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  • Re: BG:EE on windows 10 tablet

    @KMiSSioN, Welcome to the Forum...

    I can't answer for your specific device, but I have had the BGEE series running on a Windows tablet of lessor specs (HP Omni 10 with 2GB RAM and Intel Graphics). I would suggest that you will be able to run it on the Dell. There are other comments within the forum where the games are being run on Windows Tablets as well.

    If you do run into an immediate prob, then post the problem and we will help out. It is likely to be a graphics problem where installing DirectX 9.0c and running the game using DirectX instead of OpenGL generally fixes it. This can be done by opening 'baldur.lua' and changing the line below from a 0 to a 1.


    Hope this makes sense.
  • Re: What about sleeping in a Bag of holding

    @Skatan - Dwarf; LEAN? - You poor lad, you must either be very young or malnourished.

    Forget sleeping! Ye be gettin y'self down to the nearest tavern and place y'self on a better diet of fine honey mead or the best Dwarven Ale ye can afford.
  • Re: Crazy long save times

    Hi @Stinabo, when did it start? My guess is that it started since the recent update of Windows 10 which probably corrupted some drivers. Would you be able to Directx diagnotics? Just type dxdiag in the search box. Once the diagnostics is complete, click on the 'save all information' button and upload the document to this discussion (the icon that looks like a document with a bent corner).

    In the meanwhile, you could probably check to see if your drivers are all up to date and reinstall DirectX 9.0c. Change the game engine to reflect directx by modifing the following line in baldur.lua

    (or vica versa)

    This last time this occurred, it looked as if it was the engine backend that was the problem. You will find the link for directx 9.0c at the bottom of that page.

    Good Luck
  • Re: What about sleeping in a Bag of holding

    @skatan, As far as I remember (haven't DM'd for a long while), if you were to try and sleep in the Bag of Holding, it is likely to be a very short or an unending sleep. The bag only has about 10 mins of air... As far as getting in (DM may allow for wider opening bags and therefore depends on the size of the bag), the opening would need to be big enough to allow you to get in unless a spell is used to reduce your size or your character type is small enough.

  • Re: PST:EE console, commands and codes how-to

    @Emanon, welcome to the forum... I am assuming that you are talking about the enhanced edition of PS:T here...

    All you should need to do is copy and paste the line below into you baldur.lau (located in your ..\Documents\Planescape Torment - Enhanced Edition folder), Make sure you don't have the game running while you do this.

    SetPrivateProfileString('Program Options','Debug Mode','1')

    CTRL-Space are the correct keys.

    Good luck