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  • Re: Bg2:ee android fullscreen

    @Aralyon, you need to make sure that you post something about this to be looked at by the developers, otherwise Greater Wish never has a chance of success...

    Have alook here on how submitted a ticket (bug report). I tried to make a link to Redmine/Support pages but for some reason I am being timed out. Might be some work happening on the server. Include any of your screen shots in the description.

  • Re: BGII:EE Android Tweaks

    Couldn't find if the 1PP mod was compatible with the EE series so I thought I would get the Avatar changing mod out BG Tweaks v16. In the meanwhile, I will try out the 1PP mod to see what works and what doesn't for EE.

    Remove the previous files and repeat install with this one.

    If probs occur, let me know.

  • Re: BGII:EE Android Tweaks

    OK. Here is the modfile. Unfortunately the component "Change Avatar When Wearing Robes or Armor" has been withdrawn from the Tweaks Anthology in favour of another mod (One Pixel Production). When I find the mod, I will add it on and reupload a new version.

    To install:
    - Copy file to the BG2EE files folder
    - Delete the any current and override folder.
    - Using ES File Explorer (or My Files), unpack the file to the current path.
    - Test BG2EE start.

    You should end up with in your 'files' folder and override folder with contents unpacked.

    To uninstall:
    Delete and override folder.

    If you have any probs, let me know.

    Happy gaming
  • Re: [How to] Install mods on Android

    Hi @Caszidy, I wasn't aware of the Czech language install... Would you be able to try something then as part of the fault finding then?

    Given that you have an install with just BG1NPC and Tweaks configured, in a new folder (BG1EE Modfile), create the following structure:

    ..\BG1EE Modfile\lang\cs_CZ
    ..\BG1EE Modfile\lang\en_US
    ..\BG1EE Modfile\override

    From the folder where you installed your mods, copy the following files into their corresponding folders:

    \override (all contents)

    In 'BG1EE Modfile' folder, click on '\lang' and zip it as a store ( Apply 'centralfix' to it, then zip and the 'override' together etc to move on to the device. Unpack on the device as done previously and try the game again.

    This puts both the default language and your language on the device. It may work, it might not... I will try here to setup a modfile using the Czech language (although it will all be invalid to be not knowing a second language :smile: ) and see what happens on my config.

    For @Isaya, if this works, we might be able to also include the audio files given you are using the french language.

  • Re: BGII:EE Android Tweaks

    Hi @brotirael4ik, and welcome to the forum. Always happy to put a modfile together but just to make sure we are on the same page...

    You are using BG2EE v1.3.2064 with Engilsh language and would like the following from Tweaks Anthology (was using BG2 Tweaks for this but now Tweaks Anthology 4.0):

    Remove Helmet Animations
    Weapon Animation Tweaks
    Icon Improvements
    Change Avatar When Wearing Robes or Armor
    Force All Dialogue to Pause

    Improved Athkatlan City Guard
    Improved Multi-Player Kick-out Dialogues
    Add Bags of Holding
    Multiple Strongholds -- no restrictions
    Bonus Merchants
    Female Edwina
    Allow Cromwell to Upgrade WK Items
    Give Cespenar Cromwell recipes

    Universal Clubs
    Weapon Styles for All
    Remove Experience Cap
    Allow Thieving in Heavy Armor
    Allow Spellcasting in Heavy Armor
    No Restrictions on Multiple Protection Items
    Alter Weapon Proficiency System--all changes
    Cast Spells from Scrolls at Character Level
    Multiclass Grandmastery
    True Grandmastery
    Triple Class HLA Tables
    Alter Multiclass Restrictions--allow every race to have every muticlass combo
    Remove Racial Restrictions for All Classes
    Alter Dual Class Restrictions--allow nonhumans to dual class
    Remove Racial Restrictions for Kits

    Is this correct?

    If you want, have a look at Tweaks Anthology and see if there is anything else you would like included.