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  • Re: Tell your forum story!

    Cool thread idea @Tresset :smile: Here goes my story...

    I joined the forum in June 2013, which probably makes me one of the few people for whom the forum profile join date is actually accurate! I arrived as a complete noob to Baldur's Gate and D&D, and in fact had no idea there was such a thing as "Enhanced Edition". I popped straight over to the "New Players (NO SPOILERS!)" section and asked a series of questions, initially about the vanilla game I bought off GOG.

    I was blown away by the response. All my questions were answered promptly and people were unbelievably friendly, welcoming and helpful, even though I was not even asking about the game that this website is supposed to be supporting! I was/am not a "forum guy", the only previous gaming forum I somewhat participated in was Blizzard's Diablo 3 forum, and that place was plagued by trolls, scammers and other undesirables, so to say I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the community here would be a huge understatement.

    Hence as I completed my maiden voyage through the Baldur's Gate saga with the support of the community here, I started to contribute to the forum myself, mostly helping other beginners as I had been helped myself. It took me ages to even notice there was an "Off-Topic" section in the forum, but once I did, I began to participate in even more discussions, and found literally the only place on the internet where I can hold a debate about difficult and complicated political issues without igniting a flame war!

    Alas the taint of evil hides in the dark corners of even the brightest places, and after tackling a troll or two (I forget the specifics), I was entrusted with the great responsibility of swinging the Banhammer of Justice as a member of the Fellowship of the Round Table (moderators will understand this).

    Unfortunately this thing called "real life" steals days, weeks and occasionally even months, away from my time here, but I always return, for Baldur's Gate is a special game, and this community is even more so.
  • Re: Inconsistency in Viconia's Tastes

    As has been pointed out in a different thread on a similar topic, there are no forum rules against criticisms of the game or Beamdog/Overhaul, and thus I do not see anything untoward going on here, even if I might not personally agree with everything said as a Baldur's Gate player and fan.

    Actually I had avoided this topic so far because:

    1) I haven't played a full saga playthrough with Viconia in my party, though I have seen a fair bit of her through Tord's Let's Play, so I am not entirely clueless about her.

    2) I haven't seen much of Dorn, or experienced much of the EE characters in general apart from Neera.

    But since I have been summoned, allow me to take off the 'mod hat' and express some personal views:

    This is one EPIC and complex game, with a huge amount of content and massive cast of characters. I think it would be very difficult to totally avoid some contradictions and/or questionable situations. For example I could make one of the most altruistic characters in the saga (Aerie) slaughter a tavern, and somehow maintain party reputation by bribing churches... Does that mean it's realistic? No of course not.

    The game allows you to bribe churches to give players a mechanic to address a reputation crisis. The game doesn't make Aerie leave your party, or attack you, if you commit an act of evil, so that it gives players the freedom to roleplay morally ambiguous decisions. For example you might kill Drizzt "by accident", not knowing his identity...

    Thus with the Viconia and Dorn situation, @Viconia_DeVir put it better than I could. It's up to you as to how you interpret her words. It might also just be a case that Beamdog decided that too many players would complain if they couldn't romance Viconia with a Half-Orc, so although it's 'unrealistic', they left the mechanics open for you to do so.

    In a game with so much player choice, some of those choices are bound to lead to strange situations.

    As I said, criticisms of the game and the work of Beamdog are not against the forum rules, but I personally don't see the need to be a "blunt asswipe" for the sake of it. There is a difference between expressing an opinion, and being unnecessarily rude and dismissive of somebody's hard work and endeavour.

    I personally think it's great that the writers and developers of this game that so many of us love are so accessible and active on these very forums, and so receptive to community feedback and tolerant of criticism, even where I personally think it crosses the line.
  • Re: Bizarre Accents

    Thread Closed for flaming and de-railment.

    I want to point out that flame instigation, such as highlighting a statement purely to provoke a reaction, is against the forum rules, point #2 so I strongly discourage this behavior.

    If you suspect bad behavior (trolling/flaming purpose) in a post, I encourage you to contact one of the forum moderators who will deal with it promptly, instead of 'taking law into your own hands' and likely escalating the issue.