge.

    Sling is not bad, but i don't really think it's worth the points, the few times you want to stand back and cheese down something that cant get through a doorway to hit you then the difference between no proficiency and specialized isn't that much, with your huge THAC0 and rapid leveling as a solo you'll be hitting on 2-20 rolls lol.

    Flail of Ages is the Boss, added bonus of DoE being same weapon type, so as soon as you get your FoA definitely specialize.

    Later on Bastard Sword is worth considering for sure, some nice weapons late game, just lacking early on.

    Katana i specced in for Celestial Fury, but to tell the truth i never use it so it's kinda wasted and i may change to something else via EE keeper at some point, plus the TOB Katana's are kinda sucky compared to the competition.

    Halberd is worth it later on, some really nice weapons and they scream out for GWW'ing hehe.

    Since i played through SoD i have access to the Berserker/Barb +3 sword (i actually just found it from Tazok in Firkraags dungeon), it's only a +3, but it's totally amazeballs...
    Dragon Blade +3
    – While enraged, the chance to score a critical hit is increased by 10% (Berserkers, Barbarians and Rashemi warriors only)
    – Deals an extra 2d4 points of cold damage and slows the target for 1 round (no save) on a critical hit
  • Re: Questions about Paladins

    He's a Paladin of Torm, so Duty is what drives him, he essentially does what the Order tells him to do. Based on the snippets from the various Cleric and Paladin quests (and even Dorn's quest) it is clear that the City politics are extremely complicated and frequently result in highly dubious compromises. For example the Talos Cleric quests involve killing people and actively indulging in judicial corruption. The Paladin quests do involve killing someone after using detect evil, but it is worth noting that this person is an outsider, the Fallen paladins are dealt with but i would consider them to definitely fall under the jurisdiction of the Order.

    I will also point out that strolling around slaughtering people that are either caught doing bad things or detect as Evil is most definitely not classed as Lawful and only qualifies as Good if it is clear that they will continue to cause significant death and destruction. Even knowing that the legal system in the city is corrupt, it does not justify assigning oneself as judge, jury and executioner just because you happen to be able to detect Evil x times per day.

    Obviously being in an adventuring party does modify the situation somewhat, but it definitely seems that the power balance is important to keeping the city from tearing itself apart. The cowled wizards seem happy that none of the factions present in the city gain enough power to challenge them. The end result is an uneasy peace, loads of corruption and individuals who are at the extremes of the alignment spectrum (LG and CE) having the unpleasant reality of having to restrain themselves quite severely and very regularly.

    Now yes, the order does get involved in the land dispute in Imnesvale, but the Baron and his cronies assume you will be corrupt and side with them, plus the Order was ASKED to mediate. Even in such a matter that was quite a distance from the City they appear to be pretty passive with their approach.

    I surmise that the trio of Good Deities recognize that Athkatla and the surrounding area is so rife with non-Lawful organisations and powerful factions that they are simply unable to impose their ideals due to retaliation from the opposition resulting in them being wiped out and/or such fallout from the resulting fighting that it would be counter-productive.

    An adventuring party led by a God-child is both small enough and potent enough to act with impunity for the most part. No one should think that this in any way equates to "normal" though, pretty much anyone else who started throwing around their weight would just be slaughtered or judged and sentenced to Spellhold by the Cowlies. If a non-partied keldorn decided to start throwing his Holy wrath about against the Cowlies for example, they'd just kidnap his family via magic or out-right slaughter him claiming he was casting spells in public.
  • Re: Cheating on android

    As per This Threadit seems that they changed it to CTRL+Enter for Android since CTRL+Space didn't work, but if you do not have a CTRL key then you will probably have to install a different keyboard 1st.

    Good luck.