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  • Re: Did you know?

    By the way, the group of fighters next to him...they'll still attack you. Screw those guys.
  • Re: Did you know?

    Mentioned before but here is proof:

  • Re: Best damage sponge: barbarian vs dwarven defender

    Always a dwarf. And...if evil it gets crazy.

    Con (19) base (20) from tome (21) from Lum (23) from Hell and (25) from Helm of Dumathoin.
    Crom Faeyr then gives Str (25)
    You'll be at Dex (18)

    With that the barbarian loses some of its rage appeal. And...93% physical resistance as a dwarven defender?

    Also let's no forget Bhaalspawn powers pushing up Str and Con as well, until the underdark. And by then you almost have Crom.
  • Re: Least Powerful 4 Man Group

    That'd be pretty bad. Though you'd still get grand mastery. Making the druid an avenger would hit really hard, because even with 'ideal stats' youd be stuck at Str16 and Con16.

    That said, waiting for lvl 9 so you can get a lvl5 spell slot for ironskin and then dualing into a fighter would make for a pretty darn good Charname. Str19 with tome, grandmastery with dual wielding scimitars, heavy armor use from being a a totemic druid because shapeshifting is horrible. You basically trade some HP for the ability to cast stoneskin. That's a pretty good trade. Then load up on defensive harmony for your lvl4 slots, summon insects for lvl3, your own innefective tears for lvl2, and armor of faith for lvl1.
    If you're going down that line then how about a wizard slayer protagonist dualled to thief? The inability to use magic items means the PC will be substantially worse at tanking than a standard fighter type without having any magic to compensate.
    That would be horrible until you get Use Any Item.

    Dual at lvl9, for 9% magic resistance, and spell failure on hit.
    Then as a thief get use any item...and you just become awesome. See through illusions as a thief. Backstab the enemy mage. Go to town on them with as many attacks per round as you can manage. With 9% MR, 5% from Lum, 10% from Hell, 10% amulet, 10% from ring of gaxx...and you have 44% magic resistance. Throw on the Purifier as you can use any item, and you now have 74% magic resistance.

    In effect, this combo makes for an actual wizard slayer, without any downsides at all.
  • Re: Did you know?

    If you want lower reputation, but don't want Dorn/Baeloth/Viconia, invite one into your party. Your rep drops by 2. Murder the unwanted one, and remove the corpse from your party. The rep loss will remain even though they are gone.

    Good for keeping Kargain, Edwin, etc happy.