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  • Re: The thread for happiness/spreading your joy

    @DreadKhan Lawd, that got me thinkin. I can remember some Christmas cakes that were so soaked with brandy they were almost wet. Good stuff that B)
  • Re: Zaghoul's No-Reload Asylum of Restartitis."My 75 roll No-Reload/No Resurrection Challenge"runs

    Curwen - Alchemist of Candlekeep
    ( a little background music to set the stage for reading)

    Curwen's Workshop
    Please knock before entering
    and close door behind you
    Experimentation in progress

    I posted that sign on the door to an unused part of the basement just under the outer edge the library.
    A young man of not so many years, but advanced for my age in the art of alchemy, or so I am told by the monks in the great fortress library of Candlekeep. I am interested in magic as well but it is second to my more important work in discovering new and useful concoctions (well to me anyway). One day I hope even to find the right mixture to cheat even death itself.

    I cleaned the little room up and adapted it to my purposes. Old book storage it was used for in the past, for minor material having already been copied by the scribes above and deemed no longer of worth, or that were not able to be deciphered and deemed useless to the main collection above. I kept the stranger looking books and chucked out the mundane. Gorion had arranged for me to have a secluded spot for my 'dabbling' as he called it. I had made quite the setup over the years and was proud of my little room that I spent as much time as possible, when not doing more mundane chores.

    It had a little window that was about ground level to the outside. Good for ventilation as my work developed a little fume and smoke at times.
    Well, accidents do happen. I may not always make the best choices but I learn from every mistake and attempt to improve upon it.

    I often got a chuckle as a face would peer through the bars of the window and I would hear coughing. Heh, guess I was just used to all that and was developing an immunity of sorts after working with so many different and often hazardous material.

    The scribes say I mix the best inks and colors for their work of endless recording and cataloging. I was not the best with people, preferring my workshop to the company of others. The apothecary I visited quite often, looking for ingredients and such to work with. For my inks and such I got a little allowance and the right to get whatever I needed at the time. The monk that ran it gave me some of my first lessons on mixing herbs and whatnot, so was used to seeing me around. I also learned pottery and glass blowing from the monks, which helped me develop and improve upon my lab and containers for various brews. Everyone has said at one time or another that I don't have the willpower to really push myself and learn. I suppose there is some truth to that in more mundane things but when it comes to alchemy I put everything I have into it. It doesn't hurt that I learn fast.

    So far I had quite a few concoctions that I had developed and meticulously recorded in my books.
    One of the first things I learned was that even the waste products I had left over could be useful in their own way.
    Waste sludge:

    A grenade I developed with some nice little pottery containers. The ground outside the keep has a few scorch marks where I have tried them out. The watchers had gotten a bit worried about that and ended up digging a little pit for me outside and away from the base of the keep walls that I could use for a testing area. Whenever they heard "Fire in the Hole", they got used to covering there ears around that part of the wall. The two resident dwarfs, Reevor and Arkanis, thought it was pretty interesting though.

    A special perfume ( helpful as I was not the most pleasant smelling to others at times (I guess, from the wrinkled noses I often saw):

    A special rainwater brew:

    A smoke bomb( I was really proud of this one):

    A sweet elixer:

    And my latest discovery, Bonemeal Eyedrops: (this one took a little discretion on my part for ingredients but everything was fair game as far as I was concerned in the search for knowledge.

    I have been having unusual dreams of late. Dreams of distant lands, different people with strange styles of clothing, of monstrosities so alien in appearance that when I wake in a sweat, I'm ready to flee or fight. Sometimes it seems like I hear my name being called, like a whisper in the wind.
    They started after I had been sorting out some old books left in my lab, ones not deemed necessary, or in good enough shape to read everything. I started reading as much as I could of them, or least what I decipher from their condition.

    Cultes des Goules: a book on the uses of the dead. Hmm, this is interesting as I just started using the eyeballs from birds of prey in one of my concoctions. I was beginning to think there may be something to this necromantic type of magic.

    On the Sending Out of the Soul:The first seven pages of the pamphlet contain vague mystic writing; however, the eighth page details a formula for effecting astral travel. Among the required ingredients are a brazier and the plant c. inidca(?). The formula is always successful but has an unforeseen side effect (could not make this out).
    Thesaurus Chemicus: Some most interesting ideas regarding alchemical formulae.

