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  • Re: If you could have just ONE item...

    When using the girdle of masculinity/femininity, remember that you'll have an irremovable belt attached to your body. Might be important, depending on what you have in mind.
    Many cursed items can be put down, they'll just reappear on their own via magic. So, you might be able to take it off to change pants, and have it reappear suddenly when you're done.
  • Re: All you wanted to know about the next Beamdog's project

    I think I would play Icewind Siege:Torment... looks like an interesting game :)
    I'd wait for the expansion, wherein you can explore Dorn the Mercykiller's Tower.
  • Re: Can Keldorn really help Minsc "control" his Rage? [Spoiler]

    Therapy is usually not recommended for treating blunt force head trauma though
    Actually, it is an important thing we've been neglecting IRL... players getting repeated concussions get physical help standard, but lives could have been saved possibly with more mental health assistance for traumatic brain injuries.

    Also IRL, anyone who's lost cognitive capacities requires therapy, again this is neglected.

  • Re: Politics. The feel in your country.

    I seriously think a +30 yo person must have something dramatically wrong with them to prefer to spend extra time around teens. They're all kinda bonkers (so was I), and they aren't exactly gifted at conversation. I was a mature student, and I had almost no interest in hitting on anyone 9 or 10 years younger than me, and my maturity level is very low. If a binge drinker can't seem to relate to teens on some level, how the hell was a lawyer supposed to be?? He strikes me as a very stupid man though, wonder if he got by via privilege?

    Regarding Hollywood's scandal explosion, I've been tossing around bringing it up here, since I don't use any other forums. Its personally very interesting to me because I became a sort of feminist not that long ago, maybe 4 years back, so it seems maybe a lot of people did the same. I think the Hollywood/music industry both have lost the right to not have some form of ombudsman to guarantee the rights of the vulnerable. This junk has been public knowledge since what, Fatty Arbuckle and his wine bottles? Nothing changed. I know sexual abuse by men has been a chronic problem from time immemorial, but in the entertainment business it was even worse, and it was common knowledge. Absolute human garbage was allowed to roll in money while traumatizing innocents, and nobody would intervene. Tbh, its not like every single executive cannot be easily replaced, and its time they are. There are 10 000 eager people that will do about as good a job, because its not like entertainment execs are particularly reliable. Entertainment is a huge business, but there are always bombs, and the present guard in entertainment has seemingly grown paranoid about trying new and challenging things ( not forcing people to watch you pleasure yourself? Maybe?), so in addition to this scandal hopefully cleaning out the scum we might actually get better entertainment.

    Contrary to most people, I predicted Trumps win, and even why he'd win, yet I strongly believe we are approaching a new reneisance, one about equality and justice. The Trump stuff is nothing but terrified reactionism. People love to talk about how stupid everyone is, yet the average intelligence is comparitively higher than it was in the past, and the average person who actually reads is likely better educated than 98% of the population of 100 years ago. I know science that Einstein didn't, and I have tragically neglected my science education! The world is becoming more peaceful, and international trade is about as big as it ever was. This isn't to say their aren't problems, because their are, but this is shaping up to be an interesting era I think.
  • Re: Boxing Thread

    Well, maaaaaybe Jarrell Miller. The guy's freakin' huge. He's "only" 6'4, but his fighting weight is 300lbs.

    I don't know much about him, but I saw his fight against Gerald Washington. For guy that heavy, he actually had a solid engine. The fight was stopped after the 8th, and Miller kept throwing all night long. But it's always the same thing : he's largely untested. Maybe he's all smokes and mirrors, but maybe he can take a guy like Joshua in deep water. On paper, he seems to have the tools to do so. In reality ? Meh... dont know for sure...
    Well, I see it a bit like this, you have 1 very big limiting factor on all fighters, their air supply. More active tissue requires more air, and boxing is restrictive on breathing. Bigger guy doesn't necessarily mean a proportionate air intake increase. An extra 50lbs of metabolicly active tissue uses a fair bit more air obviously, and unless someones rocking a big indestructible nose, that matters. Thus, bigger bodies are more strained cardio-wise. A bigger guy can pace himself, but a smaller fighter will be able to move faster longer, and the faster your feet can keep moving, the better you can punch. Now, this does assume the small guy is smart enough to tire his opponent, and good enough to not take too many hits. There might also be water concerns, as bigger people sweat more, and drinking is rare afaik during a match, but I see air supply as a bigger concern.

    I see it all as a function of the fact we seem to be designed to be relatively small, under 6ft even.