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  • Re: Override folder-friendly mods?

    Hi @JCPheonix, Do you have access to a PC? If so, it is reasonably easy to create a mod pack and copy it into your Android game folder. The mods I used were really only based around the BG2 Tweaks v16 pack; Tweaks Anthology v3 is the current replacement, but because you are using 1.3.x, the BG2 Tweaks pack works well.

    Have a look at this discussion for most the info needed to generate the modkit.

    I am in the process of making some notes about modding the Android games (mainly so I don't forget the process I used, but also to help out one of the members who is 'Alpha' testing the notes at the moment) , and I am happy to upload it here to the forum when nearly complete (these things are never really complete). The notes are currently about BG2EE but would just as easily work for BGEE as well. As a bonus, it will provide some details on how to enable your saved game and modding setup to allow editing via EEKeeper.

    If you don't have access to a PC, have a look at BG2 Tweaks or Tweaks Anthology (not tested on Android by me, so I can't say whether it will work for 1.3.x) and make a selection. If possible (it may depend on what version of BGEE you have for your android device), I can put together a pack for you. As an example, I did a pack for BG2EE for another member who didn't initially have access to a PC. If you run BG2EE on your device and it is 1.3.2064, then why not try it out; the details of what was modded are in the discussion...

    I still have 1.3.2070 (Android) setup on my PC for modding but I don't play on my Tab S any more as I went hybrid PC. Should be able to test on my Note 4 though.

    If not and you are only looking for some override folder mods, then I kept a couple in my archive:
    More Style for Mages_Ranged Staffs, Circlets, Robe Tweaks (not sure if the latest version still supports 1.3 but worth trying, and the override version is still there.
    Algerons Cloak - many Charms per day, there may be some other overrides there as well that would suit. Be aware that most are for BGEE v2.0 so it would be a little but of guess work as well as trial and error.
    BGEE - BG_EE_Level 40
    Unfortunately the rest of the mods I have for 1.3.x are weidu based.

    Not in my archive but might work is A Simple XP Cap Remover which you would use without the SOD component of course.

    Anyway, sorry for the wall of text but I hope that it helps

  • Re: Dual Class importing

    Hi @kovach, open the game no problems with EEKeeper and had a quick look. The "can not use Mage items" problem is related with effects in the Effects Tab. I can't say how they got there when importing, but if if you go into the Effects Tab and remove all of the "Item: Can't Use Itemtype [181]", you will be permitted to use the items of concern (with a kit change). You may also want to remove the other Effects as they may not belong to your character type either.

    If you are having difficulites with EEKeeper, I can remove all of the effects or just the itemtype restriction and upload the saved game here. Let me know the specifics (ie: kit type etc..)

    For info, I was able to give the items while the character was he a Grizzly kit, he couldn't use scrolls, removed the can't use itemtype and he still couldn't use the scrolls. I then changed the original fighter kit to base class and had no problems using scrolls and amulet.

    Hope this helps.

  • Re: BG:EE refusing to run in fullscreen

    As Gate70 has suggested, install DirectX 9.0c. This can live beside DirectX 12 on your without problems and provides some additional functionality. Once you have done that, open baldur.lua and change the line:

    to read

    This changes the engine to use DirectX rather than OpenGL, which had problems on some systems (esp Intel Graphics).

    I (personally) would also change the game scaling ((SetPrivateProfileString('Graphics','Scale UI','1') = 0) but I wouldn't expect to create the problem you are seeing. Try it as part of problem solving though...

    I would also force the game to use the NVIDIA card (it might be just wishful thinking but I find the game looks better). This is what my line looks like (tours of course would be different for the 940):

    SetPrivateProfileString('Graphics','renderer','GeForce GTX 770M/PCIe/SSE2')

  • Re: BG:EE refusing to run in fullscreen

    Hi @Sargon1, would you also be able to post your baldur.lua from your "...\Documents\Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition" folder"? This might be able to confirm some other settings.

    I suppose that you had better also confirm which version of BGEE you are using and whether it is baldur.ini or baldur.lua. If baldur.ini then post that...

    In the meanwhile, it could be related to the card being selected by the game. Could you try and run the game forcing the game to use the GeForce (I am guessing here that it is selecting the HD Intel card first and not the discrete one...). To do this, right click on the icon or go to the folder that has the game installed and right click on baldur.exe, and select "Run with graphics processor" then select "High performance NVIDIA processor". If it is indeed using the NVIDIA card being used by default by the game, then try the Intel card so see if it changes the behaviour.

    As another thought, when you edited baldur.lua/ini, was the game closed and not running (I am thinking it was but it is good to make sure).

    If this doesn't work, we can try some other steps when settings in baldur.lua/ini are identified...

    Good luck
  • Re: Working cheats for BG:EE?

    @Dragunov615, it is a bit different but the best way I have found to add items in the android version is to have access to a PC and setup in accordance with this discussion. Then add EEKeeper and make any changes to the game you want...