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  • Re: Weapons for backstabbing

    Daggers can be a good choice in BG2 because the same proficiency covers throwing daggers as well as melee weapons and there are some really good magical and poisoned throwing daggers in BG2. So choosing Daggers gives you a double whammy as it were.
  • Re: My best roll ever

    I just bought Siege of Dragonspear and decided to play as a paladin. I rolled for a while and got a 94. Best roll I've ever had. I started the game and it crashed as soon as I left the first area. So I decided to play Baldur's Gate instead. I rolled a paladin. Got a 96! I decided this time I would be smart. Just in case there was some kind of bug I decided to export my character straight away. The game crashed as soon as I hit the export button.

    Thankfully, @Gate70 on the Troubleshooting forum explained how to fix the problem and now I can play both games. But not with a 96 point character . . .
  • Re: Is there a mod that removes questionable changes beamdog added into EE?

    Beyond fixing bugs and upgrading the engine to speed up installation and prevent crashes I think all the changes and added content should have been made optional. I never used to play with mods beyond the Baldurdash and Dudleyville fixpacks and the EE version has introduced a lot of things I would rather not have.

    What I would have liked to have seen would have been an option screen asking you whether you wanted to mod the game. Something along the lines of:

    Do you want new NPCs? Y/N

    Do you want new kits at character creation? Y/N

    Do you want to play with BG2 sprites? Y/N

    Do you want to replace the movies? Y/N

    Do you want to give Gorion a Belt of Antipode? Y/N

    etc. etc.

    Basically, I would have liked a smooth-running, unmodded version of the game with optional downloadable content. That really would have been an Enhanced Edition.
  • Re: Did you *actually* know?

    Did you know that the Hooded Man in SoD was originally going to be called Sucineri but it was changed after beta testing because no one could work out who he was.
  • Re: Is there a mod that removes questionable changes beamdog added into EE?

    My point is that putting all these questions in the options would be problematic for players new to the game.
    I don't see why. The game is perfectly playable without the bells and whistles that EE added. It would be no different than changing your Feedback options or enabling Autopause. It is something you can do once you have got a feel for the game and decided how you want it to be.

    When the Enhanced Editions were announced I thought it sounded great because I thought the idea was that it would fix the bugs and make it easier for people to mod. It honestly never occurred to me that they would mess with the game itself, add NPCs (who in the case of Neera are unavoidable unless you want to leave half the Beregost map in darkness) and fix stuff that wasn't broken like messing with the movies.

    My point is that they have modded the game and it would have been better to have allowed players to decide which mods they wanted to install.