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SoD final save (importing/spoilers)

Sorry about posting this, I have browsing internet in the last minutes and found some conflicted info about this. Some say the final save is when you port from dragonspear. But i just batlled Caelar general alone and that autosave was labelled "final save". After that, there is chapter 12 start.
So wich one will be use without problems by BG2EE? I am asking this to have the right items on my inventory when it triggers.
Thanks in advance.


  • ShikaoShikao Member Posts: 376
    From what I see I can choose any save game from BG/SoD to imported into BG2EE. Hence, you can prepare a save in Sewers and use it for import.
  • BrutaleBentBrutaleBent Member Posts: 36
    Might be wrong but afaik, importing only checks for some stats, XP and importable items - it doesn't bring story content.

    So short version; you can import later saves, to a point, without a problem. ;)

    Slightly longer, but spoilery, version:
    After I killed Belhifet, I saved and imported that with the importable equipment in my inventory - anything works well for importing up untill you get framed and lose your equipment (I think).
  • ShikaoShikao Member Posts: 376
    edited August 2017
    @BrutaleBent but
    you can get all your equipment back when you escape prison, so save post-escape will be fine too

  • BrutaleBentBrutaleBent Member Posts: 36
    Very true, and yes, that should be fine too. :D

    I didn't have all the importable items in my inventory at that point and just went with the save a little earlier where I could put them there. Alternatively, just EE Keeper all the importable items to your very last save. :)
  • RiqueRique Member Posts: 47
    Thanks a lot. I dont know how to use the "spoiler" hidden thing, but since it is pointed in the title, here goes. I noticed the game generates a "final save" before we accept or decline the duel with Caelar's liutenent. THEN i saw today it generated another "final save" before we take the elevator to the last fight (that was what i read elsewhere). So I think i can use it with no problem. :)
  • ShikaoShikao Member Posts: 376
    @Rique, to make spoiler simply choose this option:

    and then write between div tags


    I hoped it helps =D But shoot if it's not clear enough or have other questions =]
  • ussnorwayussnorway Member Posts: 341
    Yes and no... There are large variations in out come because the options don't fit into nice neat little boxes

    For example lets say you have the default two games of Siege of Dragon spear + bg2ee both from Beamdog and no mods of any kind: the three options are;
    1. Multiplayer game
    2. Single player game or
    3. Single player game with 'create party' enabled
    The first two are well covered but the last one will install differently and give different results but the basic rules are;

    Any item, stat or scenario ability will transfer from bg1 to SoD as long as you follow the rules
    Example, lets say you are a fighter (with a bard player made companion) and you have Viconia, Imoen and Minsc in your party

    You give 3 wisdom to Viconia because she is your healer and you give a point of str to Minsc... Then at the end of bg1 Imoen will go off to study magic and both Minsc | Viconia leave but you can find them again before you exit the city

    Any equipment Imoen had on her at the end of bg1 is in the chest at the room in act 2 of Sod so its not available in the starting area but you can recover it before leaving the city

    In Sod Minsc will still have his str and Viconia the wisdom, any item equipped like a sword, helmet, wand and of course Boo will stay with them but other items in the pack will go into the chest... Items on the floor at the end of bg1 will still be on the floor at the starting area of Sod but if you don't collect them before leaving the area then they are lost for good.

    Ok so you defeat the bad guys and finish Sod as a hero or villain, its a wonderfully tied in story... Now what?

    Multiplayer | normal single player = import any game save you like but be aware that items (like the platoons) in a bag of holding or on the floor will NOT be counted during the import

    Permanent effects of non player made characters are NOT counted so Viconia and Minsc forget they have gained wisdom and str but Boo still makes it as long as you didn't install that scs mod to try and put him in the pack.

    Single player with 'create party' enabled should import from the final save which is just before the last boss fight and ONLY main character inventory (not bag of holding) counts for importing items... The steps are a bit different as well because evil party members like Viconia will leave without waiting for your day in court.
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