    A book entitled the Necronomicon: This book was probably in the worst shape of any of them but it had some very interesting parts that were still intact. It mention group of Outer Deities, once worshiped before humankind but pushed back into another plane by the Elder Gods of Toril. Many seek a way back, and a few are even partially trapped there and in this world at the same time.
    The one that caught my attention most was Yog-Sothoth, a being that transcends all time and space but is still partial blocked from fully being here on Toril. It is said he offers knowledge of all kind to those willing to help him break the great seal left by the Elder Gods.

    Yog-Sothoth knows the gate. Yog-Sothoth is the gate. Yog-Sothoth is the key and guardian of the gate. Past, present, future, all are one in Yog-Sothoth. He knows where the Old Ones broke through of old, and where They shall break through again. He knows where They have trod earth's fields, and where They still tread them, and why no one can behold Them as They tread.

    The most surprising thing I found was hidden in the back cover, a little notebook and a small packet of ashes. Stranger still was the name of the alchemist who it belonged to. Curwen, my own name. This Curwen found a way to create a spell that would transcend time and inspire a descendant to become interested in him and his work and attempt to bring him back should he ever be slain. He had found the following in his research:
    "The essential Saltes of Animals may be so prepared and preserved, that an ingenious Man may have the whole collection of man and beast in his own Studie, and raise the fine Shape of an Animal out of its Ashes at his Pleasure; and by the lyke Method from the essential Saltes of humane Dust, a Philosopher may, without any criminal Necromancy, call up the Shape of any dead Ancestour from the Dust whereinto his Bodie has been incinerated."

    Criminal? Not if it advanced the art of alchemy and science.
    It even had the formulae to do so. This I had to try, had to, whether it failed or not.
    I set it all up and prepared everything by nightfall. It took a little time and some special glass containers that I had to put together. I told no one when asked, I didn't won't interference. No one had the right to stop my work and learning.
    I finally started the process, and when I had the concoction ready I added the ashes to the solution.

    A shape began to form on my workbench, first a hand, and then quickly the rest of a human figure. I am not sure I was prepared for what happened next.
    The figure sat up on the table and turned in my direction. He looked exactly like me. The figure then spoke, a strange accent but I understood.
    "I am your ancestor Curwen, your grandfather many times past, from a different time and a different place, but you are my blood".
    I was speechless. The figure got off the table and came toward me.
    "I need your mortal vessel, I need your blood to live again. I will become you, and you shall have never been. I felt paralyzed, terrified almost out of my mind. This figure, that looked like me laid his hands upon and as he did so I could feel the life draining from my body.
    I did the first thing I could think of, and that was hard enough, I spoke the reverse of the summoning ritual I had read of in the Necronomican concerning Yog Sothoth:

    The figure facing me looked surprised and frightened at the same time, his hold began to loosen on me.
    He spoke back, a phrase I remembered that summoned Yog Sothoth:

    What happened next it is even now hard to recall. A swirling pattern of lights appeared in the workshop, as if a gateway of sorts was forming. A figure appeared, vague and hard to make out it's features.

    In a voice that was a harsh whisper, that tugged at my very sanity, it spoke:
    " I am Umr at-Tawil, a part of that which you invoke, 'Old Curwen'. You made a bargain to be reborn again, in another time and place, but you have misused it for your own sake and not that of mine, my return. And while you sought to sacrifice your young wife and unborn child, I spirited them away for my own purposes.

    This 'Young Curwen' is in possession of another's blood as well as yours. A being practically dead to this world now. With it he can be stronger than you ever thought to be, however, it will be up to him to decide his pathway, for, or against me."
    I spoke again, and quickly reasoning through what Umr at-Tawil was (an avatar of Yog Sothoth,-to see his true self risked total insanity-according to my readings) and what he really wanted (the full freedom to fully enter this world) and said:
    "I seek knowledge, not only to be of service to you, to discover the alchemical means to dissolve the great seal that holds you back, but to continue my own work as well work, to learn more"

    That seemed to have been the right thing to say as 'Old Curwen' began to dissolve right in front of me.
    Umr at-Tawil spoke to me again "We shall see boy, we shall see".
    I must have passed out after that, overcome with the mental strain of even seeing a part of the great Yog-Sothoth. When I awoke 'Old Curwen's' notebook had been dissolved along with him. Even the aclhemical knowledge from it was gone from my mind.
    I could understand his search, for I also search for the formulae to cheat death. Perhaps I could discover it again some day, and improve upon his crude methods. I only seek knowledge, where that comes from is inconsequential. But as far as taking my place, no thanks.

