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  • Gusinda earned the 100 Agrees badge.
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    January 14
  • Kasharra

    Playing BG2EE on an S9plus. After some difficulty, found a way to edit baldur.lua and entered the new line. Hooked up a keyboard, opened the program and pressed control/enter and a window popped up. I can add money, travel to the places in the list, but pressing the experience button changes the exp to 500000 instead of adding g that much. There is a Godbow button that does not do anything as far as I can tell. Also an explore button that does not seem to do anything. Does not seem to be a way to type in commands like I have done before to get specific items or use all the PC commands I used before. Appreciate any help.
    January 2
    • Gusinda
      Hi @Kasharra, after activating the console, have a look in the bottom (centre, where the world action bar was) of the screen, you should see a text box. Touch inside the box and hopefully a cursor will show (your soft keyboard might show as well). You can then type in your console commands. For the XP, it is a set figure so touch the figure and you can change the amount.

  • Gusinda earned the 1000 Comments badge.
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    December 2018
  • SneakWalker
    Hello again,
    Can you send me the “BG1EE_2.5.17.0-Warlock_Modfile.zip” file as e-mail?
    October 2018
    • Gusinda
      I read this after commenting in the discussion... I could try but if you have a PC, you can connect your tablet and copy it across. I have been able to download it and unpack for playing. I will re-add the file in the latest comment but reduce the filename length. I don't think it is the problem but worth trying.

    • AMP1972
      @Gusinda I am obviously to ill-informed to find your mods listed, or it could be my add-blocker doing its work a bit zealously... Where is the overview to all your works? (Mostly about Vynd, but no need to hurry, just made a new half-orc shadowdancer...)
    • Gusinda
      Hi @AMP1972, I actually don't create the mods, that is for all of those wonderfully creative people out there... I only do the technical part and put them into a format that allows them to be used in the Android environment. I put the Vynd NPC mod into a modfile for use in BG-SOD (would need to be updated when 2.6 comes out) game and sent via PM with instructions to use.

      So far as searching goes, have never tried it but if you use Android in the search criteria, then it might show some of the other modfiles. There aren't many specifically for SOD (I only bought it in the last Google Play sale so couldn't test any). If you are after something more custom, then just let me know.