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Cally gettin a lil sun on her belly. I told her the hawks might be attracted to those bright colors and try n get her but she did not seem worried bout no hawks or buzzards, heh. The biggest of the southern leopard frogs came out of the lil fountain pool after a rain. Seems like he was wantin an answer to a question from the buddha statue. "Say man. I said say man, oi! Lookie here now, make it dark quicker, and more rain to. You listenin ta....naw, I guess ifin you can let moss grow on ya, ya not listenin bubba.


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  • Re: Ulb's Shaman Package: New Kits, New Items, and more (WIP) UPDATED 08.02.2017

    Yeah, new uses for old items is always a nice surprise.

    Ya know, that reminds me of the excavation site of Kozah, in BG1. Supposedly it's the shaman's abode for the tribe that basically worshiped a much earlier name of Talos, ol Mr. Lightnin himself. An interesting idol in there... B)
  • Re: Politics. The feel in your country.

    Jeeze. Again, another example of him boasting " And I'll the the most presidential of any president, that you'll ever see, and, probably, I think, of all time." Yeah right, sure buddy... He's already won the Least presidential award of all time, as far as I see it. The man can't even talk proper.
  • Re: Politics. The feel in your country.

    Understood. But. The CIA is in the area and they are funding the jihadists there. Canadian freelance journalists have been reporting the same thing also. The CIA meddles in everything. The whole reason jihadists are a "Thing" is because of the CIA.
    I think the opening was there in part already but yeah, darned if the CIA isn't good at going in and stirring up a hornets nest. Good at leaving a big fat stinking pile of, well, stink. I was glad to see Obama at least making the effort to clean up the mines that are still killing farmers in Laos from that era of messes. Good with meddling, bad at dealing with the resulting mess afterwards.
  • Re: Are traps too OP?

    I love using traps.

    I don't like the idea that creatures that start non-hostile and then become hostile (specifically Silke, but this also can apply to Nimbul since he exists on the map before going hostile) instantly trigger the traps once they go hostile. The traditional problem with traps is that they're not discriminate like this. Perhaps the most effective nerf that could be made is that traps can be set off if anything, hostile or otherwise, is nearby aside from a party member.
    Makes sense and something I have often thought was a bit strange. It would make trapping a bit more of a thinking game, esp. around neutral's and NPC's, familiars, summons, etc. React more like a skulltrap, to anyone.
    As regards overpowered, RR changing spike traps to piercing damage instead of magical makes much more sense, as well as the other alchemical versions of traps in that mod, maybe not so tough on some enemies then.
  • Re: The first time I played Baldur's Gate I never thought I would . . .

    . . . think Skie was a really great NPC and wish I could have her in my party again.
    "Oh, my feet hurts."
    "Aw, I broke a nail."
    "Do you like my perfume?"
    "Let's go shopping!"
    "I wanna go home."

    You sure you want her again?
    She gets quite feisty in SoD. And anyway, I like going shopping.
    I could see her getting quite a bit more attn in BG if she had that SoD 'I ain't takin lip from NObody' attitude. I've had her in a group a few times, she plays the spoiled brat perfectly in BG. Even though I rarely play her for long, to me, she still has one of the best foreshadowing moments in the whole darn series as I recently mentioned on the BGNPC project thread (wasn't sure if it was vanilla or mod content).