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  • Re: Best damage sponge: barbarian vs dwarven defender

    Mages with save vs suck are more dangerous than melee
    Regeneration is essential (so Con19 with early game buckler via selling mage ring hidden in tree)

    Put the two together and dwarf wins out.

    In second place is half-orc for Con20 as early as possible.

  • Re: Android version scrapped?

    Oh, I remember. I remember a bunch of thin-skinned man-babies who heard Minsc quote them. Something along the lines of "It's all about ethics in heroic adventuring." Instead of owning the line, and saying "Hey look, and unequivocally good hero quoted us, yay!" they threw a fit of epic proportions. Because deep down they knew that what they do isn't about "ethics in journalism" it is about ruining the lives of women game developers who dare make games for sale which they don't like, and who dare bad-mouth games that they like.

    And then they had the Miz fit of a century. Apparently having an NPC shop-keeper be trans, and finding out after asking said NPC a few times about her name, was so mind blowing that they all crawled out of their basements and...wait, nevermind. They stayed there. And tanked SoD's reviews.

    Which is really sad. Because their terrorism was designed to hurt Beamdog's sales, and to send a message to other developers that they better not make a game they don't approve of...or else the same will happen to them.

    I'm just glad that they've left the forums. I mean, these are people who doxy those that disagree with them. The amount of evil that it takes to do that? Truly disgusting people.

    And...ranting aside. The release of the IoS update shows me that the platform SoD will probably come out eventually. It'll just take another year or so.
  • Re: Android version scrapped?

    Randomly bringing in Gamersgate to a nonrelated topic is pretty much Godwin's Law. Mention Hitler, lose the argument.
  • Re: Best damage sponge: barbarian vs dwarven defender

    Always a dwarf. And...if evil it gets crazy.

    Con (19) base (20) from tome (21) from Lum (23) from Hell and (25) from Helm of Dumathoin.
    Crom Faeyr then gives Str (25)
    You'll be at Dex (18)

    With that the barbarian loses some of its rage appeal. And...93% physical resistance as a dwarven defender?

    Also let's no forget Bhaalspawn powers pushing up Str and Con as well, until the underdark. And by then you almost have Crom.
  • Re: How do you most effectively build Jaheira?

    A +2 club with shield and sling works well.

    As for Minsc, don't discount him for dual wielding if you get him early enough. The Stupifier is an amazing weapon. Lvl 3 get ** in maces, and Lvl 6 get *** in two weapon fighting. He can hit pretty hard, and stun enemies to death with that mace.