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  • Re: Item Codes for new items.

    Hi @Zorlax, its the 'Arcane Scroll of Impactful Doom'. Try


  • Re: BG:EE on windows 10 tablet

    @KMiSSioN, Welcome to the Forum...

    I can't answer for your specific device, but I have had the BGEE series running on a Windows tablet of lessor specs (HP Omni 10 with 2GB RAM and Intel Graphics). I would suggest that you will be able to run it on the Dell. There are other comments within the forum where the games are being run on Windows Tablets as well.

    If you do run into an immediate prob, then post the problem and we will help out. It is likely to be a graphics problem where installing DirectX 9.0c and running the game using DirectX instead of OpenGL generally fixes it. This can be done by opening 'baldur.lua' and changing the line below from a 0 to a 1.


    Hope this makes sense.
  • Re: max xp reached listen to my story! need advice!

    Hi @gabeperron - Have a read of the discussion that Grond0 has pointed you to. You will need to have a PC to be able to make the modifications and is actually reasonably easy to manage depending on what mods you want. I had no problems with modding the games on my Android devices (at that stage, a Samsung phone and tablet). For my Android install, I only used basic mods mainly from BG2 Tweaks v16, Wandcase and a couple that I threw into the override directory like Algeron's Cloak.

    I had played the game from way back and knew what mods I wanted to be included. If you haven't played the game before, then I would play it through with a party in all its glory. If you have played before, and only looking to play solo, then it is unlikely that you will be able to finish under the cap... I would restart the game with a new character and ignore the tower until near the end (but that is only me :smile: ).

    If you decide to mod and don't have a PC, a Mod Pack for BG2EE on Android was made for another forum member. I think there would be no probs doing the same for yourself. If you go that way, need to know what version of BGEE (v1.3.xxxx) is being used, on what device and what mods/mod components you would like to be included.


    Hi @ROQU - Welcome to the forum.

    I am guessing that you are referring to the Enhanced Editions of BG. If so, there is a set of instructions here which lets you know about where the directories are. I don't actually use Steam but it appears as if the game folder should be located in the SteamApps folder. It is also a bit of a FAQ that is helpful.

    So far as portaits go, they have to be 24 bit .bmp (I use 210x330 for the ingame portrait and 420x660 for the charater sheet picture and don't have any problems). There can sometimes be a problem with the naming convention as well, so I use lowercase for all letters in the filename.

    Hope that helps
  • Re: What about sleeping in a Bag of holding

    @Skatan - Dwarf; LEAN? - You poor lad, you must either be very young or malnourished.

    Forget sleeping! Ye be gettin y'self down to the nearest tavern and place y'self on a better diet of fine honey mead or the best Dwarven Ale ye can afford.