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SoD final save (importing/spoilers)

Sorry about posting this, I have browsing internet in the last minutes and found some conflicted info about this. Some say the final save is when you port from dragonspear. But i just batlled Caelar general alone and that autosave was labelled "final save". After that, there is chapter 12 start.
So wich one will be use without problems by BG2EE? I am asking this to have the right items on my inventory when it triggers.
Thanks in advance.


  • ShikaoShikao Member Posts: 367
    From what I see I can choose any save game from BG/SoD to imported into BG2EE. Hence, you can prepare a save in Sewers and use it for import.
  • BrutaleBentBrutaleBent Member Posts: 34
    Might be wrong but afaik, importing only checks for some stats, XP and importable items - it doesn't bring story content.

    So short version; you can import later saves, to a point, without a problem. ;)

    Slightly longer, but spoilery, version:
    After I killed Belhifet, I saved and imported that with the importable equipment in my inventory - anything works well for importing up untill you get framed and lose your equipment (I think).
  • ShikaoShikao Member Posts: 367
    edited August 27
    @BrutaleBent but
    you can get all your equipment back when you escape prison, so save post-escape will be fine too

  • BrutaleBentBrutaleBent Member Posts: 34
    Very true, and yes, that should be fine too. :D

    I didn't have all the importable items in my inventory at that point and just went with the save a little earlier where I could put them there. Alternatively, just EE Keeper all the importable items to your very last save. :)
  • RiqueRique Member Posts: 47
    Thanks a lot. I dont know how to use the "spoiler" hidden thing, but since it is pointed in the title, here goes. I noticed the game generates a "final save" before we accept or decline the duel with Caelar's liutenent. THEN i saw today it generated another "final save" before we take the elevator to the last fight (that was what i read elsewhere). So I think i can use it with no problem. :)
  • ShikaoShikao Member Posts: 367
    @Rique, to make spoiler simply choose this option:

    and then write between div tags


    I hoped it helps =D But shoot if it's not clear enough or have other questions =]
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