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  • Re: The AI is better at this game than I am . . .

    I will. But I've been playing for almost twenty years: I think the chances of me getting any better at it are a bit remote.
    Been playing since day 1 and I'm still horrendous. I have fun though...I have some fun...

    It's good to know I'm not the only one. Mind you I actually seem to be getting worse. Last night I set a new personal best by hitting members of my own party with Lightning Bolts on three separate occasions.

    The first time I was fighting a pack of Vampiric Wolves and Dread Wolves. Kagain, my tank, was taking a battering. I cunningly moved Garrick to outflank the wolves hoping to take three of them out in one shot. Somehow I missed the wolves, hit Kagain and it bounced back and hit Garrick. The whole party then had to run off the map pursued by a wolf pack.

    The second time was even worse. I was fighting a mage and a couple of his henchmen but this time the melee hadn't started and Garrick seemed to be in a good position so I thought I'd try get off a Lightning Bolt before he could mirror image. I was sure I had set up the rest of my party to use ranged weapons but somehow I had clicked the melee weapon icon on my Charname. He walked right into the Lightning Bolt which then bounced back and hit Garrick.

    The third time may have been a bug. I hope it was because otherwise I am setting whole new levels of ineptitude. I thought my party was tough enough to go fighting Ankhegs (ho-ho). So we crept up Ankheg Road waiting for one to appear. When it did Garrick fired his Lightning Bolt again but as he did so the Ankheg disappeared underground. Despite there being nothing there anymore the Lightning Bolt rebounded off thin air and hit Garrick.

    Fortunately, the Wand of Lightning has only got a couple of charges left. It's the most dangerous enemy I've had to face so far.
  • Re: How fast is Firebead Elvenhair?

    He cast Dimension Door (once outside of the Candlekeep wards) and landed on top of the woman knocking her unconscious, least he could do was move her to a comfy bed.
    Yeah? Tell that to the judge Firebead.

    It would be great if you could ask him about the woman upstairs and that was the excuse he came up with.
  • How fast is Firebead Elvenhair?

    I started a new game last night. I left Candlekeep, met up with Imoen, cut down through High Hedge and straight into Beregost, I stopped in at Feldepost's Inn, had a brief discussion with Marl, bought a copy of the History of the Fateful Coin and went to Firebead Elvenhair's house. And there he was, waiting for me. I set off before him. I went straight there. How did he get there before me?

    And who is that woman who is sleeping in the bed upstairs in his house? It's the middle of the day, why is she so tired?

    There is something most unnatural going on here, and I want no part of it.
  • Re: How wild is a Wild Mage?

    My Wild Mage is still refusing to do anything vaguely wild. I'm sitting there saying: "Come on, do something stupid. I want to see a cow fall out of the sky," but all she does is cast Magic Missiles like a regular mage. Are you sure you guys aren't all having me on?
  • Re: How fast is Firebead Elvenhair?

    You are all ignoring the obvious. The Firebead Elvenhair in Candlekeep is a simulacrum conjured so that the real Firebead could enjoy conjugal relations with the 'woman upstairs'. Scandalous!
    Or maybe it is the simulacrum that is having the conjugal relations because the real Firebead would prefer to curl up with a good book?