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  • Re: Daystar, carries me through the game.

    Yeah, definitely one of the best weapons in the game, the Lich's Broom-Cupboard is one of my 1st destinations.
  • Re: Favorite Spell Sequences

    I quite like the following:

    Luck + Magic Missile
    Luck + Acid Arrow

    For sequencer then i am pretty much 100% 3 x Skull Trap

    At higher levels i will use:

    Greater Malison Lower Resistance Lower Resistance as my spell trigger, even though it's only useful for big boss fights like dragons, demons etc.

    Luck is definitely under-rated as a spell IMO, the short duration sucks, but if you can pop it into a minor sequencer or use during improved Alacrity it can make a pretty decent improvement to minimum damage.
  • Re: Swashbuckler AC monster..?

    It's quite amusing doing the final battles against Melissan when everything needs a critical to hit you :D. I'm always surprised that the general view seems to be that AC makes no difference in ToB. Sure damage resistance, stoneskins and PFMW can work. However, it seems much more satisfying to me to weave through an attacking mob while weapons flail all around you, but rarely make contact.
    It's not that AC makes no difference, it's that the sacrifices required to get AC to the point where it's effective are extremely difficult and require sacrifices in other areas and/or specific classes. Another important point is that most of the challenging encounters tend to have something other than melee damage that causes the problems, i mean you can have AC -28 Vs Demogorgan but when he blaps you with Implosion and you get stunned for a round and then he and 3 Mariliths peel through your armour like a pack of monkeys going at a bunch of banana's then it's pointless, i'd rather not get imploded and stunned and instead hit 1 or 2 times in melee myself.

    The vast majority of classes have alternatives to AC, so it's a case of tailoring items and spells to match encounter requirements. The game is pretty well designed, tough encounters throughout do a great job of mixing up the tactics and abilities that will result in a victory, you can certainly monster through a lot of them with a super-high AC character, but at times it will fall short.
  • Re: Problem with EEKeeper and BG2ee.

    Hi there! Firstly, I hope this is the right place to post this - if not, somebody please go ahead and move it, or delete it entirely if this isn't the right place!

    Alright, so I hadn't actually used EEKeeper with BG2ee before this evening, I'd only ever used it for BG1ee, where it worked absolutely perfectly, no problems whatsoever.

    However, this evening, I wanted to mess around with it for BG2ee, so I pointed it to the appropriate directories, and loaded a save, so far so good, but now whenvever I add any item to any of my character's inventories, the program crashes upon trying to save it.

    This has never happened to me before, or anything similar, I've been using the gate/shadow/EE-keepers for years without any issues, so I'm at a complete loss as to why it's happening.

    Any help with fixing these crashes would be much appreciated!

    I had the same problem when using the latest version of EE Keeper, i reverted to the version before that and it works absolutely fine.
  • Re: Questions about magic resistance

    Hope this is not off-topic, but I am curious if it's possible that a character can get to have negative MR, like with a Lower Resistance cast on a character with no magic resistance, and if so what might be the consequences? I once had Firkraag cast some Lower Fire Resistance spells on some of my characters, and his fireballs did multiple times the original damage on them, while others got only the base damage. Wonder if anything like that happens with negative MR.
    Magic Resistance is just a check whether a spell works or not, so going into negatives doesn't have any additional effect.