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  • Re: Politics. The feel in your country.

    Not all pilots pilot large passenger aircraft. Crop dusting iirc is extremely dangerous due to the necessity of staying at a low altitude. Airliners are pretty safe/reliable, but smaller non-corporate aircraft are notoriously prone to failure; I suspect its because the longer an aircraft is in the air, the more maintanence it requires per flight hour, and people aren't always thorough enough on maintaining/repairs. At a certain point you're actually supposed to scrap whats left due to fatigue concerns.

    Also obvious, if an aircraft fails its a fast moving projectile not designed to impact anything ever.

    For garbage collecting, for one you're handling dangerous goods daily, around pretty significant machinery. You also are in traffic (even side streets have traffic), and garbage collection is cardio-vascularly demanding.
  • Re: Book/TV/Movie tropes you just can't stand anymore

    Iirc, being white is all you need to be a White Saviour. Just make sure you're in a slightly insulting story about good whites sacrificing to help the obviously incompetent minorities!
  • Re: What are 'normal' stats for a 'normal' person?

    Average of 3d6 is 10.5, so average in 2nd ed was 10.5. That equates to 3 10s and 3 11s.
  • Re: Politics. The feel in your country.

    Building a lean, efficient beaurocracy is beyond the scope of Presidents imho, but they can certainly help by promoting experts to relevant fields. TV seems to be very influential of Trump in particular, and on TV 'experts are often wrong', hence his distaste for experts. Being generous, he seems to judge competencies exclusively based on earnings/money, so he appoints people who have lots of money.

    The US would be better off by far if they elected someone with a science background that has also studied poli-sci, but these people are not usually very charismatic, so they sit in think-tanks spitballing ideas at best.

    Imho, the biggest government inefficiencies can be traced to non-scientific decision making, be it in policing, the enviroment or even international relations. Non-scientific reasoners might be right some of the time, because usually going against science means you are wrong. :s

    I'm starting to suspect Trump was supposed to be a complete puppet, but on becoming President, he insists on furthering his own interests more than the party that got elected. I think Trump BSed the Republicans, and their name is being dragged through a pig pen atm because of it. Then again, Trump was openly racist during the election, maybe they knew what they were grtting, but to me it looks like long-term party suicide to keep supporting Trump.
  • Re: All things D&D (favourite setting in D&D, best D&D edition, and more)

    Most of what I could find when I researched actually said 5th ed has been a pretty big success, supposedly out performing 3rd, which would be impressive if true.

    Do you have any hard D&D sales states @rapsam2003 ? I couldn't find any, but I gave up fairly quickly.