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  • Re: Places you think there should be something . . . but there isn't.

    I've always wondered about the stone circles outside Candlekeep as well. What are they for?

    Does Sarevok choose this very spot for a reason?
  • Places you think there should be something . . . but there isn't.

    So, in your travels along the Sword Coast have you ever happened on a spot where you think to yourself, "I'm sure there should be something here?"

    It happened to me on the wilderness map just north of Nashkel (AR4300)

    I'm convinced there should be a cave between where me and Imoen are standing. I can see the opening. It is so frustrating that I can't get in because I feel sure that there are thrilling adventures and wonderful treasures to be found in there.

  • Re: The first time I played Baldur's Gate I never thought I would . . .

    The first time I played Baldur's Gate I never thought I'd find Dynaheir.

    I went to the gnoll fortress. I killed all the gnolls and then I looked everywhere. I didn't realise you actually had to go down into the pit to see her. So I scoured the whole map over and over again and was convinced there must be a door into the gnoll fortress that I just couldn't find. Eventually I gave up and left thinking I must be on the wrong map altogether. And then Minsc got mad and attacked me and I'm shouting at him "Give me a break! I don't know where she is! You're the one that lost her!"

    Now I know where she is I find it hard to believe that I didn't see her.

    But I still wish there was a door into the gnoll fortress.

  • Re: Justify Sarevok in a good party?

    I nearly always play a paladin and she hangs around with the worst kind of creeps (including the likes of Montaron and Xzar in BG1) because I tell myself that you can't always choose your team mates. She tries to lead by example and keep them out of trouble but she doesn't always succeed because when my reputation gets too high and people talk about leaving the bad guys sneak off (without her knowing of course) and commit a few robberies to bring my reputation back down.

    I tend to think of it in terms of a movie: if you have got a group of people involved in an enterprise there is no way they will all be after the same thing (at least not if the movie is any good). They will all have their own agendas and that's what keeps it interesting.

    Nor could you make this new game into an expansion, because the original games already have more than enough side quests. Between Balduran's Isle, Durlag's Tower, Watcher's Keep, and all of the Chapter 2 quests in Shadows of Amn, there's not much more to expand upon. that would work better.
    I would have been pretty happy with a More Tales of the Sword Coast kind of expansion. Something you could do after killing Sarevok and before you arrive in Amn. That way you could have spent a bit more time with the original BG1 NPCs. For that matter Siege of Dragonspear could have served that function if the ongoing plot elements had been left out.