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  • Re: Coming to IOS mobile

    Guess I’ll slowly get my DD up to the sarevok fight...
  • Re: Coming to IOS mobile

    I think they said that they’ll do sod on iOS after the patch they are working on
  • Re: What would you add on a pnp version of IWD?

    (1) Temple of the Forgotten God would have the option of working with the priests there. Earning their trust and even getting them to help Attack dragon’s eye

    (2) Dragon’s Eye would have RP opportunities with the prisoners. Both villagers, priestess and adventurers. Make the fake pacifists a more interesting investigation session

    (3) Severed Hand would have elven ghosts on the lower levels. Make the lower levels battle grounds, where orcs and elves continue to fight to the death. Make PCs earn the right to advance by joining, and winning, in the never ending ghostly battles. Also fill the upper levels with more intelligent undead.

    (4) Dorn’s Deep is harder. But you do have the cranky mage, the Dwarven ghost, and all the slaves. Work with all 3 to make it more of a RP experience.
  • Re: Did you know?

    Here's a new one:

    Hurgan Stoneblade, the dwarven fellow who sends you on a quest to Durlag's tower, makes a cameo appearance in SoA during Lord De Arnise's funeral. He has no comments about you or the whole Durlag quest.
    I only just recently decided to ask for a reward for the Durlag's Tower quest, and he's promised me a magic war hammer. I have a sneaking suspicion I won't ever see it, though.
    You will. It’s not that good though.
  • Re: Baldur's Gate Logic

    Ah ok, that makes sense.

    I don't really get most of these acronyms.

    Irenicus: I have an idea, let's fill my dungeon with nothing but Goblins and Dwarves, it's not like CHARNAME is going to actually escape his/her cell, so why bother putting effort into the roadblocks.
    In fairness, those duergar could wipe the floor with most enemies that Charname fought in BG1. And the golems do pack a punch.

    The dumber thing was having the armory right next to the prisoners...