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  • Re: All you wanted to know about the next Beamdog's project

    Some guns exist in Ravenloft, tech levels vary a lot.
  • Re: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart vs Skrillex (your thoughts)

    I prefer Romantic era composers, but Mozart was really a master at producing under the Classical paradigm. I didn't mind the little Skrillex I've heard though. I think Mozart would have been a more interesting composer if he had been born 50ish years later.
  • Re: If you could have just ONE item...

    You know, if it wasn't cursed, the Girdle of Gender would be interesting.
  • Re: In your experience, is life a comedy or a tragedy ?

    An all powerful deity fixing everything involves the loss of free will. Who here is in favor of never making any decision ever again? According to the Christian model, the universe WAS made perfect, and mankind was given a choice. You can see how that turned out. Hence the existence of heaven. "But ThacoBell!" you say, "wouldn't a perfect afterlife mean that one cannot make a choice of morality for themselves?" Well, technically, yes. Does that sound good to you? That's why this world still exists. Do you want to worship a creator being for all eternity? That's why we have this life. To choose.
    I mean, this is amazing. An omniscient creator made everything perfect and STILL said that we should be able to have free will and make choices for ourselves. The problem is that perfection is a sterile environment, once imperfection was introduced, it spread like a sickness, infecting everything. Thus all choice was once again robbed from us. But in a supreme act of love, this creator being made himself human and willingly experienced death to pay the price for OUR choice. Even more amazing, this creator didn't just say "okay, your debt is paid, now you are all forced to worship me and follow my rules". No, no this incredible being experienced pain and death to give CHOICE back to us. There was no contract made, no promise of worship. Simply "I experienced death so you can have the CHOICE to follow me if you wish." That is some crazy compassion.
    Yeah, it's a nice story. I appreciate the fiction. Of course, it's just one personal saviour god cult among many. You believe this because that's how you were raised. Were you Indian you would probably have a different religion.
    You are aware that some religious people make it a point to learn about other faiths, right? I might be a Christian, but I've done plenty of yoga, been to a Sihk temple, studied dead religions, etc. I've even looked at Atheism, which seems rather dull and short-sighted.

    I suspect you're only an Atheist because you think it proves you're smart. Well, hate to break it to you but there have been geniuses that were religious.
  • Re: Politics. The feel in your country.

    @Grond0 I personally tactics as leverage, so those using asymetrical engagements can create conditions in which they are more powerful. I don't think that disproves my point, since to be successful the 'weaker' will really be the 'stronger' in that discrete engagement. Regarding South Africa, the whites were very much out numbered, and things changed in large part because maintaining apartheid was becoming impossible. I actually think South Africa could be a useful guide too for Israel, but Germany might be even better, as it was more successful at reintegrating economically.

    I think you are probably right that there is an element of the Paledtinian resistance that welcomes casualties to create bad press. Its a dirty strategy, and its not 'legal', but neither is simply killing those shields.

    Now, regarding renewable energy, the leading developer of it was China last I checked. The West imho is too invested in the old model, and thus resists green energy. Afaik the oil companies in the US have spent significant amounts of money to sabotage alternatives, I have no clue why people think the next energy revolution will have anything to do with the West.

    @deltago you can totally export renewable energy in the form of electricity. Canada sells hydro to the US last I checked. You do need a reliable grid, but oil/natural gas certainly requires infrastructure too. This might be a major contributor to wealth for the larger gulf states after oil becomes scarce (we might stop using oil for energy, but its also really useful for chemistry!), as they have tons of sunshine, wind and even wide daily temperature differences, all potential sources of renewable energy. Saudi Arabia is interested in this.