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  • Re: The first time I played Baldur's Gate I never thought I would . . .

    Never thought I'd play BG1 with kits... that got changed by Tutu though!

    EE specifically, never thought I'd dare to solo a bard, was a bit surprised how easy it was though.
  • Re: Politics. The feel in your country.

    These days, I don't believe Trump has any real positions to begin with. Even on his most signature campaign issues like the wall, he has done nothing to implement them after 8 months in office and has even dropped hints that he doesn't plan on making the attempt. On top of that, we get mixed messages on everything from the reasons for Comey's firing to his position on DACA.

    I've decided to predict that the Trump administration is simply not going to do much of anything. Any major legislation will be passed without Trump's involvement.
    A President thats been a lame duck since the day he won... completely (legislatively) impotent, I wonder how harshly history will treat him.

    I heard his planned tax break for the wealthy would amount to ~15m for the richest 400 americans apiece, which seems staggeringly incompetent; if you're hoping to kick start the economy, you give money to the poor/middle-class, who'll immediately spend it. Rich people are bad for squirreling away or investing, and while investment is important, so is having a consumer middle class.

    Heck, if he gave businesses tax breaks to invest (a very dubious practice!) he'd do more for the economy than giving the rich extra cash.
  • Re: Baldur's Gate Logic

    I never said intelligent criminals. ;)
  • Re: Baldur's Gate All - solo bard

    I think we can all agree solo monk is much harder than bard, but anybody that can use the One Gift Lost is going to make things cakewalkey without SCS.

    I soloed a Jester, must admit Swashy was probably easier, but not by much. If Jester song didn't kill invisibility, if the damned harp worked, and if there wasn't an endless supply of money to buy the comical amount of acid arrows/arrows of dispelling/arrows of detonation, things would have been different.

    Bards big annoyance is waiting for Knock, so you ignore a few chests until later game, even miss a bit of the stupid amount of money laying around.

    Final point; How do you NOT have +500k unspent gold when soloing?? It gets hard to carry all the loot, but the containers made a huge difference on this.
  • Re: Book/TV/Movie tropes you just can't stand anymore

    Protagonist or antagonist has a firearm pointed straight at another character..Yet still manages to walk close enough for the other person to disarm him...

    Though I'll admit this happens so often I don't even think that much about it anymore.
    At which point, my son and I yell at the screen: "A gun is not a melee weapon!"
    It bothers me more when someone with a gun deliberately and needlessly enters their opponents reach. :/ Who would be such a ninny?