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  • Re: Monk start first time ever question

    For a monk you need Str (18) Dex (18) Con (16). After that the only other number to Hit is Int11 due to mindflayers. Due to stat increases you can safely start at 10.

    Con18 is only useful if you use one cursed item, or if you are shooting for Con20 in BG2.

    I personally like having a decent Cha on Charname. He is the one who gathers are a party around him for his quest. That speaks to being fairly charismatic.
  • Re: If you could change one thing about the Baldurs Gate games....


    She isn't a vampire. She is nothing like any vampire you meet in the game.

    (1) I'd change her from being a vampire to being a shadow. Still undead (with undead immunities and weaknesses). Still tragic. Still unaging. But not a mechanically screwed up vampire.
    (2) I'd get rid of the incessant micromanaging. She'd have a cursed cloak on that can't be removed. In daylight she gets reduced stats...because she is a shadow. Outside of the day she gets increased stats. Again, shadow.
    (3) I'd make her mortal. If she dies, she dies. Not a fan of her always coming back...especially when she annoys me to the point where I want her to die.
    (4) She would be a shadow dancer. Because it is a new and interesting kit that deserves to be shown off.
    (5) She gets to choose whether or not to stay a shadow. If she decides to go back to being human, then the cloak comes off. She no longer gets stat upgrades, loses her immunities, loses her weaknesses. It's a debuff, yes. But you get to keep your character.
    (6) She'd reveal more information when talking to you
    (7) There would be dialogue options to tell her to shut the hell up when she is talking down to you. Korgan would use this option.
  • Re: How noticeable are the fewer points Assassins get?

    Now this thread has resulted in me discontinuing my current playthrough for a new assassin run...aggghh!
    you know whats the worst ? i have a Human Assassin with a legit 101 Stat Roll sitting on my USB stick..that was before the Poison "Fix"
    @DevardKrown I believe the thief skill overflow bug has been fixed, however, percentage above 255 won't improve your skills any further.
    good to know since in ToB around lvl 40 you got more point than you need by far and sneak gets high...
    Uhm....use him. It’ll be great. Even if he is just an assassin (9) Fighter (x). Max out Detect Illusions and put the rest into set traps. You now have a great assassin/Fighter. His Str18 won’t matter at all. And sure he will have fewer Hp...but he will be charaismatic (Leader) and intelligent (take that mindflayers).

    Don’t let such a roll go to waste
  • Re: Baldur's Gate Logic

    It’s IWD, but...

    You are a thief in Dorn’s Palace. You have a mundane sword, studded leather armor, and 42 gold crowns. In strolls an elf, all by himself. His skin is as stone. Mirror images float about him. He looks blurred. A shield of fire surrounds him. He has a morning star in one hand, and a flail in the other. Both drip with blood.

    I know! Let’s backstab him with my mundane sword! Oh? That didn’t work? I know! Let’s try to dual the fighter/Mage/Thief who has cut his way through every single salamander outside.

    Got to earn that 42 gold coins, right?
  • Re: Baldur's Gate Logic

    This thread is taking a strange turn.