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  • Re: Spell immunity vs maze : it doesn't protect?

    yeah it's Conjuration/Summoning school, not Evocation.
  • Re: Justify Sarevok in a good party?

    I think the fact that you can force him to be loyal mitigates the history, although definitely a hard sell for a Paladin or other Lawful Good to make lol. But at this point in the game you're well aware you are a Bhaalspawn, you've had to kill countless enemies including other Bhaalspawn and Sarevok himself, it seems somewhat hollow to start throwing out moral justifications regardless of alignment.

    You know he has more knowledge of your situation than anyone else, at least anyone else you have access to ask about it, that alone makes him invaluable. By this point you have a pretty good idea that it's basically you and a small number of hyper-powerful Bhaalspawns, the rest of which seem to be causing untold carnage and suffering, seems like a non-issue to essentially Geas the most knowledgeable resource you can find into not betraying you and helping clean up the mess he pretty much started.
  • Re: Let's talk Mazzy

    Mazzy is amazing at everything. She has everything a good tank or archer or fighter needs.
    Except for a bearable personality.
    Nah, Mazzy's great. She's no goody-two-shoes; she likes Korgan, considers Valygar her squire without consulting him, yells at Jan, calls Anomen a windbag, ... she's real folk, as my grandfather used to say.

    Also an amazing friend to Aerie, too.

    She's a really good hearted person without being naive. It also helps that CHARNAME for me currently is a paladin, it's like we are partners in arms.
    I just freed her and did her quest, went with Specialization in Katana (Celestial Fury) and used her SS in the offhand, Hill giant belt from Adventurers Mart, plus full plate, helm of Balduran and some +1 pap and she was rocking -8 AC and with boots of Speed would gap-close in an eye-blink and stun n gun everything in her way before my Barbarian could catch up for the most part lol.
  • Re: I don't understand monk AC....

    Well as an update I was pretty bummed. So I started rolling in BG1, and just got a human Berserker with...

    Str (18/22) Dex (18) Con (18) Int (17) Wis (7) Cha (14)

    You can guess what she'll be. Never rolled high enough for that before. Got it in five rolls. I think it is karma for abandoning the monk run.
    Nice, playing a Rage-Mage myself atm, although Barbarian instead of Berserker since it now counts as a fighter kit and can therefore be dual-classed. Gotta love that 93% physical resistance with Helmet of Dumathoin, Defender of Easthaven and Hardiness popped, although i'm 17th mage now so lost access to the equipment until level 40 is reached (solo with xp cap removed so make super-fast XP)
  • Re: Let's talk Mazzy

    Yeah it's the projectiles not the bow that matter, so use Tuigan with Arrows that match the requirements for whatever you hit, up to +3 depending how far in you are and what you can find. There's not that much that won't be hit by +3 enchantment, for those enemies that need +4 you can use Short bow of Gesen after you find the parts.

    You can use her as a Melee Tank with her Shortsword in the offhand since it is one of the very few items in the game that grants Stun Immunity, she also has 18 Dex so doesn't need the Gauntlets of Dex, which lets her use various other items in that slot. Plenty of Girdles have Giant Str so that negates her lowish Str compared to most fighter NPC's plus she has 16 con with Halfling saving throw bonuses. On top of that there's a couple of paladin-esque abilities she has which are handy.

    It's certainly true that the large number of spec points in Shortbow are somewhat annoying since by and large they are a weak choice compared to Melee and magic is way more effective for range attacks in the latter parts of the game, but by the time her ranged attacks start to seem weak she should be high enough level to have at least specialized in a preferred melee weapon plus have 1 or 2 pips in 2 weapon fighting. Being Stun immune is absolutely amazing for some encounters too, stun completely wrecks front line fighters Vs mind flayers and some other nasty encounters.