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Cally gettin a lil sun on her belly. I told her the hawks might be attracted to those bright colors and try n get her but she did not seem worried bout no hawks or buzzards, heh. The biggest of the southern leopard frogs came out of the lil fountain pool after a rain. Seems like he was wantin an answer to a question from the buddha statue. "Say man. I said say man, oi! Lookie here now, make it dark quicker, and more rain to. You listenin ta....naw, I guess ifin you can let moss grow on ya, ya not listenin bubba.


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  • Re: What soothes your soul?

    So I was feeling a little down today, money has been real tight lately, and M' Lady has been working out of town alot. I started feeling a little sad, as she did, about not really being able for us spend time together on her day, and for myself, not really being able to send her something special for her B'day today.

    As I was walking about the mountain this morning, a bit down, I started to notice how I was surrounded by tall trees, thick foliage, and wildflowers. I came across some daisies and mountain laurel in bloom and I thought to myself, well, nature is as good or better than any florist so why not.

    And ya know what, I found I was able to at least send her a little flower arrangement after all, by phone.

    She seemed to enjoy it, so it soothed my soul at least a little, and I hope it did hers as well.

    I reckon that sometimes helping others, helps us help ourselves sometimes.