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Cally gettin a lil sun on her belly. I told her the hawks might be attracted to those bright colors and try n get her but she did not seem worried bout no hawks or buzzards, heh. The biggest of the southern leopard frogs came out of the lil fountain pool after a rain. Seems like he was wantin an answer to a question from the buddha statue. "Say man. I said say man, oi! Lookie here now, make it dark quicker, and more rain to. You listenin ta....naw, I guess ifin you can let moss grow on ya, ya not listenin bubba.


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  • Re: Zaghoul's Asylum and his Confinement to the No-Reload House of Restartitis

    Kamog made it to the village, but just before another group of hunters found him. Fay usually travels ahead of him a little, and is quick as lightnin. They targeted her with their spells which of course failed. Very few spells would ever affect her(magic missile would). He backed out of site and threw down a layer of cold spirit world mist, that slowed them in their tracks as he lobbed in a few of those firebomb beads from his necklace. Bums, one and all.

    He made it to Gullykin and met a spirited lil thing named Alora. She was so dang cheerful he just couldnt resist letting her tag along. An adventurer she said she was , but just could not keep from looking into and taking people things, just out of curiosity (NPC EEd her in game to Adventurer thief). Kamog thought that might come in handy. She showed him the winery where he managed to talk the ol priest into letting him have a barrel of wine they were throwing out cause it went bad. Kamog thought it was fantastic, nice n sour, invigorating even, Now if he could only find some bear meat to go with it, heh.

    They headed back to the fair and darned if Alora wasn't kidding. She picked the stores there almost clean out. They took a little in case they ran into a fence somewhere to hock it to. Kamog remembered seeing an old tower off in the distance up on a hill when he was fighting those stone lizard critters. Why not?

    The two trekked their way there with no trouble. There was some seedy looking human there taht offered to buy a little of what Alora had stolen.
    Under cover of night Alora scouted the place out, hidden. A couple of tough guards fell to Kamog's freezing mist and firebomb beads, and they made it in.
    They ended up looking into only the top and basement floors before deciding it was getting too risky. Some pretty woman at the top was gonna lock him up there forever until he sad he might could find 'another that was willing to stay'.
    Some rude guy the lvl below got talked into staying, heh. The lady let him leave unharmed after that. BUT, not before lil Alora bout stole everything she had on her. Some staff spear she left on the table near and a strange pair of boots that reminded him of his weasel cloak. They saw a lil of the lower lvl, and all the traps, and got the heck outa there for the time being. Darned if those boots didn't up his walkin speed by about double his usual lumbering ogre like pace. Nice, he was getting tired of being out walked by a lil halflin girl.

    When they got back to the carnival, he ask Alora to hang out and wait for him a bit, he needed to go out alone for a bit, to get back to where Gorion was killed, or maybe to give jaheira another try. He and Immy had notice another halfling up that way before and wanted to see if he and the frantic looking human he was with was still there. These halflings, like his ol friend Deder at CK had proved their resourcefulness.
    He headed north.
  • Re: Zaghoul's Asylum and his Confinement to the No-Reload House of Restartitis

    Wow! Jini decided after checking Dijinn rules, that it was ok if she brought him into the her lamp one night. She said not to worry if other were around when she was out or he was in as she created a little form of time stop, where no one could see them, and when he returned practically no time would have passed outside.
    Some part of him remembered what Gorion had taught him of slaves, and after thinking it over, especially given that he really liked Jini, he lifted the geas that held her to her lamp. He thought she would probably leave and it be for the best given the dangers he was running into. She actually decided to stay, and on top of that, really liked him and wanted to stay as his lover. Never having done THAT before, or even a naked woman before (other than some of the monks pictures in the books they copied, he was overwhelmed. She thought it a bonus that she was to be his first.

    They both enjoyed themselves quite a bit that night. She had a butler named Doofus, hehheh, a lil imp Jini's uncle had given her. He controlled the exit from the lamp. Kamog talked with him quite a bit, finding out the lil guy had a cousin in Hell named Cespenar that was butler to some god, but had not heard from him in a while.

    Before Kamog left Jini said someone wanted to meet him. It was a little fairy named Fay, that longed to get out and see the world. Kamog agreed, sensing there was more to it than that (she later tuen out to be a will-o-the-wisp, not a fairy, but one who had been thrown of the swamp by mean wiilies for leading victims OUT and not IN, heh. Worked for him, she seemed quite talkative and tended to nibble on his ear occasionally.

