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  • Re: Baldur's Gate Logic

    Huh. I played more 1st than 2nd edition, but in first ed. higher monster lvls could hit like magical weapon types. I think 4+1 Hit dice (HD) could hit as +1. Rising with lvls. 6,8, and then 10 plus HD hitting like +4.

    some of the higher level monsters in BG2 their attacks count as higher level weapons, like for example i think elementals hit as if they have +4 weapons, fire giants hit with +2 weapons
    I have noticed that, which is good. B)
  • Re: The topic for unhappiness/vent your sorrow

    @UnderstandMouseMagic She does sound like a great kitty. It's good to hear your son buried her. I always, as much as it hurts, think it seems to help with closure somewhat. Cats have more loyalty and personality than some give them credit for. :)
  • Re: Hospital Stay :(

    Strength to you and your family, both mental and physical. That said, make sure you get ya tail back on here next week and let us know it went as expected, or better. :) This place has kept me going at times as well.
  • Re: Zaghoul's No-Reload Asylum of Restartitis."My 75 roll No-Reload/No Resurrection Challenge"runs

    Well that figgers...
    That run didn't last long. Death at 1st lvl from one hit by that punk Greywolf. Shoot. Can't do the same type character again for a bit as it put me right off. That slow movement did me in again as I took off running.

    Back to the drawing board again but I have had something in the back of my mind (or out of mind?) I have been trying to develop over the last week. I think I have it sorted now. B)
    Back to my favorite bard, the gypsy. Ran one before but not in the 75total/no reload/no res. challenge I seem to be addicted to now. None of that 99 plus score crap like before. Spell revisions will help again, as usual. RR is installed 2nd so ifin I ever get there the revised bard HLA will be from that.
    Tougher to get unedited scores for a bard 75er but came across a set I think will fit in. Never run a bard with lower str, int, con, and wis (lore will be zippo for a while) but should be ok.
    Gypsy bard:
    GYPSY: Gypsies are often called "travelling people" or "forest nomads," typically wandering the lands in caravans comprising of brightly painted carts or wagons. These people are well-known for their strange music and dances, typically surviving in their wandering lifestyle by entertaining villagers and folk in the places they roam. Gypsies wander the land, experiencing life as they go. They travel until they find something of interest, where they establish a temporary camp and remain until the urge to see more of the world overpowers their desire to stay. Adventuring gypsies may be on a personal quest to locate some unique place or thing or may simply be out to experience the great wonders that appear along the adventuring path.

    Gypsies are often misunderstood by others, who classify them as thieves, beggars, carnival people, nomads, or any number of other erroneous names. They are also very open and welcoming to those who seek to learn their ways and join them in their wandering, garnering for them a reputation for stealing children in the night and then spiriting them off into the wilderness. It should be noted that not all Gypsies are bards or have bardic abilities; Gypsy bards, known among Gypsy clans as "rawuns," function as the chief storytellers, lore-keepers, fortune tellers, and spiritual advisers of their Gypsy clans.

    - Song charms enemies unless they save vs. spells at +2, with a -1 penalty per 5 levels of the bard
    - Has a +1 bonus to saves vs. spells per 8 levels
    - Can cast Curse once per day. The opposite of a Bless spell, this gives foes a -1 penalty to THAC0 and saves

    - Cannot learn mage spells from the schools of Conjuration, Invocation or Transmutation

  • Re: You know it's a normal day in the forum when...

    738. I hear the APR out for new home loans today and immediately think Attacks Per Round.