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  • Re: Custom portrait resets after reload

    Hi @lefreut - Tried the saved game and indeed got the same results. I then changed the second portrait with one of my custom pics and all was good.

    Opened my game and changed the a couple of portraits to be the same and reproduced the problem... the portraits that were the same reverted to default, the others remained with their set portrait.

    Made some copies of your pitcure and renamed them. Having f#01.bmp and f#02.bmp gave the same results (reverting portrait back to default) but having f#01L.bmp, f#01M.bmp, f#02L.bmp and f#02M.bmp had the portraits loading where they should each time I reloaded. I am guessing the the game is expecting different portraits files to be used as well as expecting L & M. I didn't try just having M in the filename but I have to disappear right no. Will try later.


    Edit: OK. Tried with just M at the end of each image (deleted the L files) and reloads show the portraits where they should be. Changed the first to be the same file as the second; the second image resets to default male portrait.

    I also tried the same in the game itself. Set Khalid's image to use the same filename as my CHARNAME and reloaded. Khalid's portrait became the default image.

    I surmise from this that the game is expecting to use different files for each portrait and is also expecting at least the M file for each portrait.
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  • Re: Age of Empires Definitive Edition

    I too believe that if it is only for Windows Store, it will be a deal breaker. If your not aware, there is a mod that will update your AoE Rise of Rome to widescreen and fixes the Direct Draw graphics problem.

    The mod's location,, contains the installation instructions and download. Have been using it for about 12 months and have had rare crashes when leaving the PC for a period of time and the screensaver cuts in. Isn't enough to be a concern. AoE is played at least 3-4 times per week in this household...

    I watch with interest!


    Edit: fix HTTP link.
  • Re: Custom PC & NPC Portraits

    Hi @Varwulf, I think I have them all. To let you know where they are, I just used EEKeeper and found the portrait names. Only selected change portrait on the char I was on then attempted to guess the rest. I knew that N was in front of portrait names for BG2. The hardest was Hexxat.

    I am sure there is an easier way but here is the list... If I am missing any, could you let me know so I can update my list.

    Ajantis - AJANTISL.bmp, AJANTISM.bmp, AJANTISS.bmp
    Alora - ALORAL.bmp, ALORAM.bmp, ALORAS.bmp
    Baeloth - BAELOTHL.bmp, BAELOTHM.bmp, BAELOTHS.bmp
    Branwen - BRANWENL.bmp, BRANWENM.bmp, BRANWENS.bmp
    Coran - CORANL.bmp, CORANM.bmp, CORANS.bmp
    Dorn - DORNL.bmp, DORNM.bmp, DORNS.bmp
    Dynaheir - DYNAHEIL.bmp, DYNAHEIM.bmp, DYNAHEIS.bmp
    Edwin - EDWINL.bmp, EDWINM.bmp, EDWINS.bmp
    Eldoth - ELDOTHL.bmp, ELDOTHM.bmp, ELDOTHS.bmp
    Faldorn - FALDORNL.bmp, FALDORNM.bmp, FALDORNS.bmp
    Garrick - GARRICKL.bmp, GARRICKM.bmp, GARRICKS.bmp
    Imoen - IMOENL.bmp, IMOENM.bmp, IMOENS.bmp
    Jaheira - JAHEIRAL.bmp, JAHEIRAM.bmp, JAHEIRAS.bmp
    Kagain - KAGAINL.bmp, KAGAINM.bmp, KAGAINS.bmp
    Khalid - KHALIDL.bmp, KHALIDM.bmp, KHALIDS.bmp
    Kivan - KIVANL.bmp, KIVANM.bmp, KIVANS.bmp
    Minsc - MINSCL.bmp, MINSCM.bmp, MINSCS.bmp
    Montaron - MONTARL.bmp, MONTARM.bmp, MONTARS.bmp
    Neera - NEERAL.bmp, NEERAM.bmp, NEERAS.bmp
    Quayle - QUAYLEL.bmp, QUAYLEM.bmp, QUAYLES.bmp
    Rasaad - RASAADL.bmp, RASAADM.bmp, RASAADS.bmp
    Safana - SAFANAL.bmp, SAFANAM.bmp, SAFANAS.bmp
    Shar-Teel - SHARTEL.bmp, SHARTEM.bmp, SHARTES.bmp
    Skie - SKIEL.bmp, SKIEM.bmp, SKIES.bmp
    Tiax - TIAXL.bmp, TIAXM.bmp, SKIES.bmp
    Viconia - VICONIAL.bmp, VICONIAM.bmp, VICONIAS.bmp
    Xan - XANL.bmp, XANM.bmp, XANS.bmp
    Xzar - XZARL.bmp, XZARS.bmp, XZARS.bmp
    Yeslick - YESLICKL.bmp, YESLICKM.bmp, YESLICKS.bmp

