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  • Re: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart vs Skrillex (your thoughts)

    I prefer Romantic era composers, but Mozart was really a master at producing under the Classical paradigm. I didn't mind the little Skrillex I've heard though. I think Mozart would have been a more interesting composer if he had been born 50ish years later.
  • Re: Best party to learn (most variety)?

    Imho those quirkier spells like Chaos and Web are better than damaging spells, provided you use them well. Still, dropping a Fireball on scouted enemies is fun. ;)
  • Re: In your experience, is life a comedy or a tragedy ?

    The correct stance for a scientist or empiricist is 'I have no way of knowing what, if anything, precedes or follows death.' Anything else is not based on known, proven data, and is thus not a valid rational position.

    I can't offer any more concrete proof than you, but the difference is I am aware my beliefs are not all rational. Saying with certainty that nothing exists beyond death is as reasonable as saying there is a God.
  • Re: Politics. The feel in your country.

    I think I can confidently say you're more fluent on this issue than me, andnprobably more knowledgeable, but I think I have a few good points.

    It is a fact of reality that the weaker cannot force the stronger to not harm them, as they lack the necessary strength. If you cannot restrain someone intent on harming you, they will harm you. The more imbalanced the situation, the more true this becomes. The Palestinians have no ability to threaten Israel, and haven't for years, meaning they cannot force Israel to do a damned thing, be it to fight or not fight. This wasn't the case 30 years ago, but it is now. I should mention soft power though, but being charismatic is also a type of power.

    Why the heck are people that never had any input into government from the founding of the state supposed to be compliant and non-restive? Nobody asked the majority of Arabs what they wanted, they simply were ignored. I know most of that stuff has moved into history, but imho history must be addressed. Canada for example made a public apology for many egregious wrongs done to Natives, and there has been a big media push to give Natives more of a voice. Native issues are something most Canadian knew nothing really about, so stereotypes reigned supreme. Canada has much work ahead on the subject, but I think some of the steps Canada took would be relevant and helpful to Israel.

    I think you're not giving Palestinians credit, and frankly religious justifications are thick on both sides. People do not revolt because they are happy, they actually need pretty strong incentives to do so. The biggest incentive imho in revolts is a lack of hope in the present situation. One can see by studying history that revolts are actually quite rare, even in cases of tyranny. Palestinians are stuck in a cycle that Israel has helped sustain by a variety of means, including military force. Imho thats why the 'bad guys' have such an easy time finding recruits willing to die.

    I think you're mischaracterizing Muslims a bit, but depending on your news sources this is pretty understandable. I may be reading you wrong, but you seem to be painting Palestinians as bogeymen, and ignoring the causes of their distresses, and over-weighting the distresses of Israel.

    Israel has made what I see as half-hearted gestures towards peace, while they continue abuses like over use of military force (way, way too many civilian casualties are tolerated to kill 'problematic' Palestinians) and those settlements you won't acknowledge which continue to rub salt in Arab wounds.

    Incidently, I am sane and see the one state solution as the only way to lasting peace. The wealth is divided too unevenly atm, and conditions are atrocious for many Palestinians, even if you ignore the issues of Israeli military overreactions. I think both sides are deserving of apologies, and I think you'd be surprised how accomodating people can be if they feel like they are a real part of combined Israeli society. Maybe I'm too optimistic?


    Apparently several other models have been blocked from entering China... this may seem like superfluous puffery, but the VS Fashion Show is a big deal in a fashion business that invests heavily in China. I wonder what the Chinese government is thinking; if they didn't want to be cooperative hosts, they should have said so from the start. It could be costly to be hostile for China, as they don't have the cheapest workforce, and snubbing like this could see more developement dollars going elsewhere. Why build factories in a country that treats your business poorly/arbitrarily? I'm sure more will come out later though, curious if VS itself will comment, perhaps after the show?
  • Re: In your experience, is life a comedy or a tragedy ?

    For the record, I think most supernatural stuff is pure bunk, and it is indeed impossible to prove a negative. However, I do believe in God, so I am aware I'm not strictly rational.

    Do I think we'll ever have definitive proof? Not until its pretty much too late to matter. I'm not expecting the end of times any time soon, unless you count climate change... ;)