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  • Re: Did you know?

    The undead knight in firewine can be put to sleep
  • Re: If you could change one thing about the Baldurs Gate games....


    She isn't a vampire. She is nothing like any vampire you meet in the game.

    (1) I'd change her from being a vampire to being a shadow. Still undead (with undead immunities and weaknesses). Still tragic. Still unaging. But not a mechanically screwed up vampire.
    (2) I'd get rid of the incessant micromanaging. She'd have a cursed cloak on that can't be removed. In daylight she gets reduced stats...because she is a shadow. Outside of the day she gets increased stats. Again, shadow.
    (3) I'd make her mortal. If she dies, she dies. Not a fan of her always coming back...especially when she annoys me to the point where I want her to die.
    (4) She would be a shadow dancer. Because it is a new and interesting kit that deserves to be shown off.
    (5) She gets to choose whether or not to stay a shadow. If she decides to go back to being human, then the cloak comes off. She no longer gets stat upgrades, loses her immunities, loses her weaknesses. It's a debuff, yes. But you get to keep your character.
    (6) She'd reveal more information when talking to you
    (7) There would be dialogue options to tell her to shut the hell up when she is talking down to you. Korgan would use this option.
  • Re: whats is the best iwd themed party ?

    Dwarven Defender (axe, shield)
    Dwarven Defender (hammer, shield)
    Dwarven Berserker (longswords 2x)
    Dwarven Fighter/Cleric (flails 2x)
    Dwarven Fighter/Thief (slings then returning throwing axe)
    Gnome Fighter/Illusionist (longbows)
    By the way, a good plot hook for this party? They are looking for the shield stoutward. They have heard that it is in the area and have come to recover it. Once they have gotten it, they find themselves stuck because of the snow and are just trying to fight their way out. They are then further sucked into the story, as they uncover the mystery of what happened to Dorn's Deep. You even get vengeance for it when you kill the damned drow who caused it all! And you get to put dwarven spirits to rest. It's very satisfying.

    Mechanically, the shield is perfect for the dwarven fighter/thief (Str19 returning throwing axe) all throughout the game and the expansion.

    When I RPd this party, I also made a point of completely looting Dorn's Deep and putting everything in the bag of holding. The bag of holding vanishes when you do HoW, and I figured that was them returning the artifacts to their clan.

    Then comes HoW. Your band of dwarves has dropped off the gear with their clan, when they receive word that a group of dwarves have been ambushed and murdered by barbarians. They come to investigate. You also get the satisfaction of freeing dwarven souls from Young Rage.

    IWD1 is great for a dwarven clan, as there is so much which just feels satisfying for them while playing. Hell, you even get to make an elven archmage apologize!

  • Re: Is this the last of the Line?

    BG3 is multiplayer BG1.

    Players start off in Beregost. They adventure and explore, only with randomized monster/undead/whatever invasions. Extra areas are added and dungeons are put in.

    The level cap is that of SoD. After hitting the level cap players can earn mini HLAs. These make Martials more fun and balance them against Spellcasters. These HLAs are not permanent though. They only last for so long, and many of them are seasonal. This is to encourage balance between newer and older players.

    Upon hitting the level cap, players can also join factions (Harpers/Zhents/etc) which introduces PvP. There are PvP zones, as factions keep their warring outside the eyes of the flaming fist.

    BG3 takes place after ToB.

    Finally, players can buy property. There are special areas in Baldur’s Gate itself which are residential. When property is bought players can customize their houses, including with trophies. This is where your gold goes into at high levels. The highest end of this are ‘fortified majors’ located outside of the city. These require NPC guards to keep them safe. Players can make their own gold-gathering buildings (such as farms) to pay for these guards. While this takes an insane amount of gold, it is planned to be like this to keep players interested.

    And while it is still in the works...there are rumors to be ‘modding competitions.’ Modders send to beamdog their custom dungeons/events. Once every three months a winner is chosen and beamdog adds it into the game until the next winner is chosen. The modders who win get custom titles in game.

    Guilds (along with guild halls and guild wars) are planned for the expansion.
    A crafting system is also in development so players can make (and sell) their own custom magic items.
  • Re: Your Greatest Facepalm Moment?

    I once started a throwing-dagger Kansai intending on dual classing to Thief later on, at level 13. I was playing with a party, and I reached 13 at some point in Underdark. Upon trying to dual class, the button was greyed out. After a long time, I realized it - Thieves can't be Lawful Good. :(
    Be evil in hell? For a...really late dual class I guess.