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  • Re: The LoB + SCS Solo Challenge and the mother of all questions: No-Reload or Poverty?

    Same problem here @Grond0! Level 7 would be perfect but without XP loop getting the Druid up seems to be not much fun. The loss of level 4 & 5 spells might be important against Sarevok - might be not. Too bad that Wisdom 21 is not in reach...
    Are you sure you can't get wisdom 21? I had a feeling that 21 strength was sufficient to kick open the tomb with the final tome in (or is it 22?).

    Might be @semiticgod but i used PfM nearly all the time and Absorb Health was never a problem as the Cornugons did not use it. ;)
    That could well be a scripting issue. I could easily imagine the Cornugons would be scripted not to use the spell against someone protected from magic.
  • Re: The LoB + SCS Solo Challenge and the mother of all questions: No-Reload or Poverty?

    @semiticgod have you experimented with trying to use Caelar to win the fight? I haven't done so, but intuitively I would have thought that might be a much easier option than the one you describe - if that fit with your idea of a solo run of course.

    Any character just making use of the greater restoration scrolls you can buy could keep Caelar going for a long time. If you add mage buffs like spirit armor and improved invisibility I would have thought he would be more than a match for Belhifet.
  • Re: The LoB + SCS Solo Challenge and the mother of all questions: No-Reload or Poverty?

    @histamiini: No racial enemy for the Archer/Mage. Due to engine limitations, only fighters, thieves, and clerics can dual-class to mage; not rangers. Theoretically I could add a workaround for the missing racial enemy, but I'm not sure I want to. I only created the kit so I could dual-class to a mage or thief; I never intended to make the fighter Archer kit a true replica of the ranger kit.

    @Victor_Creed_SFV: To my knowledge, elves only get resistance to the unconsciousness effects of Command and Sleep.
    If that's the case I've been very unlucky with the 10% miss chance, I've never gotten a sucessful resistance ever since I play BG. :open_mouth:
    The game doesn't tell you that the spell has been resisted - it just has no effect. It's common when trying to use Algernon's Cloak on a target for that to do nothing, so identifying when that's the result of elven resistance is not obvious. However, if you try and charm an elf you will find it takes rather longer than would otherwise be expected :D.

    Up to v2.3 there was a bug which resulted in 2 separate sources of resistance potentially cancelling each other out. Thus for instance if you add Greenstone Amulet protection to an elf that can actually make him more susceptible to charm, rather than providing immunity. I haven't got around to testing if they've solved that in v2.5.
  • Re: Politics. The feel in your country.

    If your airline offers you an optional extra to your holiday package with a "runway excursion incident" thrown in, you might want to think twice ...
  • Re: Politics. The feel in your country.

    I see the US State Department has a new system for assessing the risk of foreign travel - level 1 (normal risks akin to US), level 2 (heightened risks), level 3 (reconsider travelling), level 4 (do not travel). The UK is assessed at level 2, along with France, Spain, Italy and Germany - all due to the risk of terrorism.

    The risk classification takes account of the following categories:
    - crime
    - terrorism
    - civil unrest
    - health
    - natural disaster
    - time-limited event (such as an election or sporting event)
    - other
    I've posted before about how distorted the US government's perception of the risks of terrorism compared to other types of risk is and this appears to me to be another instance of this.