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  • fluke13
    Hi k4thos, firstly enormous thanks for all your work on the IE games, mods and EET - it's really people like you that inspired me to get into modding.

    I've started a modding project, a rather ambitious one, but I'm approaching it in manageable steps. Basically I'd like to add iwd2 into the iwdee engine, sort of a iwd2eet. So I thought I might ask your help and also offer anything you need for eet. Specifically, Id like help with the installation/packaging of the mod - it's obviously not a good idea for people to be able to play iwd2 without buying the game, so like with eet, I'd like to put some checks in place that anyone downloading the mod, does have iwd2 installed on their machine. Any thoughts on how best to achieve this? There are quite a few files I need to upload, updated to work in the ee engine (.cre, .are, . itm), however, I could make it so that all the music, image and animation files are imported from iwd2. I'd be happy to share any files I create for use with eet.
    August 25
    • CrevsDaak
      >Any thoughts on how best to achieve this?
      Check for a one of the unique .bif files and a bunch of area's tileset files, also have weidu check if the game actualy is iwd2 with it's own GAME_IS check as well.

      I have no idea about IwD2 so this is as much unasked for help i can give.