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  • Re: Your Party Screen Shots

    @Skarose Where did you get your Baeloth portrait? It's excellent!

    I'll have to get some of my former playthroughs posted up here too. Thanks for sharing everyone.
  • Re: "Best" Good Party Mage ?

    Any additional opinions on her are welcomed – and yep – I know the enjoyment / personality part is all subjective – but happy to hear what folks think.
    Dynaheir comes from a land where women of her class and station make the law. She has a haughty, forthright attitude that some might think jars with her Goodness, but these qualities tend to seek to apply the right solution and damn any actions which are careless or less-than-righteous. She is voiced by the wonderful Jennifer Hale. Occasionally she will commend other good-aligned members of your party; particularly I notice this with Khalid, whom she has a habit of complimenting for the honesty of his character.

    I do like her a great deal. The reason that people often do not like her is essentially because she exhibits some of the same traits as Edwin (self-confident, opinionated, expectant). But if we can like all those things in Edwin, then there's no reason Dynaheir shouldn't get a look in if you're doing a Good-aligned party. :)
  • Re: Playing as male charname for the first time

    I really feel like she needs a year or two on her own with the Harpers for grieving and carefully thinking out the next stage in her process. She has been so much a part of a fairly consequential marriage partnership, with Harper activities to boot. Too many memories of the complicated personality of Khalid, the would-be warrior always bravely struggling to get beyond his innate timidity....

    You might be right, however a big part of the fun and intrigue which surrounds Jaheira's romance and dialogue with you (which strangely doesn't seem to play a big part in the other 3 original romances) is that you are the son of a God and life in your company is turbulent beyond all measure of normality. The romance does address this, and several times it is shown that Jaheira isn't totally keeping up with you. If you do not romance her but bring her through ToB, her epilogue does reveal that she lost some part of her personality and understanding of the world to the chaos of travelling with the Bhaalspawn. Jaheira's romance acknowledges the context of the romance way more than the others, and in doing so, I feel it foregoes being criticised for "happening at a bad time". You're the son of Bhaal. It's always going to be a bad time! :)
  • Re: Were major battles made more difficult from the original? How much?

    To be honest it is good if Sarevok lost his magic resistance. It makes so little sense: throughout the game, mages are easily the most ferocious combatants. When you get to the big boss fights (including the final fight in ToB) your mages are reduced to near uselessness. It's unsatisfying.
  • Re: Romance: Viconia or Jaheria?

    I think they are the best romances in the game, even with the inclusion of the EE characters. I doubt you will regret whichever is your decision - narratively, they are both very rewarding.