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  • Re: The LoB + SCS Solo Challenge and the mother of all questions: No-Reload or Poverty?

    @Grond0, great to see Frey back in action. I wasn't aware that the rats could be dealt with this way. I thought they attacked, knocking Charname unconscious with their non-lethal attacks.
    @blackraven they do attack and knock you unconscious - but you recover quite quickly and remember to attack back without fresh instructions. The rats had a quicker attack and in the position Frey took 2 of them could attack at once with a 50% chance each to hit, which meant there was only a 25% chance that Frey would get an attack of his own in. That's why the encounter took so long for him - a fighter in splint armor wielding a +1 dagger will actually finish the rats pretty much as quickly as in a kiting fight. I partly did the fight because I've so often seen comments about how unfair and unbalanced the rats are, but that seems a bit harsh considering any character can safely kill them.

    @Arctodus I like Ras as a summons for solo runs. I don't have experience with it in LoB, but in core games it can be very helpful to tie up dragons for a few rounds while you finish them off and I think it would still be useful for you (if nothing else it will sometimes allow you to retreat from fights safely).
  • Re: "Maybe this time" [NO-RELOAD THREAD]: "Arbane and the Little Sword That Could"

    'Long-life challenge' - bard {1} (update 1)
    I rolled a bard up for this challenge almost a year ago, but haven't actually got around to trying it before now. I don't expect this character to get too far - so here goes nothing.

    In Candlekeep, the saying goes, "a journey begins with a single stride".
    My own wanderings, I've found, start with a well-turned phrase
    A single speech or song is normally enough to gather praise
    Though Firebead needed more to satisfy his pride.

    In Candlekeep, the saying goes, "avoid the sirine's song".
    If you don't know what is a sirine
    Take no chances, but just vent your spleen
    After all - allowing competition must be wrong.

    In Candlekeep, the saying goes, "the blind they cannot see".
    Such a truth may well be trite
    But when you find you're in a tough fight
    This spell provides a key.

    In Candlekeep, the saying goes, "to talk can make a friend".
    Conversation is a wonderful thing
    And sometimes can even inspire me to sing
    But some people's talk deserves a booted rear end.

    In Candlekeep, the saying goes, "beauty is in the eye of the basilisk".
    If, like me, you dislike stone statues
    And prefer your basilisks in the form of shoes
    Use some protection and don't take a risk.

    In Candlekeep, the saying goes - actually who cares what they say.
    The strong and powerful make their own rules
    The weak just die or are made into tools
    And if you want to be strong, find something tough to slay.

    Bard L8, 54 HPs (incl. 6 from familiar), 128 kills
  • Re: The LoB + SCS Solo Challenge and the mother of all questions: No-Reload or Poverty?

    Keep on trying @Grond0 and you will - hopefully soon - join the SoD fun trip!
    Thanks for the encouragement - and I do feel there is a realistic chance of success with any attempt. To try and convince myself to take some extra care next time I thought I would outline below the expected stages of Frey's run (that's just off the top of my head, so I've probably forgotten things). That may both help keep me on track (rather than getting sucked into taking on everything - and then dying to a critical from a gibberling or something equally miserable) and provide an incentive to avoid risks. I'll also only use my standard restrictions on healing items and antidotes. I'll edit the post later in red to reflect any particular issues that occur in the next run.

    Gaining invisibility
    This is the riskiest part of the run as there's no counter available to the possibility of fatal archer ambushes until you can travel invisible. There was an ambush with a single kobold archer on the transition to Shoal's area, but Frey managed to run out of range before he could fire.
    - do tasks in Candlekeep and leave with a backpack stuffed with sling bullets.
    - kill Imoen, Xzar and Montaron (I don't allow recruiting PCs in a solo run).
    - travel to Shoal's area and kite her round (don't blind her as she would then wander off into more enemies).
    - still in Shoal's area rest repeatedly and investigate area by wrecked ship. Both the carrion crawlers on the random encounter spot there and the dire wolves that may ambush you during resting can safely be blinded and shot down. There should be enough ammunition to get the 10k needed for level 4 and invisibility. I also came close to death there when I let Frey run out of bullets, but managed to pause the game just before he reached a carrion crawler waving his staff.

    Gaining equipment
    From this point until the palace fight any death should be avoidable (barring bugs).
    - at High Hedge buy the potion bag. Move on to Beregost to pick up Algernon's Cloak. That's not essential, but does cut down significantly on the time required for some early encounters (reducing the possibility of making mistakes). Buy the sling +1 and kill Neera for her bag.
    - while reputation is being hammered travel up to Ulgoth's Beard and charm Dushai (I think the chance of success there is 2.5% per attempt, so may take a while) to move him away from nosy villagers then shoot him down. Again his ring is not essential, but being able to kite some enemies round inside a web is nice! On the way there use invisibility to loot the ankheg nest. Did some reputation quests on the way down to Nashkel to ensure getting CLW as a Bhaal power. That included a bug with Ardrouine where the game didn't recognise all the worgs were dead - but I just carried on anyway.
    - at Firewine Bridge charm Meilum and introduce him to some kobolds to get his scroll then do the same to Meilum to get his bracers.
    - pick up the Frost Wand from Nashkel Mine and Monster Summoning Wand from Valley of the Tombs.