    Morning has come at last. As usual I got up and went about my more mundane chores until Gorion came hurrying up to me.
    "Prepare your self young Curwen, we leave this place today. Gather your things and meet me at the steps of the library"
    He would not say as to where we were going but would figure it out on the way,
    Gorion noticed I was seemed somewhat 'off' and told me I shouldn't have spent so much time in my lab room. He thought the noxious fumes were getting to my eyes, giving me a rather peculiar appearance.

    I often had a peculiar odor as well, being in my lab most of the time, "Boy, you stink worse than a skunk eating stink weed sometimes". Guess I just didn't notice anymore, or enjoyed it, one.
    Well, it doesn't bother me and I can see just fine (even though I get some startled looks at times, heh). Just the price of progress I suppose.

    I made my final rounds of the keep, said a few goodbyes, to Immy, who wanted to come with me, to Alec, who was studying with the priest of Oghma. One of the monks, Camryn, gave me a special book bag, unusual in that it could hold much more than it appeared to. He knew I collected books on various subjects and thought it would be of use.
    I asked Reevor to watch after my pet ferret, Cheeky. He said not to worry, there was plenty of work for him to earn his keep by catching rats in the barn. I shall miss that little critter. He had become a constant companion in my lab. He seemed to find great interest in sniffing my different concoctions. Maybe one day I would find another.
    In my rounds I was attacked by two men, each in a different building. I burned them with a some of the sludge I kept in little bottles about my belt.

    The place was dangerous, and to be honest it was high time to leave. Someone wanted me dead and I did not care to oblige them.
    I gathered all my notebooks and as many bottles and 'tools' and a as I could safely stash in the bag. I would miss my little lab, but I shall set up another somewhere. A couple of travelers to the keep greeted me as I was leaving, Gregor and his charge, a young girl name Rijali. She handed me an old brass lamp as they passed and said she had another. Can't say that I need it but it couldn't hurt to have at night if needed.
    Time to go.

    Gorion and I left Candlekeep. As we left I kept private about the events that had occurred last night but to myself I thought back upon them, "Not today great grandfather, not today or any other day." My work must continue the way I see fit, with due attention given of course to the one who is now most undoubtedly watching me. As long as knowledge is given me, that's good enough, I can't let the source worry me.

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  • Re: The topic for unhappiness/vent your sorrow

    @Zaghoul Yeah, everything's back to normal. Thanks mate !

    I reacted very positively to the antibiotics and I'm now a proud owner of a regular chin ! I'm still missing a patch of hair in my early winter beard because of that, but other than that, it seems I'm in the clear !
    Glad to hear it. Oh lawd, if I had to lose part of my beard I probably would not recognize myself, heh. B)
  • Re: Zaghoul's No-Reload Asylum of Restartitis."My 75 roll No-Reload/No Resurrection Challenge"runs

    Setting up for a new run "The 75 roll No-Reload/No Resurrection Challenge"
    A reminder of the challenge:
    - You must use a non-edited roll of 75
    - You can re-roll as many times as you like
    - You may not min/max any stats or edit any abilities at all
    - You may not resurrect any party members
    - Core rules
    - Update your progress in this thread, whether it be death or success!
    - Try to roleplay your character as much as possible :)
    - Have fun

    I finally got a new run startin again after stewing on it a bit.
    Going back to a human alchemist as it fits my Lovecraftian mood and I did not get the full feel of it yet. Definitely has lower scores this time round, lawd, but am actually enjoying the development process more.
    WIll be LN this time around as he is totally devoted to his 'art-science' and is a stickler for notes and lab procedure.
    I am getting a little more used to stopping on a 75 roll, but still miss a few good uns. Shoot, I got a 96 once, just to tempt me. Filth, I was not even interested. B)

    Just for reference: The Alchemist again Alchemists are Transmuters who dedicate their lives to the study of chemistry and potionmaking. Some use their talents to sell potions and tonics, some turn their skills to adventuring, and others are motivated solely by the pursuit of truth. Alchemists are always searching for new ingredients to fuel their businesses and laboratories, and when the local economy falls short of their expectations, the Alchemist must set out on foot. Alchemists excel at making valuable brews and dangerous explosives out of whatever ingredients they can cobble together.


