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  • Re: Am I playing the latest update?


    When you open BGEE, look at the top of the screen (before selecting which game) and you should see your version number.

    This is the latest released version; v2.3.67.3. There is however, some beta testing occuring at the moment that takes it to 2.5.x, which is about to move into phase 2 (or has done).

  • Re: [MOD] Reveal Hidden Gameplay Options (for all EE games patched to v2.0 or higher)

    @fkirenicus, suggestion:

    I haven't used any mods for PS:T at all on the tablet, but I have for BG series. In BG, the dialog.tlk can't be copied over. It needs to be 'stored' (no compression) into a zip file and centralfix (available in the modding android thread) applied. This file (can be named anything but I generally call it is then placed into the root of the 'android\data\game folder\files' (where baldur.lua would be).

    I would try copying the rest of the 'lang' folder over in plain, and only zipup the dialog.tlk...

  • Re: Installing and Playing IWD2

    @Thels, I would like to see this IWD2EE version you have :). This is my install of the original version of IWD2:

    This is convenient. I have the original disks (which is still my install), but I have recently bought the game again from GOG. So for me, this is good timing for a re-install and to sort the mods...

    Depending on where you are installing from, the game needs to be updated to the latest version (v2.01.1016).

    Mods I currently have (in order installed):
    Widescreen for IE v3.07 (Mine is set to 1920 x 1200)
    IWD2 GUI Fix_1.04 - Sets the GUI back to centre when using Widescreen mod (I use the manual install)
    DDRawFix - Direct Draw Fix/Emulation for playing on modern Windows
    My aqrit.cfg (DDraw.dll config file):

    RealDDrawPath = AUTO
    BltMirror = 0
    BltNoTearing = 0
    ColorFix = 1
    DisableHighDpiScaling = 1
    FakeVsync = 0
    FakeVsyncInterval = 0
    ForceBltNoTearing = 0
    ForceDirectDrawEmulation = 0
    NoVideoMemory = 1
    SingleProcAffinity = 0
    ShowFPS = 1

    Ease of Use Mod Pack - Bunch of mods by Weimer
    Weimer-Targos - Undead and Tougher Torak
    Weimer-Merchant - Bonus BG2 Merchant
    IWD2NPC Project - Joinable NPCs
    Light of Selune - Items, updated some classes to D&D3.5, more difficult traps etc.
    IWD2FixPack - Fixpack and Unfinished Business
    IWD2 Cleric Domains - More cleric domains

    Others I am looking at for new install
    IWD2Tweaks Pack - Convenience Tweaks like Inventory Stacking etc...
    Bonus Adventure Pack - Various Unique Items
    Tactics4IWD2 - Tactics Mod to make things difficult for you.

    Please note that there is a problem with Widescreen mod in that the game will freeze when you fight the treants in Fell Wood. You need to revert to 800x600 before undertaking this then you can go back to what ever resolution your game was set to.

    Another thought... if you are playing the game and something like windows gadgets which (as they update) tear though the to the game UI, just open notepad or explorer to full screen and that will prevent the tearing.

    You can also stop those annoying Intro Movies. Just create empty files (0 bytes) called BISlogo.mve, Credits.mve, NVidia.mve, and MOTC.mve; then copy them over to IWD2\Data. Backup the original versions if you wish.

    If you prefer larger fonts, you can also try 'BiggerFonts for IE Games_FontMod_v2.1' but I refer the original text size.

    Don't forget DaleKeeper to perfect your PCs...

    Right, I think that is it for the moment. I haven't had any conflicts using this config. I will watch this thread for more good info/mods then go about reinstalling IWD2 myself.


    Edit: Added a Spoiler to aqrit.cfg as it interfered with the rest
  • Re: Rasaad quest not firing after all conversations

    Hi @GreenWarlock, have you tried this at all? If it is the same, it appears to be a known problem for 1.3. Not sure if it is fixed for 2.x.

  • Re: Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Game Not Working on Android O

    @hareeshreddy, welcome to the forum.

    Can I suggest reinstalling (which will require the uninstall first of course) your game then :smile:... Before you do, go to the folder '/android/data/com.beamdog.baldursgateenhancededition' and rename it to '/android/data/com.beamdog.baldursgateenhancededition.backup' before uninstalling. It will not be deleted (have done this many times) as part of the uninstall. After reinstalling, I usually start the game first to make sure all runs as it should, this will create a new '/android/data/com.beamdog.baldursgateenhancededition' folder. Close the game and then copy the contents from '/android/data/com.beamdog.baldursgateenhancededition.backup' to the newly created folder. All will be as it was or at east your saved games will be.

    I don't know whether this will fix the problem of not restarting under Oreo, but it is certainly one of the first steps in problem solving I would do...

    Hope it helps

    One thing I forgot to do (which actually should be the first step in problem solving app probs...) is to clear the cache. If your not aware how to do this, go to the 'Application Manager' and select Baldur's Gate. Not sure where it is found in Oreo, but on mine (Marshmallow), I then select 'Storage' then 'Clear Cache'.

    Edit 2: Found this...
    In Android 8.0, clearing the cached data is only possible app by app, under ‘Settings > Apps & notifications’, then by selecting an app, and hitting Storage.
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