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  • Re: Playing as male charname for the first time

    I really feel like she needs a year or two on her own with the Harpers for grieving and carefully thinking out the next stage in her process. She has been so much a part of a fairly consequential marriage partnership, with Harper activities to boot. Too many memories of the complicated personality of Khalid, the would-be warrior always bravely struggling to get beyond his innate timidity....

    You might be right, however a big part of the fun and intrigue which surrounds Jaheira's romance and dialogue with you (which strangely doesn't seem to play a big part in the other 3 original romances) is that you are the son of a God and life in your company is turbulent beyond all measure of normality. The romance does address this, and several times it is shown that Jaheira isn't totally keeping up with you. If you do not romance her but bring her through ToB, her epilogue does reveal that she lost some part of her personality and understanding of the world to the chaos of travelling with the Bhaalspawn. Jaheira's romance acknowledges the context of the romance way more than the others, and in doing so, I feel it foregoes being criticised for "happening at a bad time". You're the son of Bhaal. It's always going to be a bad time! :)
  • Re: Nalia, Lady of The Rings

    @Nuin , I have to take @Wandering_Ranger 's part on this one: a lot of Nalia's ToB dialogue suggests her venturing down a darker path, and although I do appreciate the argument that all of the PCs are given enough nuance to suggest the capacity for Evil action, it is the focus of many more banters for Nalia than for others - moreso than Korgan or Viconia by the time you reach ToB. It doesn't mean she is Evil, but it seems quite clear that the writers wanted to allude to that possibility more with Nalia than the other non-Evil NPCs.

    Atop the dialogues that Wandering Ranger has so diligently cited, I vaguely recall an admission at the end of the saga when you are forced to make a choice about your heritage, whereby Nalia acknowledges the possibility that seizing Godhood as you are being asked to would be too much for her, and she doesn't think she would wield it responsibly (I would need somebody to check my facts on this one, I admit).

    Not that BG loyally stood by attributes in all of their writing endeavours, but it is worth adding also that Nalia has 9 wisdom - nevermind the fact that this is lower than the wisdom of her Arcane counterparts, it is lower than every other NPCs wisdom save for Minsc, Korgan and Wilson! As such, falling down that rabbit hole or deviating from her intended course in pursuit of the power which would allow her to achieve her benevolent ambitions does not feel like an outrageous epilogue for her. Certainly, a lot of the possibilities that Nalia would be considering should she venture down that path would be "best left to aged sages", but she can go toe-to-toe with most of them and I'd wager she isn't older than 21, so I daresay she mightn't feel the need to leave those musings to aged sages given the opportunity to prove her own mettle. Youthful ambition is a perilous thing.
  • NPC Quest Timers

    Hey everyone, without getting into any details about specific quests, I was wondering if someone could illuminate me as to whether or not party members' quest timers will still count down if they aren't in the party. I like to do all the NPC-specific quests, even if I do not take those NPCs with me throughout the game. I know that with Anomen a messenger will come to him after 5 days of being in the party, yet I ditched him on the 2nd, and picked him up 4 days later, spawning the trigger anyway. Primarily I'm asking if this can be done for the other party members (or at least the originals, not sure have BG2EE NPCs will work in this regard) because otherwise I will be carrying Jan around for 15 days, which is a little steep.
  • Re: Thoughts on NPC Conflicts, (spoilers obviously)

    I think there is a lot of humanity in the disagreements between NPCs in the original roster. You get some really fun differences cropping up between the likes of Keldorn & Cernd, Nalia & Viconia, Jaheira & Mazzy, etc. There aren't really any two PCs who are 100% aligned in their opinions and I find that so pleasant, and a lot of the time it is all reconcilable because of the magnitude of the quest. There are very few combinations that are guaranteed not to work out, and they all are very enjoyable to watch play out; the writers found nuance between PCs that share an alignment grouping, and it's pretty hard to put together a big happy family of 6.

    Keldorn actually commends Korgan's fighting talent in SoA. I'm not sure what occurs in ToB, but contrary to the idea that they conflict, Keldorn appears to respect Korgan. Keldorn is a grizzled veteran, and the 'Lawful Stupid' argument is too simplistic in my opinion. Edwin and Nalia both reference The Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart as an organisation that is as much political as it is religious: Edwin accuses The Most Noble Order of being a party to the kind of colonial horrors committed by the European Empires. Keldorn being racist does not disqualify him from being a Paladin. He has an identity beyond his class and ideas of right and wrong that are influenced by other aspects of his background. From a societal perspective, a Paladin who deems it appropriate to kill a Drow probably doesn't flag as bad press for a Goodly God that needs to be cut from the roster.

    I agree with the OP about the incongruity of the newer NPCs in the setting. Sometimes I think they have been a little facetious, and seem to have gone out of their way to make the new NPCs irreconcilable to the style of opposition that was written between the original roster. They knew a Red Wizard NPC could join you, and centred the quest of one of their NPCs around the atrocities of Red Wizards. Obvious conflict. Monk of Selune chasing down Shar cultists vs. Cleric of Shar. Obvious conflict. A mass murdering Blackguard & a Rogue Vampire. Conflicts guaranteed. Between them, the EE NPCs manage to pull double the numbers of conflicts than the number amassed among the entire original cast, and it feels unnecessary. Could Beamdog really not see a way to work Neera's quest so that it didn't need to involve Red Wizards? What if it was Cowled Wizards, or any opportunistic homebrew organisation that wanted to throw a ton of resources at investigating Wild Mages without coming from the opposite side of Faerun?

    I'm not trying to be spiteful to Beamdog. I appreciate their effort. The conflicts in the original game were not a major feature, and were implemented very sparingly (or indeed, circumstantially in the case of Viconia-Valygar, or Anomen, so you could always bypass them). Beamdog seemed to set its NPCs on a direct collision course with the original roster and I find it jarring. I have just finished a run with Neera and Wilson. Aside from Hexxat (who is terrible) I have used them all now, and truth be told I'm probably not that likely to do so again beyond maybe doing their SoA quests.
  • Re: Thoughts on NPC Conflicts, (spoilers obviously)

    How many Drow do you Keldorn has encountered? Probably none, sure he has heard of Drizzt, who hasn't,
    Fun fact (sorry for derailing): Mazzy Fentan has not heard of him. If you take up arms against Drizzt in SoA, Mazzy will tell you that she hasn't heard of him and will follow you in to battle, hoping that you have valiant intentions by battling him. This pairs up nicely with the fact that at the end of ToB, she supportively advises you to give up your destiny and live a normal life, stating that she would be saddened if you took a Godly role and ended up being Evil. She is a decidedly non-hostile type of Lawful Good, and goes along with your quest without any out-and-out conflicts with anyone - perhaps because she believes that she will does a lot to fight Evil by your side, even if you might not be a force of Good.

    As such, to loop back to the OP, one might argue that Beamdog once again 'got it wrong' by pitting Mazzy against Hexxat. There's a very conscious decision on her part to travel with you even if there are Evil connotations to that journey, it would seem.