    Kamog decided to check out the mines south of the carnival. He was not quite ready to go into a cramped lil mine yet, as tall as he was. He did come across a human working on a facade in the middle of a cliff face. He'd heard about the bounty on him but decided to just sit and watch the lil man, he was quite skilled. The next thing he knew he smelled a strong musky like odor on the wind. Some gruff lookin wooly man approached with his sword drawn. "That's MY bounty he said" I told just let the guy finish, he's quite good (he reminded him a little of the talented monks back at CK, ith all their pictures they put in vopies of books they were making).
    Kamog sensed the man was about to get forceful so he immediately summoned a pack of war dogs, which the man attacked. Kamog could actually feel the cold emanating from the blade of that sword and ice formed on the dogs when hit them. He backed away and summon a few bats as well,that swooped down and around him, biting him around the face and neck. Even Fay buzzed around him a few times which seemed to distract him a bit. Kamog let loose with a few of his javelins, hitting the man twice. Just as the last hit a bat bit him right in the jugular vein, hard, and the man bleed out right there.

    The artist finished his worked but died from exhaustion right after. Too bad, he was pretty good. Kamog liked the look of the emerald eyes he had used so much he pried them loose to keep for himself.
    The bounty hunter sword he sold but he cloak he liked, a strong scent to it. Ever sense he started wearing it however he has noticed a weasel or two follow him every once in a while.
    Strange though, when they get too close they seem to sense something 'off' about him and take off again.

    After he sold that ice cold sword back at the fair, he heard tell of a halfling village not far off, and head out.
  • Re: Politics. The feel in your country.

    Athletes kneeling during the national anthem is, contrary to what many may think, *more* "American" than absentmindedly standing and saluting every time you hear the first few notes. The United States was founded on defiance and independence, thus making those the most central and patriotic behaviors people may represent. If you haven't protested against your country then, well, you're doing it wrong.
    Huh. Makes sense, like anything against the norm, it takes guts to step away from the herd sometimes, esp. at the risk of derision and one's own well being or way of living.
  • Re: Totemic Druids (or Shamans)

    So, I've been having a lot of fun recently playing druids with panther animal companions in NWN one and two.

    I wanted to play a similar character in BG. (I just *love* pretending that the cat lying on my stomach while I play is in the game with me.)

    I thought the totemic druid would be the best way to do that in BG. But, to my dismay, when I play tested it, I found that it took *forever* and then some to summon a cat spirit once in combat mode - at least a full round, but it seemed longer. And the duration of the spirit animals once summoned is so darned short. They last at first level long enough for one combat, two or three if you use metaknowledge to rush around maps from one combat to the next.

    Plus, druids don't get Remove Fear, and the cat spirit is not panic-protected innately like the bear, at least not until much higher levels. Making my main character a druid almost necessitates taking Branwen just for Remove Fear, unless I want to be vulnerable to Horror the whole game. And, we all know just about every mage in the vanilla game is scripted to open with a defense contingency, then Horror.

    I wonder if a shaman would do any better for the character concept. I know I can't control what kind of animal I get if I play that, plus, I can't take any other actions while maintaining animal spirits in combat, as a shaman.

    @bengoshi , What was the actual gameplay procedure like when you almost beat the trilogy as a totemic druid? Did you use metaknowledge to summon spirits at just the right times, and then rest over and over throughout the trilogy? Or is there something I'm missing about the appeal of this.

    I wish BG had straight up permanent animal companions like in NWN.
    @BelgarathMTH Try @ulb s Animal Companions Mod, it's really good. AND you get to chose the animal that travels and lvls up with you. Not a spirit but it has got all kinds of good critters to help you along the way. Pretty much a standard mod for me with druids and shamans. :)

    I always think it fits a shaman nicely as it makes sense their spirit animals would give an in for have one of the same for a real animal companion as well.
  • Re: Zaghoul's Asylum and his Confinement to the No-Reload House of Restartitis

    Kamog and Imoen found the ogre, and as he walked forward in a friendly manner, said "Hello, my name is..." the fellow came at them, tellin them he would crush them! Kamog didn't even get a chance to say his sentence. Immy shot him a couple times, with wand and arrows, but still he kept coming at them, one of his own kind. Kamog, before they left, had grabbed a barrel full of javelins at the FAI in (Bently looked shocked :o when Kamog lifted all 200lbs of them up onto the table and said 'How much for these and a rope to tie it on my back?'
    He drew one out and threw it with all his strength, hit the fellow right in the chest and he dropped like a rock (or an ogre?). He stood over the body, and just thought for a while, about ogres, and how to appraoch the next one, if he met one again.

