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  • Ignorance vs. Know-it-all


    The thought crossed my mind yesterday, that I have always played Baldur's Gate as ignorant when it comes to game mechanics, how to power up, best locations to hit, useful items etc.

    Back in the day (6 CD version) I used to play BG when the paper-and-pen RPG-group were unable to get together to play our usual games. Thus, almost exclusively played (and still play, although forum threads have encouraged me to try new angles) for the roleplay.

    I have found this play-style suits me well, but I am curious, if you are the opposite, i.e. Knowing basically everything about the game and its content, what draws you back?

    Is it to optimize? Challenge yourself with mathematical odds?

    How do you play the game when you know it all, and what then keeps you still interested or amused?


  • Re: Stupifier nerfed (!?)

    Come now, it is not the weapon itself that in the end is the issue.

    It is how you choose to use it in your game.

    I'd like to see a brave enough (foolish enough) player choose to hit Durlag's Tower at level 1 in a no-reload run, just because the Stupifier stunned at 25%.

    The weapon is a fun weapon for many. If your play-style makes it too powerful, the use it differently, or not at all.

    The thread was written in a sense of good humour, and it is still a pity Stupifier got nerfed, for us who used it the way we did.


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  • Re: quick death

    Quick resembles the Orcish word C'hikk, meaning 'pleasant' or 'enjoyable'.

    That could be where the linguistic error is made by Dorn, when he tries to say 'this will not be a pleasant death' and then cuts someone in half.

    Widely accepted as not a very pleasant way to go.


    P.s Yes, I just made that up... Sounded plausable though.
  • Stupifier nerfed (!?)

    To my dismay it seems The Stupifier has been nerfed.

    Previously 25% chance to stun opponent, no save.

    Now 10% chance, with save opportunity.

    It was my favorite weapon. I suspect a large-scale conspiracy... ;-)


  • Re: Hard mode - Basilisks and other xp-rich foes.

    Well, our group has a different roleplay plot set out for Gorion's ward, where CHARNAME sends for his friends to meet him in Beregost.

    His friends are a sturdy band (imported level 1 chars but fully equipped) and come to his aid due to the dramatic development of events.

    We were planning to level for HP, so that none fall by a stray arrow in an ambush or alike.