    Alchemical Genius:
    - Can create potions and grenades at any time outside combat. Alchemists get additional benefits from their own potions.
    - Can use Poison Weapon once per day at level 1. Gains an additional use of Poison Weapon every 4 levels after.

    Alchemical Resilience:
    - Immunity to poison
    - 10% acid resistance per level
    - 5% fire resistance per level
    - Gains 1d6 hit points per level
    - +1 to save vs. death and polymorph every 3 levels

    - Can memorize 1 fewer spell per spell level compared to a generalist mage (an Alchemist cannot cast spells until level 2)
    - -1 penalty to casting time
    - -2 penalty to caster level
    - Cannot gain most normal mage High-Level Abilities

    CONCOCTIONS: Given the right ingredients, an Alchemist can concoct any manner of potions and brews. The Alchemist can buy pure ingredients, or simply recycle them from previous concoctions. The process is similar to purchasing goods at a store, but the Alchemist can manage ingredients much more efficiently, making his or her concoctions much less expensive than a conventional apothecary's.

    More experienced Alchemists can brew a broader variety of potions and manufacture stronger explosives. There is no limit on how many potions and grenades an Alchemist can create, provided he or she has the resources to make them.

    POISON WEAPON: The same skills the Alchemist uses to create potions to soothe pain can also be used to inflict it. The Alchemist can apply a thin coating of poison to a weapon, directly injecting the toxin into the victim's bloodstream. Multiple strikes can further poison the target, but only one dose of poison can be applied to the weapon. Alchemists can develop deadlier poisons as they become more experienced.

    For the next 2 rounds after using this ability, any creature the Alchemist attacks must make a saving throw or suffer poison damage for the next 5 rounds. The effects stack and vary based on level:

    Level 1: 1d2 poison damage, plus 1 damage per round on a failed save vs. death at +4.
    Level 4: 1d3 poison damage, plus 2 damage per round on a failed save vs. death at +3.
    Level 7: 1d4 poison damage, plus 3 damage per round on a failed save vs. death at +2.
    Level 10: 1d6 poison damage, plus 4 damage per round on a failed save vs. death at +1.
    Level 13: 1d8 poison damage, plus 5 damage per round on a failed save vs. death.
    Level 16: 1d10 poison damage, plus 6 damage per round on a failed save vs. death at -1.
    Level 19: 1d12 poison damage, plus 6 damage per round on a failed save vs. death at -2.

    The poison cannot be applied to a grenade.

    High-Level Abilities:
    - Use Any Item
    - Regeneration
    - Resist Magic
    - Purity of Body
    - Business Connections
    - Extra Level 6 Spell
    - Extra Level 7 Spell
    - Extra Level 8 Spell

    - Hit Die: d6

    My roll for my startin record:

    Now for some background tonight before I start.
  • Re: Zaghoul's No-Reload Asylum of Restartitis."My 75 roll No-Reload/No Resurrection Challenge"runs

    @ThacoBell I tried the Msinger but it seemed to have a few bugs. Unlimited rabbit summons was one I know. Can't member the other. Maybe you got it worked out. The idea is a good one, pied piper and all that. We need some giant rats in the game for him to be able to call up. B)
    Yup. So many good shaman kits now for these humanoids. Spirit walker was a beast, storm caller pretty good. Witchlight shaman good with added necro spells.
    Heh. A kobold or goblin (gobs have better animations to chose from, a bow using gob shamn would fit nicely) calling down lightning or turning into the Yak or Tiger, man. I
    Shoot, just had to remind me of my kobold shaman witchdoctor shaman (dangit is right ;) )

    Got some thinking for today :)
    I reckon Ill just roll up a few 75ers of various types and see what hits the imagination the hardest.