    Immy told him hurry and'Don't think too hard or you'll bust a spring or something". Lawd, she's a brat, but she was a friend regardless. Kamog was beginning to think she would be safer without him around. He would find a safe place for her when they got to Nashkel. He'd been hearin strange things happenin down way down yonder.
    The two passed through Beregost with no trouble, and continued on. Oh, they did see the temple of Lathander and heard of some mad priest playin with dead bodies, and a reward. Off in the woods somewhere west. May he knew of the Black Goat in those woods? Later, after Immy was safe. They fooled around the fields behind the temple and came across a statue. Kamog figgered it was some unlucky woman that had met a mage, or maybe one of those lizard things that frightend people into stone. Later on that for know, but he figgered after the things in his dreams he might look into it soon.

    They made it to Naskel. Some girl picked his pocket, for 10gp, looked like the same one that did in Bereghost now that he thought about it. Weird that, course that brat Immy said she probably thought HE looked weird to her. Nice, real nice..
    There was a carnival near they checked out.
    They beded down under a large tree, and Kamog had a dream...
    He saw Gorion at CK, looking weak and frail, beckoning for him to enter and follow him into a dark forest. Was this the Black Goat appearing to him in disguise? He wanted to follow but woke up just as he was about to.
    He must find these woods.
    It seemed pretty safe and Immy liked it so he dropped her off there. She said she'd be there if needed. Not likely,, As his views of nature had changed, they had been arguing alot since before leaving CK. She didn't understand him anymore, he was not sure if he did himself.
    Jini popped out of the lamp again, and when he asked if he could see inside she looked shocked and said that's most irregular, but maybe later. Later... huh. When she touched him he felt strange, people were usually loathe to touch him.
    He met a gypsy there sellin trinkets and such, and some other merchants. he bought some kinda firebomb necklace, and a ring to see better in the dark with.
    He watch some of the shows and went to sleep and dreamed.
    He awoke in a strange room with Jini and some hooded man that said if he wanted her to live he would do as he said, he was being tested.

    The first door he had to enter was old complex of sorts, with a sword he had to find for a deva.

    The second door led to a strange forest of sorts with some hag named Ravel asking him a question.

    The third led to a 6 armed demon lady asking him to let Jini die. Nope, he said(first 'woman' to show interest in him and a dijinn at that. No way! The Black Goats teachings did say to mix things together anyway, soo, maybe...

    He got done with her and entered the last door, maybe this weird dream was almost over.
    He found Jini being held by that weird dude with the hood again, saying he had learned what he needed to know and that he and Jini could leave now, as he had others to candidates to test. Jini was upset about the whole thing so he told her she might be better off without him. She said your master of my lamp, I can't. huh.

    He awoke. If that guy was tryin to scare him with that he seen better work, heh.
    Jini came out and told him it WAS real, to her anyway, and popped back in the lamp.

    Kamog felt his mind strained, like he was being pulled by many different things, he was beginning to wonder what was dream and what was reality. Or were they the same? Did it even matter?
    Who was he? Too much, must focus on Shub-Niggurath, that was power, that was his greatest fear, to displease him: her, it?
    He thought fear, I face it head on, gonna go see and he could find those stone lizards behind that temple.
    He made it there and a funny ol ghoul of all things wanted to be his friend. Huh. The monls had said they were bad but his guy seemed ok. Said he could sniff out the lizards brains for him.
    Well buddy, those things were all over, and some fool gnome to thinking he was a shepherd or something.
    Khorax sniffed em all out and he threw javelins at them, some so hard they went clean thru. Some bunch of fools taunted him there as well. He chucked a few of those firebomb beads at em and burned em all.

    Time for more exploring, time for more dreams, time to find the Dark Woods of the Black Goat. Maybe south of Nashkel or west, or the mad cleric Bassilus would have an answer.