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  • Re: Should I bother with Icewind Dale?

    IWD is really good about providing lore, fleshing out the setting, and making sure dungeon layouts match the type of creatures living there. On the other hand it is fairly weak when it comes to NPC interaction, choices-and-consequences, and a compelling critical path. In many respects it is a mirror image of BG2, with all the pluses and minuses that entails.
  • Re: Question about backstab.

    You can also backstab without going into stealth mode if you have items/spells/companions that can make you invisible.
  • Re: Can't dual class as human fighter to druid (baldur ee)

    There really should be a "may not dual-class or multi-class" warning on the barbarian page (like there is on the shaman page). Even better would be to just let barbarians (and shamans) dual-class, though there's been no indication from Beamdog that this is under consideration.

  • Re: Musings about Classes & Playstyles [Newbie Perspective]

    F/M vs F/M/T: A Fighter/Mage can theoretically reach the full potential of both classes, assuming there's enough experience in one playthrough for a full party. I rarely ever use backstabbing anyway, so Find Traps and Open Locks should cover my basic needs for a thief. I don't think it's worth sacrificing my character's progression (by making a F/M/T triple class) just for these two thief skills.
    Thief gives you far, far more than two thief skills. His HLA traps are among the strongest weapons available to any class and his UAI ability gives you a much better set of usable equipment than you'd otherwise have. At lower levels, pickpocket gives you whatever items you like from the Copper Coronet without slowing your march toward 15K gold. And at mid levels, perhaps your gameplay style doesn't mesh well with extensive scouting followed by a selective backstab, but if you just cast invisibility on yourself and charge with the rest of your party, you can still get backstab damage on the first attack which is often enough to defeat the target.

    Besides, in almost no sense can FM reach the full potential of the mage class. Sure, an FM can eventually cast his first 9th level spell toward the end of Throne of Bhaal, but his damage-per-spell will be much lower than a singleclass mage and in fact will have been substantially lower than a singleclass mage from the moment BG2 begins. The good news is that FMs aren't generally casting the spells a pure mage would use, but are instead mainly using buffs like stoneskin that don't depend on caster level. Basically, you should think about FMs (and FMTs for that matter) as being nigh-invulnerable fighter kits rather than as substitutes for a pure mage. If you do that, and then play them that way, you'll likely find them to be among the strongest choices in the game.
  • Re: Weapons for backstabbing

    For backstabs you want weapons with high base damage so it will get multiplied, and hopefully some sort of incapacitate/slow effect as well so you can neutralize your enemy if they somehow survive the backstab.
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