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  • Re: Randomly Generated Party

    I suspect it would be best to slot your Inquisitor into a defensive role, though that might mean missing out on Carsomyr for much of BG2 (a thing of great lamentation, I realise). S/he is likely to be your core defensive party member, though a buffed Bard at higher levels will be fine as your off-tank. A Kensai, Blade and Mage can handle much of the damage dealing anyway, and the Inquisitor's auxiliary abilities will compensate the loss of some of Carsomyr's overt advantages.
  • Re: [Spoiler] About Jaheira

    And Dorn never tries to go violent on you which you'd assume someone like him would.
    Before you go to face your final battle at The Throne of Bhaal, a romanced Dorn will seek some final reassurance of your resolve to seize power. If you tell him that you will not accept Godhood, he leaves your party and attempts to kill you.

  • Re: [Spoiler] About Jaheira

    And so returns the eternal debate, 'Jaheira: Bitch or Brilliant?' to its slumber just in time for the holidays, lying in wait for the day of its inevitable resurrection in a different thread in the year 2018.

    Good talk everybody, thanks for the back and forth! And Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas/whatever phrase you like! :)
  • Re: [Spoiler] About Jaheira

    - The idea that Jaheira's confidence was reliant upon a man is, if you ask me, an eagerness to impose misogyny on a highly nuanced character.

    Her "confidence" is such that she cannot accept a potential love interest disagreeing with her at any point. I would contend that this is deep seated vein of insecurity beneath that confidence, and that this is not a new trait, given her previous mate selection.

    Also, you're misusing the term misogyny.
    All of the romances are pretty linear, to be honest. The lack of correct choices you can make in Jaheira's lovetalks aren't much greater than those in Aerie or Viconia's. That is something to be frustrated by, I agree, but I think it's only more of an issue with Jaheira because her romance is so much longer than the others, and as such the opportunities to deviate from the 'intended script', as it were, are more bountiful.

    Also I'm not misusing the term, insofar as that my argument is that people are going out of their way to find reasons to belittle the character when more apparent narrative excuses are given for her behaviour. The fact that people skip right past the circumstances under which her story happens and call her out for being a woman who falls apart without a man in her life is, in my opinion, a misogynistic reading.

    - If you don't want to get on board with that, I certainly cannot make you, but if so can we all at least agree that Minsc is a dreadful embarrassment of a Rashemi Berserker for not grabbing some remnant of Dynaheir's corpse on the way out to resurrect her?

    Minsc is a dreadful embarrassment regardless of anything else, but in defence of the manchild, he complains that they killed Dynaheir, I do not recall him pointing to any specific corpse, let alone a more or less intact one, and saying "yeah, that's her worldly remains", so Irenicus potentially fed her to his Otyugh.

    There's also no timetable given on the event. If she was slain while CHARNAME was being captured, there is a country between there and here, and Minsc could have been wracked by guilt and suffering alone in a cell for the better part of a year.

    He's also very clear on the fact that he is a failure, and there's no particular indication that his relationship with Aerie is anything more than symbolic.
    Minsc explains when you first ask about Dynaheir that her spirit is "trapped in that cage", implying that she died in that same room where you regain consciousness at the beginning of the game.

    And I don't think Jaheira, through the course of her romance, declares herself to be any kind of success. In fact, the resolution with Terminsel at the end of the romance is Jaheira finally finding her resolve, and the belief that she has done the right thing. It takes her a long time to come to terms with her role in the SoA narrative. Her self-righteousness does not mean that she is, herself, always correct, and I think the romance does well to demonstrate her self-awareness in a way that other self-righteous characters (Nalia, Anomen) don't manage.

    - For starters, nobody is entitled to tell another person when they are allowed to love again, or how long they ought to grieve for.

    For the record, I can totally judge people based on behaviour personally distasteful to me.
    You are absolutely allowed to judge people based on behaviour you find personally distasteful. It would be a true fool who claims that isn't what people do every day of their lives. You aren't, however, able to extend that judgement far enough to make the claim about whether or not that means the person loved another person. You don't have to like it, but it doesn't give you narrative authority over how that person feels.
    - Beyond that, she is - and has for a long time - been entangled in a dynamic with somebody who has the essence of a God in them, and who might well become a God in full some day.

    At most a year. Also, while I appreciate the evolutionary attitude towards mate selection, "wanting to make godling babies" seems slightly out of character for Jaheira.
    I agree that this would be out of character for Jaheira: because it never once comes up in her dialogues at any point in the trilogy. Jaheira never asks you for Godling babies. Perhaps because you're making your point in a facetious way, I'm not sure what the point is you're trying to make here. If it is just to say you don't agree with my logic, that's cool, but if there's more to it than that I'd be interested to hear the point elaborated.

  • Re: What's your favourite spellcaster class?

    From a roleplaying perspective I would always choose Sorcerer, but after so many playthroughs of Baldur's Gate it's more about the gameplay now, for which I enjoy the customisability of my Mage's spellbook. I'm likely to play both many times again, though. There's little chance of me breaking even on playthroughs per class. Arcane casters go go go.