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  • Yet another Minsc specialization thread (post-SoD)

    Having playing BGII since 2001, I always had Minsc using two weapons, I usually play as paladin and have Keldorn in the party too (nice combo and awesome dialogues, I like to play the master/apprentice dynamics with him), so makes no point have another chat using two handed swords (I do make him use some till I get the feyr and flail of ages etc).

    Recently, during my first run through Siege of Dragonspear, I did some research about Minsc state on BGII post EE AND the new expansion. I am quite torn between stick with my usual playstyle or give him a two handed sword if not for the powergame aspect, for a little of diversity.

    I saw that there are many divided opinions regarding how well he fares with dual wielding and two handed swords (yeah old discussion but till then dual wield was a winner for me). But another thing callled my attention: the dragon blade +3 wich we get on SoD and can be carried to BGIIEE.




    +3 bonus
    1d10+3, +1 cold
    – While enraged, the chance to score a critical hit is increased by 10% (Berserkers, Barbarians and Rashemi warriors only)
    – Deals an extra 2d4 points of cold damage and slows the target for 1 round (no save) on a critical hit


    Ok, Lilancor is Minsc way to got through beggining till middle-something due its shield to confusion etc, at least untill I start to find some nice maces and hammers while specc in flails. But this blade is pretty awesome on SoD (i used it on my main) and can be imported to BGIIEE. So I would like to hear your though about it. Dragon Blade has 2 great aspects IMHO:
    - roleplaying wise you got it on SoD from another rashemi berserker.
    - extra cold damage on critical and Minsc usually scores it a lot.
    - same effect (slow) that Ardulia's Fall +1 (mace), one of the earlier weapons I make him dual wield but this one is a +3.
    - Dragon Blade is not that far in the game. You can zap to Windspear Hills and kill Tazok to get it. Not as fast as Lilancor (you can even get it first) but still a fast run to a good weapon.

    *I am NOT sure if Minsc actually qualifies ingame/mechanics-wise to get the rage bonus. Perhaps someone can confirm this digging codes?* It states that rashemi warriors can unlock it and he is one for sure. I think he is quite dangerous (to party members) on rage state but even so, IF that is the case, it is a nice combo with the cold/slow effect.

    I want give this a try, make him use it till I get the vorpal that I usually give to Keldorn and make the old man use swords and shield late.

    Anyway, thoughs?
  • Re: Triggin Meronia (spoilers)

    That worked. Just after finishing the baron/cursing quest I slept for a day and kicked her from party. Then get her again and did the poisoned guy/Xzar quest. When the zhent is killed, Meronia popped and took her. Thanks.
  • Re: [SoD] M'Khiin disappearing

    I am on my second run. Same problem. This time I have a savegame.
    I think the solution is add her to party before leave to chapter 9 so she can be carried.
    Again, no mods. Clean install.

    * Things to consider*
    - This - as noted - is a clean install.
    - I reinstalled the game after the first post. I had to activate cluaconsole command and couldnt get rid of it.
    - This playthough started after a saved game from "chapter 8 start" (escape from candlekeep).
    - The problem persisted after a reinstall and a loaded savegame from BGEE.

    1) Bring M'Khiin with your party to chapter 9.
    That worked but is cheap and obvious. Just added her in your part and talk to Bence Duncan. She will be carried to chapter 9.

    2) Now I guess I found what is happening at least for me... When I first talk to M'Khiin in both playthroughs, I didnt add her to my party, instead I sent her to camp after freeing her. When I moved to chapter 9, she wasnt there as stated. What I did now: BEFORE talk to Bence and move to chapter 9, I added her to my part, moved OUT of the camp and removed her. Then I told her to go back to camp and wait. Went back to camp, checked again and she was there (again). Then talked to Bence and started chapter 9. She was in the new camp! So I guess the whole problem is telling to wait for you in the camp when you free her from the black pits. She will head to your camp but wont be carried with the soldiers.
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  • Re: SoD final save (importing/spoilers)

    Thanks a lot. I dont know how to use the "spoiler" hidden thing, but since it is pointed in the title, here goes. I noticed the game generates a "final save" before we accept or decline the duel with Caelar's liutenent. THEN i saw today it generated another "final save" before we take the elevator to the last fight (that was what i read elsewhere). So I think i can use it with no problem. :)
  • SoD final save (importing/spoilers)

    Sorry about posting this, I have browsing internet in the last minutes and found some conflicted info about this. Some say the final save is when you port from dragonspear. But i just batlled Caelar general alone and that autosave was labelled "final save". After that, there is chapter 12 start.
    So wich one will be use without problems by BG2EE? I am asking this to have the right items on my inventory when it triggers.
    Thanks in advance.