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  • Re: A BG2:EE Speedrun from the Awesome Games Done Quick

    lol, loved it, finished the whole thing before i usually make it out of Irenicus' dungeon, i blame my OCD :o
  • Re: CLUA Console for BG2EE

    If i remember correctly in the Mind Flayer City there is a room that respawns an Illithid every time you come in, as long as you completely leave that room 1st, so you can always grab a new Control Circlet and re-charm from that room. It's to the North of the room with the slaves where you create the Control Circlet.
    Yeah, in my memories, the mind flayers keeps respawning until you open the doors, but, here, it doesn't. I tried everything I can, slept a thousand hours, kill all the slaves (because I was angry), and nope : no mind flayer. I wanted to spawn a mind flayer with the console, but I can't open the console. And above all, my last save is in Athkatla, just before venturing to the island with the mad wizards.

    I use a french patch which translate the text and I thought it caused a glitch, so I uninstalled the game, removed the patch, created a new game, sacrificed a goat to the gods, but no results. I don't know what to do next.

    Hmm, well it definitely spawns in my game, because every time you open a door with the controlled Illithid it breaks control and attacks, needs killing (or i guess maybe recharmed with a new circlet, never tried that), i always had to charm 1 for the door in the room where the slaves appear, then go back and get a 2nd one for the last door near the Brain room.

    As for the console then you need to make sure you use a proper code editor not a word processor, and depending on your OS you need to be careful with exactly what you type in, various platforms can have several different versions of various forms of punctuation, only 1 of which actually works. Also note that there are NO spaces or tabs in the line to add.

    SetPrivateProfileString('Program Options','Debug Mode','1')

    That is the line copy/pasted from Notepad++ (code editor, free one) from my installation, try adding that to yours and make sure when you add it that it seems to match the format of the other lines of code, if it looks different then your text editor may be applying incorrect formatting.

    Obviously make sure the game is closed when you make the edit, make sure you are changing Baldur.lua for version 2.0 or later, Baldur.ini for version 1.3 or earlier.
  • Re: [Spoiler] About Jaheira

    It's not a case of defending Jaheira, flawed or not, she does tend to be consistently voted as a fan favourite Romance though so that would imply that the writers did at least a passable job. Personally i find her annoying, but that is because she comes across as Bossy in BG1 and kinda devolves into a neurotic mess in BG2.

    The problem is you have to factor in the extreme situation AND fantasy setting detailed throughout the games. It's just not accurate to apply real world rationale to explain her personality. The age issue is also a non-argument, you're trying to rationalize how a fictional race in a fantasy world might act, based on the fact that them being 50+ yrs old somehow equates to them being a real world modern 15-16 yr old, lol. It's completely irrelevant and doesn't hold up to logic either.

    Let me repeat, you cannot apply the emotional maturity of a real world teenager and transpose it to a fantasy world Elf/half-elf.

    Next, regarding the romance part where she leaves after the Bandits turn up and you free her after offering yourself, that's just a limit of the game engine and in no way equates to her abandoning you mid-quest. She is a member of the Harpers, which YOU KNOW, it's not like Meronia says "Hey J, we need you to lure the God-child to the Hold so we can cast imprisonment", lol. If you feel that she betrays the Spawn by deliberately luring into a trap that's on YOU, it's an assumption you are projecting and most definitely NOT a commonly held believe. I myself have never felt she was doing any betrayal, at worst she was called away to discuss the implications of trampling around Amn causing all sorts of trouble and possibly being too public as a Harper, especially in an area she is not usually associated with.

    Regarding the age of the Bhaalspawn then actually it's perfectly reasonable to assume an Elf spawn could be 100+ yrs old, at no point in the story does it state that Bhaal had an Orgy and fathered all his offspring on a single night, lol. He was a God and pre-planned, this could EASILY involve a 100+ yr time period.

    Now i agree that the Romances are laughable in parts and all of the potential partners are flawed, but i hate to break it to you but so is every single human that has ever existed. Imperfection is part of everyone, always will be. Just because the romance partners are flawed, in some cases generic and i'll freely admit at points poorly thought through, doesn't really take too much away. If it angers you then write a damn mod and do better, it's a 20 yr old game written by a bunch of fantasy loving nerds, OF COURSE the romances are going to be somewhat generic and at times cringeworthy lol.

    No game is perfect and no developer will ever please all the players.
  • Re: What's your favourite spellcaster class?

    If it wasn't for Wild Mage i would be a firm sorcerer pick, but who doesn't love casting Wish as a 1st level spell and getting a sex change instead of a Planetar!
  • Re: condescending dialogue

    I consider it an incentive by the developers to help players unleash their inner Murder-God. My characters grin and bear it until i'm well into HLA levels, then the evil ones will chunk anyone who gives them cheek. Nalia's Aunt hasn't survived the siege in quite a few play-throughs haha.

    Cowlies, Nobles, factional leaders, Drow, Harpers, Shadow thieves, all must fall to the Spawn of Murder!