    Restoring reputation
    - buy the green scroll of PfP and visit the basilisks (stone to flesh scroll there to get a rep point). Wand scorchers on groups of 4 basilisks both north and south will ensure time is not an issue to kill the monsters. Send in an invisible Korax to attack Mutamin and his 2 basilisk pets - he has an excellent chance of success there. Using the scroll of stinking cloud from Mutamin also gives him a chance against Kirian's mob (especially if you support him with blindness), but run away if that's not working out. I rested before recruiting Korax for Mutamin. An attempted blindness on Lindin drew him away to be paralysed by Korax, but I think I must then have left the game unpaused while doing a bit of work as Korax went hostile while moving round to find Peter. Instead of using him Peter and Baerin were charmed and taken away to die before Kirian was webbed and blinded.
    - carry on round doing other reputation tasks. Charm Greywolf to get enemies to wear him down for you (though you always want to deal the fatal blow to charmed creatures to get the XP). Rest in between encounters with multiple enemies (mine-site, Arabelle) to reduce the amount of kiting required. Activate Drizzt while invisible and go and kill Bjornin's half-ogres in the area while the gnolls are nibbling away at the drow. Carefully using the cloak from extreme range will allow you to safely charm sirines at the Lighthouse (or could just overwhelm them with summons). Golems can then be kited with bullets or bashed with staff (if you have stoneskin by then) to get the constitution tome. Durlag's was done prior to this to make sure I did have stoneskin.
    - pick up charisma tome (with that and the Cloak Frey gets to 20 charisma without the need for Friends).
    - pick up tome from Durlag's (killing battle horrors and basilisks there for another XP boost).
    - if Meilum was successful rep will be up to 20 prior to the Nashkel Mine and shopping can be done then. Alternatively, may need to do the mine first (web Mulahey and attack him while held before retreating invisibly to prompt his dialogue. Wait for his summons to all gather round him and skull trap the lot of them). The bug with Ardrouine and failure with Melicamp meant reputation was only at 19 even after Nashkel Mine, so Frey went on to the Bandit Camp before shopping.

    Main quest
    - Nimbul can be webbed and blinded.
    - Tranzig's saves are too good for blind, so the easiest way to deal with him is using summons. Alternatively charming a traveller and using area transitions to dodge spells both work fine, but with slightly more risk of making a mistake.
    - get a lift to the Bandit Camp with Teven and go invisible to avoid fighting when Tazok attacks. With the run of the camp you can now freely charm Taurgosz and send him off for a fatal encounter somewhere. Inside the tent you could just loot it and leave invisibly. Alternatively set up summons and charm enemies from out of sight of Raemon and direct the conflict invisibly (and out of range of horror). The Camp proved fatal after a pretty smooth run to here. I was trying to charm enemies inside the tent and sneak out without being noticed, but after doing that successfully a couple of times 7 or 8 enemies followed Frey out. Stoneskins and MSD allowed him to go invisible again, but rather than continue to nibble away after resting I put up some summons with the intention of then using webs and blindness on the enemies. Unfortunately I'd forgotten the follow-me script many of the SCS enemies in the camp have. Even though the summons were well out of sight, their appearance immediately triggered the enemies to move in to the attack. I didn't move Frey away far enough and he was caught by a horror aimed at the summons and rapidly shot down by Black Talons and hobgoblin elites.
    - travel invisibly through the Cloakwood. At the mine Drasus's companions are all subject to being charmed without activating him (there's a possibility he can be charmed as well, but he may be activated by the attempt). Webs and skull traps may then kill Drasus, but using summons can make sure.
    - in the mine use invisibility to sneak down to Davaeorn. Magic protection for the traps then skull traps from out of sight of the mage normally works well. If his script fires then retreat invisibly and wait for all guards to arrive then skull trap the lot of them (resting as necessary in the same area).

    End Game
    - get the tomes in the City. Summons for Marek (and potentially Lothander, though he's not easy to kill before he disappears in LoB), Ramazith and Jalantha all work well. Also get remaining 2 Necklace of Missiles as they don't take up any inventory room.
    - investigate Iron Throne invisibly and report for duty at Candlekeep.
    - knock open tombs using protection as necessary before leaving invisibly.
    - draw Slythe away from Krystin and attack with summons (paralysation wand is also an option for him).
    - at the palace use buffs and summons before starting the fight. Use improved invisibility on the dukes and malison + chaos (from scrolls) to attempt to disable attackers (wand of paralysation and slow are also an option if there are only a few active opponents left).
    - ensure all funds are spent up on any scrolls, item recharges etc desired before SoD.
    - sneak through maze and on to temple.
    - strand Sarevok in corner using invisibility - all except Angelo will follow him. Carefully tempt Angelo out of invisibility and into action (better to do that yourself to avoid summons being scared / confused and activating the others). If you have spell protections / Protection from Poison / stoneskin then Angelo can't immediately hurt you and malison + paralysation should eventually tag him. Summons can then kill him and the replacement skeleton warrior. Lots of fireballs will (eventually) kill the others (can just wait for Diarmid's scroll protection to expire before starting those) and as the skeleton warriors are drawn out they can be swamped by summons once out of sight of Sarevok. Lots more summons and magic missiles will then deal with Sarevok rather quicker than kiting him round.
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