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  • Re: Should I bother with Icewind Dale?

    Get it and use the iwdnpc mod, which gives you five bg2-type joinable npcs.
  • Re: Question about backstab.

    You can also backstab without going into stealth mode if you have items/spells/companions that can make you invisible.
  • Re: Character creation for maximizing dialog options & xp

    That's a useful link, though I'd add this:

    Unlike recent CRPGs such as Pillars of Eternity, Planescape makes an unlimited amount of XP available to you through respawning monsters like Sigil's abishai, UnderSigil's demons, and the Fortress' shadows. So there isn't any great need to worry about maximizing the amount of XP you'll obtain from dialogue.

    On the other hand, there is a *huge* amount of lore you'll only learn if your mental stats are sufficiently high. There are also a few things you'll only learn if you are a mage, though this is offset by the fact that mages level very slowly and hence don't give you as many stat points as a thief or fighter Nameless One would have. By endgame, you can easily be losing out on 10+ stat points if you go mage, which is enough to make fighter or (especially) thief worth considering.
  • Re: Musings about Classes & Playstyles [Newbie Perspective]

    Fighter/Mage/Thief is an odd choice of character, imho. From what I've researched, F/M/T is a versatile, powerful multiclass early on, but falls short in the mid to long run. It takes too long to have a decent amount of spells to cast, meaning you won't be a very good mage for most of the early and mid content. You miss on the better upper level spells, too. Maybe I'm not seeing it for what it really is, but to me F/M/T is not a very good choice of character.
    I had the same impression at first glance but playing a FMT changed my mind completely. It might seem like FMT can't compare to M in terms of casting and you would be right about that. However, FT is among the strongest melee/utility classes in the game and adding mage provides a huge amount of extra survivability (stoneskin, mirror image, etc) as well as freeing up a fair number of thief points (because invisibility can substitute for your two stealth skills).
  • Re: Playing BG with a custom party

    The main issue with a custom party is that you'll be *vastly* stronger and hence will have a much easier time completing the game. This can be either a good thing or a bad thing, but if you would see it as a bad thing, you might consider upping the difficulty level when you try the series with a custom party.

    Missing the dialogues from joinable NPCs isn't a big deal if you've already heard them all before, in my view at least.