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  • Re: The LoB + SCS Solo Challenge and the mother of all questions: No-Reload or Poverty?

    The Wizard Slayer looks like the right candidate for some kind of new madness - no? First i thought dual classing him to Thief but i cant see any way past Big B so the Druid seems to be the right candidate. Once more. I am not sure how good all the available stuff will be to compensate for the loss of the nearly gamebreaking Spirit Summons. We will see!

    But first i will need some time to get a decent roll..... :D

    Any advice or ideas about this one is highly welcome! ;)
    That sounds tough. Were you aiming to get a decent THAC0 from the wizard slayer or dual fairly early to druid? If the former then you're in for a fair amount of grinding :p.
  • Re: The LoB + SCS Solo Challenge and the mother of all questions: No-Reload or Poverty?

    Just a quick question on the challenge - do familiars count as NPC's for the purposes of this challenge? Or are they allowed?
    @canadianchris familiars are definitely allowed. Even if you just keep one in your backpack it gives a useful HP boost to a mage. That's one reason why a possible candidate for this challenge would be a mage dualled to something else almost immediately - not just extra HPs, but free use of wands as well :).
  • Re: The LoB + SCS Solo Challenge and the mother of all questions: No-Reload or Poverty?

    @histamiini: No racial enemy for the Archer/Mage. Due to engine limitations, only fighters, thieves, and clerics can dual-class to mage; not rangers. Theoretically I could add a workaround for the missing racial enemy, but I'm not sure I want to. I only created the kit so I could dual-class to a mage or thief; I never intended to make the fighter Archer kit a true replica of the ranger kit.

    @Victor_Creed_SFV: To my knowledge, elves only get resistance to the unconsciousness effects of Command and Sleep.
    If that's the case I've been very unlucky with the 10% miss chance, I've never gotten a sucessful resistance ever since I play BG. :open_mouth:
    The game doesn't tell you that the spell has been resisted - it just has no effect. It's common when trying to use Algernon's Cloak on a target for that to do nothing, so identifying when that's the result of elven resistance is not obvious. However, if you try and charm an elf you will find it takes rather longer than would otherwise be expected :D.

    Up to v2.3 there was a bug which resulted in 2 separate sources of resistance potentially cancelling each other out. Thus for instance if you add Greenstone Amulet protection to an elf that can actually make him more susceptible to charm, rather than providing immunity. I haven't got around to testing if they've solved that in v2.5.
  • Re: Politics. The feel in your country.

    Anyway...the main point is that they sent out that message on purpose to judge people's reactions.
    Based with a choice of cock-up or conspiracy, I vote for cock-up :p. If it was a deliberate act there would not only be significant political consequences, but legal ones as well. Not only could the state be sued for any accidents that happened while people attempted to seek safety this time (which could happen anyway), but they could also potentially be sued in the event of a real emergency by people not seeking safety on the grounds they assumed it was another test. Of course if an emergency were sufficiently serious that might render legal consequences moot anyway ...
  • Re: The LoB + SCS Solo Challenge and the mother of all questions: No-Reload or Poverty?

    I also found that taking down Belhifet's Improved Invisibility is a hopeless exercise. He keeps re-casting it if I hit him with an Arrow of Dispelling, and the level 3 mage spell Detect Illusions does not dispel Improved Invisibility like I thought it would--I'd need to cast Oracle for that.
    I would have thought Detect Invisibility should work, though I'm not sure it would be particularly useful given how quickly Belhifet re-establishes invisibility. True Sight would be a much better option, but presumably there aren't any scrolls for that lying around in SoD.