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  • Re: What would you add on a pnp version of IWD?

    (1) Temple of the Forgotten God would have the option of working with the priests there. Earning their trust and even getting them to help Attack dragon’s eye

    (2) Dragon’s Eye would have RP opportunities with the prisoners. Both villagers, priestess and adventurers. Make the fake pacifists a more interesting investigation session

    (3) Severed Hand would have elven ghosts on the lower levels. Make the lower levels battle grounds, where orcs and elves continue to fight to the death. Make PCs earn the right to advance by joining, and winning, in the never ending ghostly battles. Also fill the upper levels with more intelligent undead.

    (4) Dorn’s Deep is harder. But you do have the cranky mage, the Dwarven ghost, and all the slaves. Work with all 3 to make it more of a RP experience.
  • Re: Baldur's Gate Logic

    One thing I've wondered is if you have to donate a book that Candlekeep doesn't already have. That would be pretty hard to find. Or do they have tons of copies of the same titles that are expensive but relatively easy to find?
    Well, you probably have to factor that new books are always being written. You can probably give them the latest book from a very well known scholar they don't own, to get in. So, new books would work too.
    “Let me in. Here’s your book.”

    “The endangered species cookbook? Let me see that? You’re a fraud! I’ve never heard of any of these creatures.”

    “Exactly. It’s the endangered species cookbook. It sold well for a summer and get the idea. There aren’t many of these books left.”

    “Welcome to Candlekeep. Enjoy your stay.”

    Edit: I looked it up and look what I found:

    “The endangered species gourmet cookbook: Or the gastronomics of supply-side extinction”

    “Currently unavailable”

    Maybe it would get you into candlekeep...
  • Re: Baldur's Gate Logic

    Did you know that in ice wind dale on the second level of the castle you can also find a history of the nether scrolls?

    My level 29/24/30 Fighter/Mage/Thief couldn’t read it either
  • Re: Did you *actually* know?

    Did you know that there really was a dragon in the cloakwood? Coran did, and had you kill a wyrven to defraud Beregost.

    Also did you know that you do eventually get to fight that dragon? Hint: it is in ToB and he is a a Bhaalspawn
  • Re: Did you know?

    The undead knight in firewine can be put to sleep