    BG SOD
    Dorn - DORNL.bmp, DORNM.bmp, DORNS.bmp
    Dynaheir - DYNAHEIL.bmp, DYNAHEIM.bmp, DYNAHEIS.bmp
    Edwin - EDWINL.bmp, EDWINM.bmp, EDWINS.bmp
    Glint Garnersonson - GLINTL.bmp, GLINTM.bmp, GLINTS.bmp
    Jaheira - JAHEIRAL.bmp, JAHEIRAM.bmp, JAHEIRAS.bmp
    Khalid - KHALIDL.bmp, KHALIDM.bmp, KHALIDS.bmp
    M'Khiin Grubdouler - MKHIINL.bmp, MKHIINM.bmp, MKHIINS.bmp
    Minsc - MINSCL.bmp, MINSCM.bmp, MINSCS.bmp
    Neera - NEERAL.bmp, NEERAM.bmp, NEERAS.bmp
    Rasaad - RASAADL.bmp, RASAADM.bmp, RASAADS.bmp
    Safana - SAFANAL.bmp, SAFANAM.bmp, SAFANAS.bmp
    Shael Corwin - SHAELL.bmp, SHAELM.bmp, SHAELS.bmp
    Viconia - VICONIAL.bmp, VICONIAM.bmp, VICONIAS.bmp
    Voghlin - VOGHILNL.bmp, VOGHILNM.bmp

    Aerie - NAERIEL.bmp, NAERIEM.bmp, NAERIES.bmp
    Amonen - NANOMENL.bmp, NANOMENM.bmp, NANOMENS.bmp
    Cernd - NCERNDL.bmp, NCERNDM.bmp, NCERNDS.bmp
    Dorn - DORNL.bmp, DORNM.bmp, DORNS.bmp
    Edwin - NEDWINL.bmp, NEDWINM.bmp, NEDWINS.bmp
    Haer'Dalis - NHAERL.bmp, NHAERM.bmp, NHAERS.bmp
    Hexxat - OHHEXXL.bmp OHHEXXM.bmp, OHHEXXS.bmp
    Imoen - NIMOENM.bmp, NIMOENS.bmp
    Jaheira - NJAHEIRL.bmp, NJAHEIRM.bmp, NJAHEIRS.bmp
    Jan - NJANL.bmp, NJANM.bmp, NJANS.bmp
    Keldorn - NKELDORL.bmp, NKELDORM.bmp, NKELDORS.bmp
    Korgan - NKORGANL.bmp, NKORGANM.bmp, NKORGANS.bmp
    Mazzy - NMAZZYL.bmp, NMAZZYM.bmp, NMAZZYS.bmp
    Minsc - NMINSCL.bmp, NMINSCM.bmp, NMINSCS.bmp
    Nalia - NNALIAL.bmp, NNALIAM.bmp, NNALIAS.bmp
    Neera - NEERAL.bmp, NEERAM.bmp, NEERAS.bmp
    Rasaad - RASAADL.bmp, RASAADM.bmp, RASAADS.bmp
    Valygar - NVALYGAL.bmp, NVALYGAM.bmp, NVALYGAS.bmp
    Viconia - NVICONL.bmp, NVICONM.bmp, NVICONS.bmp
    Yoshimo - NYOSHIML.bmp, NYOSHIMM.bmp, NYOSHIMS.bmp

    Saverok - SAREVOKL.bmp, SAREVOKM.bmp, SAREVOKS.bmp

  • Re: First playthrough of Temple of Elemental Evil: Party advice??

    @scriver, Enlarge Person is an absolute must on my tank... I have always leaned towards the Rogue as my fav class type but this fighter was trying to prove it wrong and was also my big damage dealer. In the end, I still prefer the Rogue mixin... Another weapon that I had fun with was the Spiked Chain (on a Bard/Rogue - Weapon Finesse) but I felt the Glaive just better.
  • Re: First playthrough of Temple of Elemental Evil: Party advice??

    Hi @Eadwyn_G8keeper, not sure if you are aware, but the original game was full of bugs. If you haven't already done so, I recommend getting hold of two mods which will enhance your game play..

    The first is Temple + which is located here with the forum located here, and the second is 'The Circle of Eight Mod Pack' located here. Install the Circle of Eight Mod first then Temple + (which is still being developed with adding new classes, support for DirectX11 etc...).

    One party that I enjoyed:
    Elf Rogue 5/Wizard 15 (Longsword/Long Bow - Party Leader, sniper, rogue duties)
    Human Fighter 20 (Glaive - Tank - suprisingly good fun!)
    Dwarven Cleric (Moradin) 18/Paladin 2 (Dwarven Axe and Warhammer - Healer, Second Tank, Buffer, Crafter - Good/Earth)
    Elf Druid 17/Monk 3 (Spear/Long Spear, Animal Companion - some healing duties, Summoner, Crafter)
    Half Elf Bard 17/Mage 1/Cleric 1/Rogue 1 (XBow, Rapier - Support & Crowd Control)
    Dwarven Rogue 16/Fighter 4 (Bastard Sword/Dagger/Xbow - Opportunist, Trap specialist and Pickpocket extrordinaire)